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Eiffel Tower Paris

The most outrageous thing is that they closed the Eiffel tower for his visit ! Can you believe that ? The top most floor is only open during summer weekends. Imagine the poor tourists especially the first time visitors being disappointed !. Gives me another reason to dislike him.


I've read all the comments here and I wonder why everyone who posted has such dislike over Mr. and Mrs. Cruise. If it were a not so famous person no one would say anything.

Just because he professes his love for Katie and beliefs in Scientology doens't make him a bad person. He is just not afraid to express himself in public.

There are so many blogs nowadays that it just goes to show that people are to express their feelings the normal way. Posting on the internet makes people feel better but doesn't really matter in real life. It doesn't change what life really is.

As for me, I've always liked Cruise/Holmes. Just because of the publicity the past year it doesn't change a thing at all.

The pictures are cute but also disrespectful. But then again, you are expressing yourself. Can I see drawings of yourself too??

maureen b

Is Tom Cruise the Anti-Christ??He just got married in Rome where a Pope(InnocentXVI)lived.He was studying to be a priest!? Now he's trying to make everyone Martianese! Just a thought!

sweetness in LA...

It is so nice to see people writing so adversely about Mr. Thomas Cruise. I hope it's about time the truth comes OUT. Cruise is gay. Kidman is gay. Holmes is stupid. I get a kick out of "hollywood". Does Cruise think the American public is THAT dumb? Who is he kidding? Seems like only himself. God, I wished he'd just come OUT. It's about time.


He is so obnixous lately....she should run while she has the chance!!! He is weirdly out of control!


This is exactly what I have been feeling about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's relationship all along. They became engaged practicaly right after they started dating, and now she is pregnant and her belly looks bigger than what it should be at this point supposibly, either she is farther along or its twins, but we'll see about that. So now that Tom Cruise has bashed Brooke Shields, is Katie Holmes not allowed to get the baby blues? You cannot predict who will get that, how will Tom deal with that or force her not to seek medical help. Katie seems so young and vulnerable when it comes to relationships and having babies, unlike the more experienced, kniving, old, and selfish Tom. We all know that she will regret having him control and push her so fast into an engagement and pregnancy. Tom Cruise used to be so cool and now he thinks he is pretty much god, maybe he is trying to prove himself so bad because he has to compensate for something else much tinier about himself. Katie you can do so much better!!!


yeah, but, please do one of the ul-ti-mate ass-kisser OPRAH! for giving him a venue for his narcissitic(sp?)indulgences, validating his little mascarade.
He is soooooo creepy, and she is drawn in by the "Look-what-it-did-for-Nicole" bait...I guess. She is a H'wood property and must strike whilst the iron is, uh, YOUNG::: Nontheless. YOU are brilliant, quatorze, love you!!!!!

I am Madonna's red string

Please, please do something about Kabbala! Crazy hollywood "religions" rock!


If Scientology is supposed to be all it claims, then perhaps it'll cure Katie of her cold sores. Though, I doubt it. It hasn't cured Tom of his arrogance.

Great job!


Those aren't horns... they're body-thetans!

Quickly! Audit.. Isolate... now run an Instance2 then an Instance1... good little thetan.

L.L. Patterson

Sooner or later it will resurface for public scrutiny that Cruise, despite his 'Manly Man' Mr. I'm In Control, will validate once more that he is a notorious control freak and will demand that Katie always wear flats or go barefoot. He can't handle being in the public eye with others who are taller than he. He fancies himself as a Lathario of Love and in time poor Katie will be just another foot note in his copy of Scientology.


I like Tom's platform shoes! Cool pictures!


Dear Angry Little Mr. Cruise.... have you forgotten to take your meds again? I'm flattered that you think I copied and pasted your photo and then applied effects to make it appear drawn. Thank you!! Now run along and go cry to Xenu.


it looks like you copy/pasted the face of tom cruise from a photo, applied effects to it to make it appear drawn, and then crappily drew the rest around it, icluding katie's face which obviously lacks the detail that tom's has.

Brigitte Bardot_On_Speed(s)

And god created Woman.


Muhahahha my plan is almost complete!




tom cruise is crazy.hollywood marriges don't last they.


Sheer brilliance! Beautifully interpreted and gorgeously rendered!

Katie's teeth, however, need work -- both here and in so-called reality. They're way snagglier than you depict.

