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Namdnal Siroj


Max D.

Good call! I just saw her in "Appaloosa" and she looked like a plastic surgery victim: too much Botox, puffed and stretched. Yeeeesh.

ivy s.

I've always wondered if Renee doesn't have a personal "stylist" or whatever those celebrity types must have that would hold up a mirror to her, so to speak, and just tell her, frankly, how people see her, and what that might do to her career. I mean, if I had spinach in my teeth or a hole in the ass of my jeans or something, I'd want to know. And if it's because of the extra weight she's put on for those roles (so not worth it, if it was), and her skin just never stretched back, it might be a good idea to just bite that bullet and get some plastic surgery to tighten up, instead of puffing your lips out in that unflattering, bizarre-o way just to hide the wrinkles, if that's what it is. I'm just brainstorming here.


I like Rene's acting ability. She is a wonderful actress. However, she definitely looks like a fart sniffer. Every time I ee her, I think of someone smelling a big, nasty, stinky rank fart...The kind that stick to your underwear~


Thanks for this! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has noticed. When she's in character, and she lets the character smile openly, she is so lovely. Her whole face lights up. I just don't understand why she never, _never_! does anything but this ridiculous pucker when she's being photographed.

worst individual EVER. arrogant, pompous, and a terrible actress.


I like Renee Zellweger - sour face or not. While it is true that celebrities are a bit off, we are the ones that watch them and talk about them so we are all a bit off aren't we! Hmmm. Something to ponder and talk about.

Just Wondering (fake)

This has to be the best for humor! Great work :D


So far this has got to be my favourite. Youre a fucking genius. I LOVE THIS!


Rene Zellweger looks like a fart sniffer to me!

well i do think celebrities suck


ah hahahahaaaa!! thanks for the morning laugh :)


fucking liars


I.. am.. in.. pain.. make it stop, please!


I can not stand her, much less her face.
That is right on!!! TOO FUNNY
Thanks for the laugh ;o)


ahahaha hilarious absolutely hilarious I always see pictures of her like that in magazines with captions like "RENEE LOOKS GORGEOUS" and I think to myself "Am I the only one who doesn't think her squinty eyed puffy cheeked look is attractive?"


Doesn't Donald Trump use those sours too?


Yes.. I agree ..888


This is the most hilarious illustration I've ever seen. I'm so glad you all get this! This bizarre nose/mouth affectation of hers has irritated me for years, but I thought I was the only one that noticed. It's especially hilarious to me because it's the exact same face my brother makes when he says a lie or a stupid joke and wants you to "get it". She'd be so cute if she didn't do that. I've even seen her face twitch when she's holding a prolonged pout, as if the muscles are so exhausted they're about to give out. Then she cracks a smile and her clenched lips peel back from her teeth like a sphincter. Gahhh! Turn it off! Turn it off! Okay. I'm fine now.


lol this is so funny ur websites the best ill b bak




that was so funny... im glad that im not the only one that notices that she has that face....its so annoying! ITS NOT CUTE RENEE! you spent all that money on veneers so SMILE!


This is so funny - I fell off my chair laughing. You are so talented - great art work!


i hate renee she is so ugly and the candy taste like shit but everyone loves mr. sweet thang kenny but guess what stay away he's mine biotch! GRRRRRRR!


great picture. and why is her neck really so lumpy and gross looking like she has no chin---just like in your picture?

keep up the great work!


Your talent is breath-taking, girl!


now Renee is one of the only Hollywood girls I can stand and I always thought that smile of her gave her an "America's Sweetheart" feel
maybe it does seem a bit Lemony...
ah well, we can't all be perfect!


I would love to see this picture on a t-shirt or a baby-t. Are you selling or going to sell your artwork on clothing? I would totally buy it!


Sweet Jesus, this is my all time favorite! Her face must have actually froze like this...and to think, this whole time I thought my mom was making that up.

Auntie Maim

Every time I see those bags of prepared ready-to-bake raw pizza dough in the supermarket I think of dear Renee and her most unfortunate face. Perhaps that will be her next celeb endorsement.


I like Renee but she's always looked like a little girl who needs to make peepee and Can't Cross Her Legs *Any Longer*!

Great site, gf...



So true

I like her though


That´s so evil, yet so funny!

Israel M

This amazing drawing got me laughing so hard. A great drawing!

Dawn (webmiztris)

this is so true...

it always looks painful for her to smile.

or like she smells a fart.


Has John Stewart discovered this site yet?

It rules!



This is so accurate I almost fell out of my chair. Do you have enough paint to do one of Angelina Jolie's lips? My husband and I have always made a joke out Renee's pathetic pout. Give it up and smile like a normal person.


You are an excellent artist and we LOVE your work! We all look forward to seeing more! We have kudo's for you on our site!


The Folks over at


I LOOOOVE what you are doing here. It's been said many times but you are a genius! You are drawing what we are thinking, and beautifully!

Knuckles McGillicutty

When all men who can't spell realize that they are "usless", period.


Love it!! I've always hated the way she squints and puckers.

Richard Cranium

When will all women realise that they are usless past 30 ???


Brilliance. Sheer unmitigated brilliance.



I wanna hear a caricature of her whispery, soft-as-Charmin voice, to go along with that squinty-pucker face.
She used to be so funny. Like in "Me, Myself & Irene"
That "can't-catch-a-breath" voice, that you kinda have to strain yourself to hear, combined with that weird face. Very disconcerting.
I LOVE THIS SITE, the artwork is A-MAZ-ING,
depicting the alarmingly odd celebrity culture. 14,Thank you!!!


I just browsed through your whole site and this is - by far - my favorite! I saw a clip of her from "Jerry MacGuire" on that AFI movie quote countdown show - and I'd completely forgotten how pretty she used to be. Now...she looks just like your wonderful artistic rendering. Poor gal.


I am a total Pavlov Doggy, because my mouth is watering like mad now.

*swallow swallow*


She gains weight for BJ's Diary, then looses weight, yet her face never really changes. I don't get it either. Plus did you see her picture when she married that country music guy? Same puckery, squinty eyed look.
Classic bulemia. Popcicle stick legs and arms, but puffy sickly looking face.
Yikes, yet again.
You're a friggen genius 14!


She gains weight for BJ's Diary, then looses weight, yet her face never really changes. I don't get it either. Plus did you see her picture when she married that country music guy? Same puckery, squinty eyed look.
Classic bulemia. Popcicle stick legs and arms, but puffy sickly looking face.
Yikes, yet again.
You're a friggen genius 14!


Why a great big glossy magazine isn't offering to make you a staff member is beyond me. If I had the magazine and/or the money you would be the first person I'd recruit!!


Beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

I show this site to, like, everyone I know.

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