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That last comment from Joe is finally the first one making my point. My point is the product is not innovative; there is nothing new about it, and it doesn't offer a capability I don't already have with my laptop or desktop computer.

It's merely a separate device to use for this capability. Just what I don't need - I already have a blackberry and a laptop to carry around. If I want to have a video conversation I can already do this with my laptop, and many cell phones now have web cams on them as well, and some cell phones have WIFI capability if you pay for the internet service, so you could use it as a Skype phone instead of a cell phone if you wanted, from any WIFI hot spot, like in a Starbucks or a hotel, for example.

Here's a shameless plug for those of you who are tired of arguing about this crap and want to hear some good music:



Interesting article. What I don't understand is ACN fans seemingly thinking that their videophone is something new! We've been doing video calls for years with Skype or MSN. Almost every computer comes with a camera these days just for that purpose! Since you have to have a internet line in your house for the ACN phone to work, why not use the computer....for free?

aussie rep

So i take it those who are against ACN wont be using video telephony in the future...seeing as ACN are the biggest suppliers of videophones in the US & Europe. ACN is in 19 countries now!!
Here in Australia the ACCC took ACN to court. The high court of Australia ruled in ACN's favour and the judges unanamously commented on what a great company ACN is.
ACN is a great company.
Interestingly, have a look at the ACCC and their overwhelming attempts to regulate Telstra (OZ's biggest Telco). very interesting . I wonder if similar things happen to US telco's


Irrelevant to your artwork, which I _do_ appreciate: This is amusing, but I feel it is also partly a part of the problem. So long as we use comedy to alleviate our need for justice, our need for justice will not be satisfied. It's been at least, my own observation, that ridicule of national figures has done anything but defame them, indeed, it has allowed them to continue their tyranny unobstructed by any practical force. Frankly, Donald Trump is a criminal, and should be tried, convicted and banished from society.


Happy to be of sevice against fraud artist particularly scamming seniors and students.



A friend of mine is trying to get me into this ACN deal. I was extremely wary about it because she and her "boss" did not want to give me detail over the phone what it was about. Wanted me to go to a meeting this saturday to discuss my job opportunity.

I know my friend very well and she's never good at keeping a secret. I got two words out of her before she hung up quickly...acn...and donald trump. Curious inspite of myself and worried for her I did a google search. The information I found has astonished me. The promotions for this company are endless...lots of people saying great things about it. But the deeper I dug the more references to "scam, pyramid scheme, canadian court case" and so on. I've read the documents, checked acn's own boasts of being in recognized business magazines and their 13year old business.

And now I stumbled upon your article. To put it bluntly the negatives I've read and researched about this company far outweigh the good, that in reality to me sound very fishy and nearly to the point of fanatasicm. I can't vouch either way if this company is legit or not (I've only done one nights research) but I won't be taking the risk. This article is what clinched it for me. Even the posts that tried to negate it seemed childish and without any real backing. I will not take the risk of being conned...I simply cannot afford it. If in the end this company truly is legit and I lose out on the millions that I could have made then that shall be my cross to bear.

I cannot miss that which I have never had.

Thank you David for your post. I'll be checking out


You, Phili-P, Donald Trump and your ACN pyramid are all fraud. It is self evident. And as I said, I can easily "kick your collective asses" in the Ontario Superior Court. Try me you unconscionable fraud artists, con-men thieves and liars.

Have you, your sleazy lawyers and corrupt accountants; the "Pied Pipers of Corporate Corruption" bothered to read the Ontario Superior Court decision November 30, /06 - TTI & BIM v. DAVID JOHN THORNTON - File#1622/06 to see what you unconscionable criminals would be up against if you had the guts to rise to the challenge; or do ALL your battles have to be "fixed" before you garbage enter the arena? You pyramid scum!

You already have the top dogs of corrupt Metro Toronto Police fraud squad, the Mayor of Toronto and probably most of the council, corrupt prosecutors, top dogs of the RCMP, OPP etc, the Federal Competion Bureau, the Ontario Securities Commission and the mainline news media in this country in your corner, so where are your "guts." It's just me, the law and the judge against all you powerful and corrupt blood-sucking bastards targeting our students, even in high school, you scum; seniors, ethnic groups, immigrants, single mothers, desperate divorced and separated dad's, the financially unsophisticated, and the financially desperate. You disgusting filth!


