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Stacy D

The guttural Baby Jane quality of this piece is just stunning.

No, Courts, you did it! You finally ARE Frances Farmer. You've lobotomized yourself with drugs and drink but still run around free as a bird and nuttier than a pecan roll.

14 gets it on time like da UPS.


Courtney may act nuts but honestly her music ROCKS! Plus she's better looking that the fake ass young Hollywood.


just had to say i love your work, very amusing, very excellent how you are able to capture the essence of the celebs as seen in the media. thanks for the laughs!

James Asbury

Courtney is now very, very rich, thanks to her late hubby, and doesn't have to run around debasing herself for money anymore.


I'm not sure if it was indeed Courtney who wrote me, but it sure seemed like it. It was a rambling incoherent diatribe in which the person called me a "female pornographer" because of the way I painted Courtney Love. I can only guess it was her because it was written while she was going through her "troubled" times in court. I chose not to publish the email because the person who wrote it asked me not to. Whether it was REALLY Courtney or not, the person sure was angry about the way I painted her and boy, she really let me have it!

Female Pornographer


Hi! i saw a blurb about you in the NY Post... i had to check out your page. LOVE IT. great work!!!!! you have amazing talent! But, what i was really hoping to see was the EMAIL from C. Love that you mentioned in the article .. ;p
Beautiful work - can't say it enough.


Beautiful! You have really "captured the moment". I love it.


come on.. no talent?!! wether you like her or not is a fabulous musician, her albums with Hole were amazing and she is a hell of a lot better musician then all the stupid pop crap we are forced to sugffer through these days. She puts out a strong message and has great lyrics!!! great lyrics and songs of empowerment.. oh and the reason Kurt killed himself was because he was a pathetic loser who couldn't handle the pain we all experience in life. i loved kurt and i loved his music but he chose the selfish pathetic way out. I know Courtney hasn't made the best choices in her life but at least she has the strength to continue through her life and not wuss out with a bulet to the head!


Good, but could have been more drug addicted looking!! Red eyes and such, but she is definitely a Sea Hag Has Been who should have never made it famous. She is a no talented, drug addict bitch .... NO WONDER WHY kURT TO HIS OWN LIFE!!


Extremely Talented, you are!! Your images are do dead on it's scary!! I wonder how you'd do Fat Courtney...hmmm. Thank you for sharing (for free).


This should cover the New Yorker or something. Seriously.


They should've done a "If Kurt Lived" one; see how he'd turn out.


OMG... you got her misshapen lips EXACTLY.


your arts rocks as others have already mentioned.!! but I cant say anything else but just fantastic


I found your sight oneday while I was reading other blogs and I have to say you do Kick Ass Art! Don't stop keep it comming.


Your artwork is fantastic! Please do an update of fugly Courtney with the post-rehab-blubbery-IamgoingtoEatPamelaAnderson-beyotch!! look she's been sportin' lately.


That is a remarkably kind picture and so is not exaggerating her giant inflated trout pout. It's true, Courtney is a crazy bitch and I miss the old slag's antics as well.

hmmmmmmmm 헤헤


How Chubby was she anyways?......

I LOVE 지현ㅋ


너무너무 리얼하군요!
여기까지 한국사람들의 리플이 뻗치다니..


악! 외계인인가...


악! ㅋㅋ 외계인인가...



I love 동건,ㅋ

Solipsistic H

....rememeber when the black guy was suckin her boob?LOL


under my bed... very nice work


...I thought [hoped] she died!


Gus Van Sant's Kurt Cobain movie premiered at Cannes. Gus has gone on record suggesting that Courtney should NOT see it.

I sense some Courtney-Style Old School Wicked Hardcore Crazy™ will be coming very, very soon.


You're incredibly talented. What are your favourite mediums?


The sort of trouble that comes in twos and double D cups:

Kurdt Kabang

Thank You ! I soooo did the right thing.


Love your art!!! It's great


Your art RAWKS!


Spittin' image I think ;o)

Knuckles McGillicutty

I know you are exaggerating her trout pout and all, but sadly...she looks better in your illustration than she does in real life! Poor old thing.


BRILLIANT! You can almost feel the crazy itchies coming on!

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