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This is just too perfect.

I've been trying to figure out what happened to her between Jerry Maguire and now. Her face is just not the same. What is UP with that??

Pauly D

I know Renee and she likes licorice way more than sour lemon, just so you know. And there was a point where her and some of her friends met me and some of my friends out at a movie in Hollywood at Arclight Cinemas and she had a choice between lemon sours and Good n' Plenty and she chose Good n' Plenty and actually said, "I like sour lemon drops about as much as I like getting a Brazillian wax."

True story!


I chuckled like a chipmunk...however my heart goes out the the woman - I mean how horrible would it be to have lost so much weight and still have that fat face.


hahah everything here is so awesome


Haha! Funny thing is that yesterday my bro and I saw the trailer for Cinderella Man and I made one of Renee's stock facial expressions. It included the squint and the furrowed brow.

Keep them coming!

Amy Steier

She must practice that face in the mirror. Plus, I don't think guys dig that look. Who cares about her smile when you can't see her eyes?


This would be really funny if I hadn't heard this joke 5 years ago... when Jim Carrey's character said it to her face in "Me, Myself & Irene."
Otherwise, this site is goof stuff.


That is truly hilarious. I've often wondered why Renee purses her lips that way. It's unnatural, really. I loved her in Bridget Jones though. Somehow, the pursing fit that character perfectly but it really bothers me in other roles. Very intriquing artwork. I also loved the Donald Trump consipation relief formula.


These paintings are SO BRILLIANT. Each one is a work of genius. Love it.



Just look closely at the lips in this picture. They are pursed and rouged and grotesque... exactly as the REAL Zellweger clown-mouth pucker-flappers. Well done, 14. Well done, indeed.

I loved her as Roxie Hart, but only when I held my finger close in front of my face to cover up hers. Just wanted to see the muscles and the dancing.

Good one!


I love you.


absolutely hilarious! love your work!


This is classic! This is on the level of Andy Warhol with a comic effect added. Can't stop laughing!


You captured her absolutely perfectly!


You captured her absolutely perfectly!


i can't even look at that picture without laughing so hard that tears roll down my face!


luv it!!


LOL!!! I love it.


your a genius


I know, right?? What the hell IS that expression? Is it supposed to be sexy??

Knuckles McGillicutty

Girl, I laffed out loud at this one!

I have heard that Renee is a very nice person, but c'mon, we aren't saying she's evil or indulging in Tom Cruise's Vitamin Therapy/Thetan-B-Gone or nuthin'. We're just saying she's got a funny expression lately!

Viper Tetsu

Once again, your Funhouse Mirror to the Stars delivers. Big time!

Sorry to get back to the whole alien thing, but...What terrifies me is how much Ms. Z's visage reminds me of Vincent D'Onofrio in Men in Black. Y'know, when the alien's eaten the REAL Vincent, and Vince's skin is stretched over the alien in a really puckery,queasy way...

I just hope that when the ravenous carnivorous alien insect rips out of Renee for a snack, that it's during an interview with that Access Hollywood plebe Billy Bush. I hate that oily bastard.

a roadie

That was funny. Hilarious even. But Renee is really a sweet and genuine person compared to lots of the Hollywood phonies, so it made me feel bad for her.



It's so extremely strange and stupid.

Huge Seagull

Another winner from mz. '14.'

Keep 'em coming.

Yeah, what is with that 'look'?? She didn't always have it. She used to have a normal face. Bizarre.

These hollyweird types truly are from another planet.


It's so true. I wonder if she practices that face in front of a mirrow. It's so calculated...especially with the "aren't I sweet as pie" head tilt thrown in. I think we'd all enjoy her a lot more if she just plain smiled with abandon!



loves it!


It's funny because it's true. Squinty McChipmunkcheeks. Stop vomiting, sweetheart, and the tell-tale puffy cheeks will go away.

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