Pyramid schemes are illegal because you make money by recruiting members, not by providing a product or service.

MLMs are pyramid schemes, not because they don't have products or services to sell, but because MORE money is made by recruiting new members. If you didn't have the new recruits, then you don't make money, unless you break your back selling the products.

MLMs are pyramid schemes. Common sense must prevail - Everyone cannot get rich! It's the millions of losers that are recruited "downline" who make those at the top very very very rich. It is this exploitation that makes pyramid schemes illegal.

At McDonalds you at least make a wage. When you're at the bottom of a pyramid scheme you are screwed. You can't even get a half priced meal.


Anonymous Phili P. above writes... "I suggest you to do EXACTLY what Donald Trump has done with his lawyers and to study the ACN remuneration plan for a full year before just talking about it."

Do you mean like Worldcom, Enron, and other Corporate Crooks did for years with their crooked lawyers and accountants and their pyramid Ponzi frauds??? Same old denial, denial, denial, like the input of corrupt lawyers and accountants makes everything legal. Open your eyes "brainwashed" Phili P., "The Emperors have no clothes."

I went to the top and won the judgment in the Superior Court with regard to product masked endless pyramid recruiting fraud. You seem to deliberately overlook that, anonymous Phili P. There, I was up against two multi million dollar registered international corporations and their law firm of 24 lawyers. But, Anonymous Phili P., you need to know the rules... in the "legal game" one judge "trumps a 'full house' of lawyers.

Now what's the matter with "The Donald" that instead of fighting his own battles he seems to find it necessary to rely on "brainwashed parroting foot-soldiers" like yourself. And I will tell you as I told Angela… it's obvious you don't know simple mathematics and remain brainwashed by your own B.S.

And BTW, have you won a judgment in a superior court lately? Perhaps you could post the link and file# so we could all read and consider it?

You further accuse me of knowing nothing about A.C.N. I was also accused of knowing nothing about "compensation plans" and "residual income?" of those other two international corporations. The judge however, realized otherwise and ruled accordingly. Explain that Phili P.! Simply click on The judge's decision is right there; that is providing you can read and have a some degree of comprehension skills.


Phili P

It is soooo funny to see how mister Dave up here has something against business people who search like anybody down this earth to make more and more money. Repeating his speach forum after forum with a copy-paste message.

If you have something more to say about your situation I don't care, but you just DON'T know ACN... The fact is you must have never went to see what it is and most important of all... HOW you get paid and where money come from when you are paid before thinking Donald Trump is in an illegal pyramid because if he is endorsing this company... he SUUURE want to make some prison!! haha! :P

So... just before saying to much unnecessary things about something you don't know, I suggest you to do EXACTLY what Donald Trump has done with his lawyers and to study the ACN remuneration plan for a full year before just talking about it.

Go to work! Find something wrong!... More than yourself!


It's obvious Angela, you don't know simple mathematics and are brainwashed by your own B.S.

I won my Judgment by presenting my own case before a Judge in the Ontario Superior Court against two multi million B.S. "Network Marketing Companies" and their firm of 24 lawyers! Court, Angela, in Court in front of a Judge where it counts. Have you won any such cases lately..... or ever?

Ontario Superior Court Milton Ontario Canada, November 30, 2006 File#1622/06. Look it up; you with small brain and big mouth.

I can do the same against ACN and Donald Trump. But "The Donald" won't sue me like the last foolish "Net Work" marketing lair, scammer and thief tried to do.

"The Donald" hasn't the guts to take on an opponent unless he has a totally unfair advantage or the "fix is in" like the phoney B.S. wrestling match. All show and pure B.S. and "fixed"!!!

He's stealing from students now, and ruining lives, as if he hasn't enough. I can take this fraud artist on in the Ontario Superior Court and whip his scamming "snake oil" salesman's ass. He just another "Pied Piper of Corporate Corruption."

Again, Angela, excuse of a woman with small brain and big mouth. What Judgment based on business mathematics have you won in a Superior Court against two multi-million so-called "Net Work Marketing Companies" that in reality are only "product masked" money-laundering pyramid fraud schemes; just like ACN, Arbonne, Usana, etc???

Thank you. And I hope I educated some ignorant fool who has obviously fallen for the B.S. of the "Pied Piper of Corporate Corruption" and poor excuse of a man and of course her own B.S.