Otherwise, absolute perfection!!!


I just wanted to let you know your site was reviewed positivly in the pop culture/scene section of my local paper, The Courier Journal. (louisille, ky) They used this image in the paper.

I love your work!


Excellent! I love it!


oh my, I had a dream that Ratboy was the devil..and now I see this photo of someone else's impression...much too scary but totally accurate.


I so want to see war of the worlds but with him in it...i'd rather swallow broken glass. I saw a portion of the Today Show interview(due to being at work) just a minute ago. What the heck?! Who died and made him all knowing. His microscopic point of view and his ego make him sound like a jerk to the extreme. He seems to think it's all black and white. he's right and we're wrong and ignorant. I don't think he has the right to talk about brooke's mental health, and if i were her, i'd be damn mad. I don't wish bad things on people...I let karma do my dirty work. so karma...get working!

Knuckles McGillicutty

I'm bummed about War of the Worlds, cuz it's a great story, but the combo of Rat Boy and Spielberg, who saturates his movies in sugar and breederisms, is spelling "not even on video" for the McGillicutty household.


There is something unbalanced about Tom Cruise. Scientology, medical expertise (where is your degree Tom?), and who are the ladies he snags? Young'uns who haven't had time to decide what they want in life. No more Ms. Kidman, Ms. Cruz, Ms. Rogers..... He can't handle a strong woman.
I have no respect for him.


Well, looks like he's made another contract to conceal his true self. For those who want to know why he let's them free at 30 it's so they can have a real life, procreate if they chose, and have benefitted from their relationship. How sad.....


What a delicious caricature! How I loathe Tom Cruise. Too bad his presence makes me want to pass on War of the Worlds.

I'm glad I found this site.


To be honest, the tactics of these two are so cliche and overdone in Hollywood. Anyone in the first 6 mos of a relationship will be insanely happy then it wears off. Either that or it's Zoloft. Okay, that was mean but still...


Isnt Tom Cruise gay or bi ? or something?


Your paintng is genious. However these posters are more than inciteful, they too are brilliant I have enjoyed all.


hello! i'm korean.
In korea, I've seen them.
you draw fairly well.
that's cool.
bye bye ^-^


Tom is absolute perfection here, her stance and feet are also pure gold. But her face is just a *touch* off to where she kind of looks more like Cate Blanchett than herself per se. I can't wait to see future incarnations though.

You are super mega gamma talented.


Great portrayal of the Mad Scientology actor and his latest "muse". Don't you think that it's interesting that Tom always dumps his women shortly after they turn 30? Note to Katie: Start packing when you turn 30 and don't be suprised if Tom ends up with his cute little blonde-haired supporting actress in War of the Worlds shortly thereafter...Of course if she only grows up to be his height, that may not be in the cards.


Didja SEE that ol' Tommy got squirted by a stunt microphone?? I can't WAIT to see what you do with THAT material!

Keep 'em coming! You rhule!


That's awesome......Extremely talented.


HA! Tom has a tooth in the middle of his mouth. Truely a creepy detail. YIKES!


did you mean to point Tom's tail where it's pointing? Because if so, you are indeed a mad genius.


So does everyone now believe that theyre in love? Because Im still cynical about it.

You forgot to give Holmes that "drooling retard" look she's always wearing in candid photos.

Need a barf bag

Brilliant, man. I used to think humpty dumpty Pee Wee Herman was the scariest thing on earth, but now Tom is coming up strong.

Adding to the comment that said you should paint them climbing the eifel tower like king kong... Katie should be king kong and tom should be the little figurine she's holding in her hand


That is so funny-I can't wait to see more!


Thanks for making me laugh so hard I shot iced tea out of my nose. This is true hilarity!


We should be happy for the newly engaged couple. I heard they will be spending their honeymooon on the spaceship that follows the Hale-Bop Comet. Fun stuff!


Tom has a Howard Dean-ish quality in your painting - makes me shudder!


aw, you left out katie's mouth herpes sores...


You got Tom Cruise's evil grin down -- it scared my Body Thetans.


The fact that this celebrity has diverted our attentions to more important matters that are happening to the world (extreme poverty, war etc.) really makes him a tool of evil.


Wow. As far as visions of hell go, Hieronymus Bosch ain't got nothing on you.


"It's beautiful, man! Fuckin' beautiful!"

-Tom Cruise is "Taps"

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