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I'm a big fan of your work. It's fantastic!

As for Mickey Rourke...well, he's a very fine actor and in recent pictures he looks somewhat better now. But the boxing and the bad plastic surgery sure took a toll on his poor face. I loved him in "The Wrestler". It's one of the best movies I've ever seen and if there was any justice in the world he would have won the Academy Award for it. I wish him the best.


It's so sad. Isn't there some talented surgeon out there that could return Rourke to his former glory.


He would have aged fantastically, look at Richard Gere and George Clooney, why couldn't he leave himself alone. a once beautiful man such a shame!!

Asuncion Liñan Galan

Mickey llevame a cantar a Estados Unidos.


l'alcool est mauvais pour la santé ! La preuve! alcool is bad for health

paul greene

I have always been a fan of mickey. Im not real good with this computer stuff and i dont like to bother him with small stuff like this but i think mikey look in great shape and id like to know how you work out.
were about the same height and im about 185 pounds down from 210 and if its not to much trouble i was looking for your workout routine.besides that Im always looking forward to his next movie, and i wish him all the best.My email adress is [email protected]. My cell phone # is 9736079298.I was looking up some stuff on the internet about you and thers some good and some bad some people like to talk negatve about people I dont understand it.
If I know you right you probably dont give a shit anyway, thats what I like about you so keep on doing what your doing looking foward to your next movie and if your ever in town give me a call and maybe we can go for a ride, I have a couple of bikes myself.godbless and take care.


I agree with all the guys and girls who are on Mickey's side: he's the BEST ever, the most talented, the sexiest, pure Method, HE IS COOL!!!
And he's my love since ever... Think what you want, he is GREAT and I'd marry him, and if he wanted me I'd have kids with him!


It doesn’t matter what anyone says Mickey is still the coolest damn actor in Hollywood! No one has “that thang” like Mickey does.

Paul McCafferty

As a second generation Irishman, he gets my vote, the way he his, his attitude, its the Irish in him, that suits me fine, im used to it.

Would love to meet the guy, i know he has a place in Wexford in Ireland,im there all the time, hope i bump into him one day, id buy the lad a pint. fair play.


I don't know how he does it - look the way he does now and still pull hot chicks young enough to be his daughter. And no, they aren't all strippers/hookers either. 3yrs ago they were but these days, they're 20yr old models who probably weren't even around at the time he was touted as Hollywood's biggest sex-god. He f*cks and dumps them but they still swarm around him like bees. I really don't get it. Sure he's got more money these days but he's hardly the richest celeb in town. Maybe these girls close their eyes and pretend they're with the Mickey Rourke of 9 1/2 weeks.

Charisma can only carry so far, especially when you've got a visage like the post-surgery Mickey Rourke.


Rourke has been my favorite actor since I saw Rumblefish, way, way back. He's easily the greatest actor in America. Maybe ever. Maybe everywhere. Who cares what he looks like? He can act the hell out of anyone, and he still has that voice.

I'm a poet (I've actually had quite a bit published) and I've even dedicated one or two pieces to him. Though almost happily married (to someone else), I've been in love with him for twenty-five years or so.

Best wishes, Mr. Rourke!


I love him, he is my hero!!!!


rourke still hot althougt something different with his face........

petra from hell's kitchen ny

I had to send this out into the grapevine of the universe, would like to speak to him directly, but do not as of yet know how. I'm not a "fan," never was, never will be, but I relate to his pain as I'm quite intense myself. I saw "Sin City" on Stars
tonight and couldn't bear watching it for long, because it made me too sad to see him buried under monster makeup and a plethora of scars, called a "loser" by "golden" starlet bimbos, who'd fuck him only because they feel sorry for him, then beaten raw by five selfabsorbed and shallow leatherettes (while tied to a chair.).... Maybe the role called for this degree of "selfflagellation," but to see it made me furious, sad, quite mad and sent my thoughts down the road of all death and decay. It seems, as if "Hell" had finally swallowed him whole.
Is it remorse for past bad deeds? Has he become a glutton for punishment? You make me cry, Mickey. I dig your real scars, and I loved you in "Spun," but please don't do this... Stay defiant and get things cooking again, and come see me in the 'Kitchen," if you're ever in New York. Right across from the neon cross that says "SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT," I'm right at the source. I'm the red haired artist everyone here knows; my vibes are radio-active, I guess. I'm not famous, just infamous, and I always speak my mind...
I hope the "web author" doesn't censor me! I was gonna say something else, but I'll be nice and say: For what it's worth, Godspeed... Now I'll send this message in a bottle out ...


