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would u spend 25c of ur own money to feed the bitch!?!? haha no!! Xx


yes hilary has got sum new teeth but does everyone have 2 kp going on bout it who cares, if she feels comfortable in them than thats all that should matter having hew teeth doesnt autimatically mean that she is a bad person she can still sing can still act and still is a very beautiful person so everyone lay off and get off her back coz im sure all u that has wrote mean stuff bout her probly have bad teeth ya selves so get over ya selves its quit immature and pathetic

Hilary's #1fan

Hilary duff's fake teeth are awesome. leave her alone its not like if we get something new all the time. You all are just jealous !!!!!!!!!!!!!Big time!


I think she got her cheeks sucked out. This looks like some serious lipo! How else can you change the shape of your face so drastically. The teeth would of looked better on her round face. Now she just looks weird!

ped alist

i would still do her!


This poor kid used to be so cute and uneffected. She now looks like an add for PolyDent. I keep wating for those things to slip out while she talks. It is very sad that a beautiful young girl like Hilary would self mutilate. Lets just hope she stops as those Mr Ed teeth.


oh how mature.


"Buck-toothed is the new anorexic..."

ahh, poetry.

Remember, "Stuff...Hilary Duff."

Great painting, as usual. I have to second the vote for the Bush spawn.

Rex Karz

Wasn't Crust Toothpaste one of those Mad Magazine stickers?


Oh no you didn't!! I thought I was the only one that noticed how completely absurd her new Chicklets looked. They totally changed her look. I think they are so big she can't close her lips around them. She's now looking like Piff Diddly. Girl, you rock!


daisy: no those are definitly huge veneers


i think her just look bigger cuz she probably lost weight ,her face is thinner and gives her a horsey look



Hollywood Rag

Ha! That is so funny - another classic one 14.


i don't think you made them big enough =P


She gained a neck but lost her real, normal teeth. It's just like The Little Mermaid.


She has always seemed freakish to me, but for a different reason: Hilary has no neck! Have you noticed? But thanks for pointing out the horse-teeth, too. That chick is a walking sideshow!


There's something off with that picture 'cause for the first time I didn't clue in right away. I thought it was Rebecca Romijn-Stamos at first glance, then I sorta saw Hilary...maybe it's 'cause I caught a glimpse of 'Femme Fatale' the other night..?


Hahahahaaa!!! The teeth! That's *just* it!

Viper Tetsu

Two theories:

1) Her handlers (keepers?) convinced her to undergo this dental deformation to corner an as-yet-untapped teen-idol merchandising market for Hillary Duff bottle openers. Bad idea. Most of her fans ain't old enough to be able to legally crack open a Molson on Hillary's equine choppers.

2) She saw Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and thought that his teeth were like totally cool and that she'd beat those beyotches Lindsay and Paris to the hot new look. Buck-toothed is the new anorexic...

R.R. Anderson

Yeah, this one is not mean enough.
in the words of Azeem, "Get up, move faster"


LMFAO!! hahaha. that is so funny! lmao i love your site, it's hilarious!


oh Manuela dear - I adore you!


No, no, no, darling... what I think you MEANT to say is... Those are giant teeth. Giant teeth with a pretty Hilary attached.

Makes much more sense, non?

miss karen

omg, dude... brilliant.


Your heart's not in this one. You like her too much. Now if you did the Bush twins...


"A pretty girl with giant teeth." Hahahahaahhaha!!!


I have a theory about this. The family manager MADE her get them to make her look more like her sister. IT WORKED! They're both fugly now.

femme feral

I wonder if Haylie is pissed that you left her out!



Your work rules!


I love this, and it's only 25 cents to feed her oats. Can't beat that.


gosh, you draw really well =) so nice yet so mean! i like!! haha.. my kind of funny.


Love it... hehe... she looks older with her new fake teeth - I agree with TSB's post.

Keep the art coming 14!


Anyone else noticed that the equine teeth and slowly dwindling weight have combined to make her face look 15 years older, in a Kim Stewart kinda way?


This is one for the topiary garden at the Overlook Hotel. Yikes.


I love it..."feed it oats"
Great are awesomely talented...nevermind your wicked sense of humor!


Hilarious!!! Good job!

Knuckles McGillicutty

Use Once and Destroy is in LOVE with the pony girl! Get out the sugar cubes!

Adore this one...the colours are beautiful and spooky, and the monkey in the corner---har! Will you do one of the Creature Who Always Has Moisture at the Corners of His Mouth (aka Tom Hanks)?


Mean? Sorry to offend...if you'd like, you can commission me to paint a glorious oil portrait of the lovely Miss Duff. I'll even paint it in colors to match your sofa. Oh the horror!!

Gossip isn't very nice, but that's what I'm painting these days. One day, I shall move on to painting cute fuzzy kittens and Thomas Kinkade-style landscapes.

Mistress of Beelzebub

Use Once & Destroy

To clarify, I'm just kidding. This bitch has it coming.

Now I would like to see what kind of freakshow posters 14 can come up with for the cast of "The Wiz." Especially Nipsey Russell, who I think is still alive.

Use Once & Destroy

Now you're just being mean!


Its great stuff, I think you have really captured the carnival (freak show) poster vibe. Kicking color palette too, bella.


Yes, she's done something horrible to her teeth, but you've missed the fact that she's slowly going skeletal. Here face has morphed from the average and, dare I say, cutely shaped heart that we see here, to the long and sullen form that simply accentuates the teeth.


You actually went a little easy on her, in my humble opinion!


You know what they say, "Never look a gift horse in the mouth"


hey! gigant teeth rock!

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