David John Thornton

President – World-wide non profit organization CrimeBustersNow. 905-963-3389

P.S. I do my detailed explaining in Court where hopefully I am speaking to someone with intelligence and a degree of simple common sense which is obviously lacking in this previous poster's diatribe.


Wow, this must be a joke? 13 years !?!?! HOW IS ACN A FRAUDUALANT COMPANY !? I want proof that it is a fradulant company, right now!

#2 - MLM (aka DIRECT MARKETING) is NOT ILLEGAL! Where do you fetch your research from? Someone must be efilling your head with conspiracies....

#3 - ACN is a REVERSE pyramid scheme. Everyone starts out at the SAME PLACE, with EQUAL CHANCE to make it or break it, TO THE TOP!

The real pyramid scheme is CORPORATE AMERICA. (aka McDonalds, best Buy, K-Mart, Fisher Price, Toys R Us...etc etc...YOU NAME IT. Any business company, IS A PYRAMID SCHEME!

If you can show me any company that is not formed like a pyramid, I will kiss your feet and worship the land you touch. In every business model, their are the ones at the TOP and the ones at the BOTTOM....along with the MIDDLE.

Thank you and I hope I educated some ignorant fool who was going to fall for this poor excuse of a man.


It is so true.... when you are on top, everyone is out to get you.....
All i see from these comments is jealousy. How sad....But what really got me, is bashing a billion dollar, legitimate company like ACN (For the record, I am not affiliated with them) By saying it is a "Pyramid Scheme". Where did you get your information? If you would do your research before talking trash, you would be educated on the fact that the ACN company is very legal, very honest, and gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities every year! There are a lot of great network marketing companies out there just like ACN, that make it possible for anyone with work ethic to become successful, and achieve independence. People that fail at network marketing have no one to blame but themselves, not the companies that offer the opportunities. Instead of reporting on real crime and actual scams, you bash legitimate companies that give normal people chances to get ahead, when they normally would never make it in the corporate world. It seems like you have a lot of hate towards successful people. Trump's billions may not "frighten you",although your just mad that you cannot get your hands on it. He may not be likable, but he is a self made millionaire, and if you took his advice, maybe you could learn to make some of your own money instead of wasting time discrediting those who do.


Donald Trump Manifesto


Curious about One King Street West Toronto Ontario I conducted a preliminary inquiry. On the surface the project looked suspiciously interesting. You know not your “run of the mill” sort of business venture. So, I was looking forward to Harry Stensen’s motivational seminar since he was one of the star attractions. It was he and Donald Trump I wanted to hear at this gala event.

Suddenly I see Harry Stinson is in financial difficulty being sued for approximately $11,000,000 but a keynote speaker at the “Learning Annex” to teach others how to succeed. I had also been Googling” Donald Trump to familiarize myself with some of his operations so I might better understand his lecture.

But there again, I was amazed to find that his casinos in Atlantic City I had assumed were making “tons of money” are actually losing millions and were, as I understand, looking at bankruptcy. Becoming a bit more disillusioned I began looking into some of Donald Trump’s other enterprises only to find he endorses, an obviously promotes ACN.

Now, understanding illegal pyramid schemes I certainly did not expect a find the famous billionaire Donald Trump involved in that sort of “snake oil” type of illegal pyramid selling scheme. But there it was. He causes students and the some of the most desperate and vulnerable in our society to give up the last few thousand they have and even go into debt, when this is nothing but “pocket change to this billionaire bastard.”

ACN according to the provisions of the section 206 (1)(e) of the Criminal Code of Canada is an illegal pyramid recruiting scheme. Upon further investigation I find they were actually charged criminally in Canada. Apparently, according to the judge an incompetent, prosecuting attorney was unable to satisfy the judge that ACN is Multi-Level Marketing let alone an illegal pyramid scheme. So the judge sent the prosecuting attorney packing with his tail between his legs until he could get his “Act together” and return to court. The judge didn’t rule ACN is legal, only that the prosecutor is incompetent.