I knew mickey in the 70's in north Miami. I think he looks great. Hey its been a long strange trip for all of us. Ill watch anything hes in. Peace


Mickey Roruke is one of the most charismatic actor I have ever seen. Roger Ebert was right to call him: "One of the best talents of his generation." Let me just say that I am 25 and I think that statement holds true even for my generation. Mickey has this amazing ability to steal every single fucking scene that he is in. Whether he is a sexy, enigmatic broker in 9 1/2 weeks, an unwashed private detective in Angel Heart, a legendary figure (a motorcycle boy) in Rumble Fish, or an evil character in Sin City, he simply just rocks. He is super sexy, yet he is not just a pretty boy who sells tabloids because of his pretty, polished face and hot body (his body is super hot though, just check him out in Wild Orchid). He is tough and manly but he has that soft, sexy voice and that mysterious stare that can blow a woman's mind away. In my opinion, having gone through a bumpy road in life due to his self destructive attitude and the life style that he chose, in this really strange way, contributes to the personality that he brings to the screen. His performances are nothing but powerful, extremely believable with an amazing charisma that is ridiculously rare....His screen persona is just so rare! He is just different...How does he come across so real when he is just acting? Is it just me and the fact that I am a girl and I find him super attractive on so many levels? What is it really? Real talent perhaps. I mean, what else can it be? He is a bad boy but that's not the only appeal. He can be distinguished from so many other actors that have portrayed bad boys in Hollywood, in both reality and in movies. Mickey Rourke is a true legend. I mean, who can pull off so many shitty roles that he was given during the 90's when having the potential to be such an amazing actor? No wonder a fantastic actor like Johnny Depp idealizes him and sees him as a great role model. The idea of saying all the politically right things in order to buy the heart and soul of the Americans, clearly does not sit too well with Mickey Rourke, but hey, at least, he is himself and he does not have to hide in some stupid bubble so he can portray America's favorite actor or something....which is again, very rare...He is simply honest. Once I read his response to some interviewer about whether he had any regrets about not having kids. This is how it goes: "No. Why bring them into the world when you know you won't be able to be there for them?" I mean, God, hasn't having kids become a new trend in Hollywood these days, especially if you can come up with the most bizarre names for these poor babies? How pathetic is that? I have to admit, being that authentic about who you really are instead of hiding behind a phony mask, sure as hell captures my heart and soul. I don't know about others.
My favorite movies of him are: 9 1/2 weeks, Rumble Fish, The Pope of Greenwich Village and the Angel Heart. His amazing, undeniable chemistry with Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 weeks is unforgettable.


Just for the record, I am HUGE FAN OF MICKEY.
Loved him in Pope of Greenwich Village and Angel Heart....and Sin City too!

Julie Roberts

I wish I could meet Mickey.Nothing would please me more then to set down and have a one on one..

Julie Roberts

I have love Mickey since I cant remember he is sexy and a wonderful actor.He is not scarred of being himself and then also has that soft sexy side. I would do more then just fuck him..I would make him smile for days,and days.


I have a crush on mickey rourke, ever since sin city. But i have to say that Marv's face, and Mickey's face are one in the same. But I have given him the benefit of the doubt because he had to have those facial reconstructions, or he would look even worse. I still think he's cute, dispite his new face, and some of his film choices.


The Mick... I'm glad he's back, been a fan since a kid in the 80's. Matter of fact, rented YEAR OF THE DRAGON just last night; truly the greatest actor of his generation. This is a great site, as a portrait artist I am amazed by your work here, keep it up!

