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Billy Bob is cute in his own way


i cant say any thing bad about billy thorton you know something i dont


I think perhaps he was trying to give Brad a run for his money--can you imagine watching your former woman running around with a pretty boy who never seems to age?...but Billy Bob is still imminently watchable in film; whereas, who knows what's going on with Brad the Messiah...


That "after" one is...."minute rice"perfect. LOL


I actually saw him recently and he was wearing that pancake makeup... even though he wasn't shooting a movie.

He was incredibly nice, though... but the makeup was so weird


This is HILARIOUS!!! i laughed my ass off when i saw this! Hahahaha! Good work! :)


billy bob is soo hot you all shud leave him alone


Lol! I thought that, too! Great ironic site!! ^_^

I SO Want a "Billy Bob Forever" t-shirt!!!


Well 14 ya done made me laugh so loud I went and woke up the cocker spaniel I'm sittin fer a friend and he pissed on me!!!!!!!good thing i love yer hee-haw picture er i'd be sending you a cleanin bill.

Joshua David Upshaw

I don't care how his mother dresses him, I'd still love to have a beer with the guy.

"Some folks call it a
kaiser roll [hrmmmm]; I
call it a spring roll

he looks like a prissy dennis quaid (and I like dennis quaid (but if he ever went to the "other" side? this would so be his "look"


You've captured Billy Bob's likeness perfectly...seriously super!


candy b

Is it me or does the second image look like he's in drag as Renee Z. (see the sour lemon drops latest)?

Love your work!


Incredible rendering of Thornton. You will be superfamous yet!

Plus, I love how the new Billy Bob is just kind of oozing from hell now heheheh


If he does indeed look like that these days he could double as Neil Diamond.

Spanish Sadist

Whoa... scary, it actually looks like he's had a facelift.


Leave Billy Bob alone! Just fulfilling his life-long fantasy to win a Bea Arthur look-a-like contest!


Yes, amazing blog you've got here. I love your work. Keep kickin' ass, 14!


I will second all the *love*.

You're brilliant.

Richard Cranium

Yeah, what they said. Hey 14, I'm drivin' down from Bakersfield to see Junior Senior next week. Wanna come? You're 18, right?


I get a strong Liberace vibe, but I can second the KC of the Sunshine Band comment.


You nailed his, um, "hair" in the "after". I love you 14!

Knuckles McGillicutty

Or that Taco guy who did the remake of "Puttin' on the Ritz" back in the early 80's. Yikes.


Geez, he looks like a cross between KC of the Sunshine Band and Bobby Trendy. Friggen Yikes.

Evil Minx

Excellent artwork. Outstanding blog. Will be linking to you. Please visit the Minxxxx



Please marry me.


great work!


Oh my god -- you are a friggin riot!

R.R. Anderson

whoa he is captain kirk!

Patrick Fitzgerald

Oh for the days when Billy Bob was the chubby Pharoah dealer in Tombstone. Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens!

Miss Cha Cha Boots

Now he looks like one of those guys from the 1700's back when men used to wear gaudy face make up.

He used to be kinda sexy .... now he just looks like a melted girly man.

Use Once & Destroy

He needs our understanding, not our judgement.


this is soooo my new favorite site!

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