That made me scratch my head! All the King’s unscrupulous lawyers, and all the King’s corrupt RCMP wasting millions in taxpayers’ dollars; access to researchers and precident case law, and months of investigation etc, etc, couldn’t put together a simple mathematical case of fraudulent pyramid selling? They even received hours of explanation and instruction from a world famous investigator and president of Pyramid Scheme Alert, Robert Fitzpatrick of South Carolina, a world renowned expert witness and authority on fraudulent pyramid schemes. In my opinion the prosecuting attorney, for some reason, perhaps sinister, either ignored the advice and information, or like a corrupted prize fighter held it back and “took a dive.” Hell that’s happen before; both in the prosecutor’s office and the prize fighting industry; probably far more often in the prosecutor’s office.

Now, the reason I find this incredible, is that I’m being sued for $10 million by two corporations represented by a 24 lawyer law firm (they are now off the case): corporations I claimed were operating pyramid fraud schemes. About nine months ago they filed a motion for an injunction to shut my website down for defamation. Within three weeks, with no legal counsel, a grade 10 education, (plus ten months barber school) limited access to case law, (I relied on two criminal cases) and material I had researched and about a half hour on the phone to Robert Fitzpatrick I was not only successful in having the injunction to shut my website tossed out, I turned the tables on these two corporations. After taking six months to review the material (this was no rush job) the judge ruled I had established a prima facie case of the violation of both the Federal Competition Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. Victims had been told for years, by police and other questionable Canadian authority that these frauds were “perfectly legal.” Neither the Competition Bureau nor the RCMP has since moved to close these corporations down. One of the top people, an RCMP officer’s father; Dave Stewart has now opened in Flint Michigan scamming Americans. Do you see, that that court decision really should make one “scratch one’s head!”

In my view, the prosecutor is either, (borrowing a MLM term), “Lame and Lazy,” absolutely incompetent, hopelessly stupid or outright corrupt. Regardless, victims including vulnerable students using credit cards and seniors using life savings, are being scammed for millions in ACN and thousands of other exponentially exploding pyramid schemes.

My desire to learn how to legally make a million at the Learning Annex has been shattered and overshadowed as a result of “due diligence.” ….My “due diligence instead has revealed that…


Now, Donald Trump, you relish “reality shows” paying people for the privilege of insulting and bullying them. So I challenge you, Donald Trump, to a real “reality show;” in front of a real judge, in a real Ontario Court with as many real and unconscionable and ruthless lawyers as your billions can buy. I will appear undefended armed with only my research, grade 10 and my post secondary education in the “School of Hard Knocks,” and I will kick your billionaire pyramid fraud “snake oil salesmen’s” sorry ass, on behalf of victimized students, seniors, immigrants, the financially unsophisticated, and the financially desperate who become prey to you unconscionable corporate scum and less than ethical lawyers! You are promoting a criminal conspiracy to rip off citizens in my country. I want you to denounce ACN as a criminal pyramid fraud, or take your sorry ass and your criminal conspiracy to defraud Canadians the hell out of my country, or take me on in court for defamatory libel and try to prove what you are doing is legal you corrupt scum.

There’s your prima facie case made out for you, Donald Trump. Defamation!!! Right now I’m accusing you of participating in criminal activity in my country! See if you can now prove in front of an Ontario Judge that’s defamatory libel and get an interim injunction to shut my website down. No one has succeeded Yet!!! Not Treasure Traders International or Business in Motion suing me for 10Mil. Not the following who have threatened to sue me…American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) themselves assisting in promoting pyramid fraud, The Sum-It Club Woodbridge Ont.., not even an “affiliate” of Canadian Diamond Traders, and many others and I have called crooks gangsters and thieves all over the world-wide net some of whom can’t muster the guts to even send me a warning letter or e-mail. I’m a senior: they all appear afraid of the “old alligator?”………..You’re not, are you Donald???

I did learn something from you, Donald Trump. You said “Wall Streeters are scum.” (But I say, so are “snake oil salesmen” and pyramid fraud artists). You said “Hit those suckers back fifteen times harder they’ll never do it again.” (That’s what I intend to do, Donald, legally). You said, “Fear is bull.” (And you and your billions don’t frighten me at all Donald Trump). “Never give up.” You said “Go with your gut, even if it’s against the tide” (I say against the tide of world-wide pyramid fraud and Ponzi Schemes promoted by corporate scum like you, with corrupt lawyers, cops and politicians in your pocket. i.e. Toronto mayor and corrupt cops, and the Canadian Federal Government).