P.S. Are acrylics your medium? Whatever you use, it looks fantastic.

Dan from Ireland

No one else can conjure up a suspense on screen like Mickey can. My favorite actor. So unique! Christ you're even a better actor now than you were in the 80's! Thats saying something! Amazing comeback. The very best in Sin City and fantastic in Domino too!! Keep at it man!!!


PLEASE do a Before and After of scary, cat-like Nicole Kidman, who used to be so beautiful, and now has her nose pinched together and her eyebrows stapled to the ceiling.


Look, assholes...
Mickey Rourke is one of the greatest actors of his time. And of this time. He has had a great career in the past, and he still continues to play numerous roles in todays films. So, anyone who likes to judge Mickey in some of the choices he has made in past are f***ing dumb. We all have gone through rough times. Mickey just bounced back and has kicked ass in the films he has done in recent years. And his bankroll shows that. I got your back Mickey. F*** the rest of you.

i still want to fuck him

Lesley Spinks

watch 9/weeks all the time imagining its me with you in the film and you looked very sexy in the robbie williams video


I thought he was hot in 9 1/2 weeks and even when he played in Harley Davison and the Marlboro Man, now he is a horror show!! OUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!

jimmy pearl lafontaine

anybody who dont like mickey
can go ,,,,,,,,,,, them self!!!


Listen, I'm from the city in the country who knows what "tough guy" and "sexy" mean - Boston. The men here are incredible - the inner-city men. Mickey Rourke still blows them all away - to the point that he's been my screen saver for months now. And I do mean the "New Mickey" - better than before. He is truly the "Ultimate Tough Guy". He rocked then, he rocks now, and he'll rock forever.

Joshua David Upshaw

I know he can act, and I don't give much of a shit about his social skills, but has anyone here ever read his "poetry" ? There was a joke in National Lampoon about 15 yrs ago, as I recall, that printed some of his scribblings alongside some crap made-up by the editors, and the reader was invited to guess which was which. "I'm not a poet, I just play one in real life." (I made that up after suffering through "Barfly.")

Still, he was great in "Sin City," and we'll always have Johnny Favorite. ("I know who I am!") Having said that, though, I just wish he'd cheer up, or something. At least he hasn't had his limbs blown off like some child playing in the streets of Iraq. Sheesh, and I thought I felt sorry for myself. I keep drunkenly typing on and on and have the sinking feeling that this post won't make the cut. Hurrah!


Mickey Rourke could be a Bat Villain too.




Yes. This is *exactly* what he looks like now. The hair ties it all together... like some gross lumpy aged alien baby.


GREAT in Sin City - and the makeup helped...

He is looking Grinchy, ain't he?


your brillianT!


excellent - i watched batman again last night... Mickey would've made an excellent joker. I'm not sure i'd go as far as Emily but I'd sure buy the dude a drink and get him to sign my ass!

nice work btw!


bee-yootiful work 14. Keep up the absurdity.

Viper Tetsu

There's humor and pathos here. Mick is one helluva great cinema tough guy, and his current Silly Putty visage saddens even as it amuses. You're spot-on yet again.

Gotta echo Knuckles' sentiments here. That rodent-choppered, overcompensating pipsqueak Cruise needs a 14 Spa treatment. Big time.


God, that's so fuckin' sweet, Use Once & Destroy. Comforting, really.


Use Once & Destroy

I'd still fuck him.


I thought he was hot in Sin City.

Just in Sin City.


I loved Mickey as Merv in Sin City....I don't think they could have casted a better person for the role. I think Mickey went for those face-stuff because he probably got whacked in the face lots when he took up professional boxing.

best. blog. ever.





i use to love me some Mickey Rourke. unfortunately, it seems his hard lifestyle and bad plastic surgery have caught up with him. sigh...well, he was great in Sin City. love your work.

Knuckles McGillicutty

I want to buy my art supplies where YOU shop. Cuz in the store I frequent they don't sell ink in colours "venom", "evil" and "snark".
Damn. You just keep getting better and better! Do you take requests? I really want to see that rat face Tom Cruise after the 14 treatment!

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