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Strange. Tom in this picture is exactly as Elron described Xenu. Are you an SP? Are you?! I need my vitamins.


Tom is like one In Touch cover away from being the new Michael Jackson. How many nosedives can our A List suffer from similar malady?


Awesome! You are should write a book.


I just discovered your site and had to look at all of the pictures right away. As all the comments say, you are fantastic! I can't believe you are giving this away, people as talented as you are should be published. I can't decide which was funnier, but I nearly wet myself when I saw the Olsen Twins and Star "Ursula" Jones!

Sweet Pea

Madness I tell you! madness. (Shameless ‘Friends’ rip off, so unoriginal I am)


Ick. The madness continues unabated. But I must say I truly enjoyed the horned Cruise of your painting!

Feel the pain at

Viper Tetsu

Her glazed, slightly bovine, it's-too-late-for-me-to-back-out-now eyes; his smarmy, lugubrious grin;the atmosphere of cynical soul-selling publicity-sucking calculation (and bearding) wafting around this whole union; you've captured it all. This illo is so fucking perfect...

If I loved humanity as much as I detest Tom Cruise, I'd make Mother Teresa look like Adolf fucking Hitler; that's how deep my hatred of this mediocre little smarmoid runs. Why do good directors continue to hire him? Why do otherwise sensible women (and men) find his fratboy rodent visage so hot?!? News Flash, world--the Li'l Emperor HAS NO FUCKING CLOTHES!

In every post-'Tom-Kat' (there's a phrase that makes me wanna pound someone with a 2 x 4 big time)interview and photo, Katie Holmes looks like a frightened fawn. Or like the nice girl who's too sheepish to own up to the fact that the guy she's dating is a goddamn lunatic, and SHE SHOULD RUN LIKE FUCK THE OTHER WAY. As an actress and in general,Katie's just bland beige wallpaper to these jaded eyes. But she deserves better than Grinning Rubber-Room-Ready Scientology Midget Devil Boy.

Thank you, dear 14, for your invaluable public service.

Use Once & Destroy

I saw the new Batman movie the other night, and Katie Holmes was giving Batman some dumbfuck self-righteous lecture about some stupid fucking thing, and all I could think was, "Get off your high horse, bitch, you're bearding Tom Cruise." Also, "She has really nice breasts." She spends a lot of time on her back in that movie, which really shaped her rack nicely. Someone told me her breasts were fake -- is that true? Fucking Scientology. Why don't they call it Religionology or something equally as retarded. Anyway, Batman totally rocked. Cillian Murphy as the Scarecrow is far hotter than Katie will ever be. And to think I was feeling protective of her. You fucked up, Katie. Real bad.


LOVE the devil tail subtly posed to imply Ms. Holmes' imminent violation.


I saw Katie at Balthazar in NYC about a month before Tom kidnapped her. I mention this because she was drinking wine, and now the girl probably can't even have a drink or else her weird scientologist assistant will stuff her in a sauna to sweat out the toxins. What happened to our sweet little JOey?


Hey, they're engaged now! Yikes :-\


Great, as usual! Tom's face reflects all his crazines.



Patrick Fitzgerald

Wonderful! We just need one of him scaling the Eiffel Tower (shades of "King Kong") with his new finance.


I remember lovin Tom Cruise in the 80's, the whole Top Gun kissy scene with Kelly McGillis, sigh....
Now he's just seems scarry and dee-ranged. The only thing good/funny about him now is when Ben Stiller does impressions of him.
Poor poor Katie. Run like the wind.


I've always hated the way Tom Cruise laughs. Drives me crazy with that evil cackle and scrunched up nose thing goin' on. You captured it beeee-you-tifully! Lurve the picture.....


You truly have an eye for detail. Proof: the accurate depiction of Katie's frightening feet.

Knuckles McGillicutty

There is so much evil in the world...




What no Herpes?


humm, aren't devil horns and platform shoes evils that Scientology bans? You captured perfectly Katie's blend of fear and surprise and Tom's crafty craziness.


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