It’s you and me Donald; David vs. Corrupt Corporate Goliath. Take the challenge, or are you chicken! You can hardly write me off, I’ve proven myself a worthy opponent in Superior Court. All you have to do is sue me and prove to the Ontario Judge ACN is legal and not a fraudulent pyramid scheme. You will win the prize, and have my site shut down. The last two corporations and their firm of 24 lawyers couldn’t. This is a legitimate challenge considering that court decision! The Gauntlet is down. Your move Mr. Trump; you unconscionable, bulling piece of scum. I would, of course, expect a handicap as given by knights of old and since money means nothing to you I would expect you to pay the few hundred dollars it will cost for my filing fees, a few expenses like a couple of witnesses etc. It won’t be much since I will not employ expensive counsel.

David John Thornton

President – World-wide non profit organization CrimeBustersNow. 905-963-3389

P.S. to the reader out there…. I need a computer graphic designer that can help me with a cartoon of this pied piper of organized corporate fraud.




who what that hacko!


get a life you idiots

Pete Mitchell

$5000000.00 usd to the first person to chop off(or pull) that mop!!


Please do something on jennifer aniston.
Did you forget about her?
There's plenty of funny artwork you can do on her. You mad fun of brad and angie.
equal opportunity!!!!


Awesome!!!! The Donald appalls and sickens me. And his wife......yikes!!!....what a scary excuse for a female.

You know, I watched an interview where they showed off their new baby's nursery, and I thought, "What the hell is wrong with us here in the "good Ole US of A???" Has our country gone completely WACKO?? The money spent on Baby Trump's room could feed a small country for a year.....(or maybe feed Britney for a month).

The egos this pair of dolts carries around every day must weigh more than their combined wealth in pennies!!! All I can say is,"YUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!"

Awesome artwork!!


they look SO real!! I wonder if Melania had that same facial express before she met Trump.


Donald who???


I always wondered about Mr. and Mrs. Trumps' facial expressions. You pegged that. Also love love love the Diddy takes. You got him too. Thanks for making me smile. (Now I just hope the boss doesn't notice I'm lookin at this site on company time.)


You have "trumpted" the ThumpGod!

Say just great idea!!!


That's one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile. You should submit stuff to larger pubs if you're not already. New Yorker, NYT, WSJ, etc.

Freakin' brilliant.

don't be so jealous of Mr. & Mes Trump, they are wounderful people

Donald Trump...there's a guy who doesn't have his name on too many things, does he?
(sarcasm implied)

If he ever gets religion, it'll be because he no longer thinks he's God.






oops, posted w/out my name.
I hate annonymous comments! I stand behind my words, dammit! :)

Melania's expression is priceless. Dead on.
The first one gives off a Susan Dey circa 1973 vibe though - in the mouth area - nevertheless it's incredible.

To praise the Trump renderings would really require more superlatives than any dicitionary could offer. Ridiculously good work.


These images are so real to life that they frighten me. You certainly have an eye for detail. If you aren't already making beaucoup bucks from your artwork, then you should. I salute you!


Ten minutes later and I'm still laughing. Brilliant!

I'd really like to see one of Michael Jackson.


I love how you do melania's mouth - that's exactly it!

Moni Love

You got Melania's usual facial expression down!


hahhaha money = tits


Again you've outdone yourself. Friggen hilarious!

Miss Cha Cha Boots

Now if we could just train Donald's attack hair to eat Paula Abdul and a few other obnoxious celebrities ...... we could rule the world!!!!!

femme feral

In the first picture Donald's hair looks like that giant penis-monster from that Buffy episode called "doublemeat palace." If I remember correctly, buffy kills the thing by putting it in a meat grinder.

R.R. Anderson

oooh that cat lady is truly most heinous.


Effin' brilliant!!



Knuckles McGillicutty

Trump IS god. Isn't he?

Viper Tetsu

Abso-frickin-lutely hilarious! Again! Your imagination is as boundless as the number of ridiculous rich and famous people awaiting your pointed skewer o' puckish wit...

Methinks you should mail a complimentary supply of Trump Dump to Renee Zellweger. With that puckering, squinting, constipated puss, she looks in dire need of it...


You are good, very good. Here is one for you: your version of what God should look like. Remember that God is seen as many, many different "potentials" to an artist/anyone.

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