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First of all, WHY the hell would someone change their face to look like a cat??!!? -.-THAT is for people with mind problems. I mean, she did that because her ex loved cats?? FREAK!! <--that's all i can say. And yes, she certainly looks like Janice Dickinson. And plus, how much i bet you that she thinks she looks hot and attractive. Janice DOES think that, but yeah well, erm, her face is not THAT distorted. ANYhow, this lady should better fix her brain. Freak...


A cat? No. Looks more like one of those megaliths on Easter Island.

It's a shame because her before photos show an attractive woman. I can see having a little nip/tuck here and there, but this goes way beyond normal.....


The worst thing is she is only 19.
What's that in cat years?




Yeah, i used to laugh @ j.w. photos, but now i've read these comments i just feel so, so sad that this person could allow herself to be mutilated in this way. If she feels happy with the results, that's wonderful (I hope she does!), but if all this work still has'nt brought her happiness and self acceptance, that's the real tragedy. Also, i couldn't find any actual interviews with j.w., so i don't know what the real reason for the surgery it seems all we can come up with is assumption and conjecture. Have a giggle @ her expense if you want, but remember she has feelings just like anyone else. I'm gonna make a wish for her happiness.




I think that this woman is very silly
how could you do this to yourself
My opinion is that you should not change the way you are because of your husband is cheating and doesn't like you anymore
I should dump him and get me another one who will love me the way i am
_ I'm sorry to say that but I hope you'll see this message ( you're out of your mind girl )_
DAMN!!!!! i've never an ugly woman like this
you're scarring the whole world Oh lord !!!!!!!


she´s a freak..
how can somebody do this??
if u like cats u buy one, dont make your face hideous...
althought she might be a nice person, she´s a freak!!


I wish everyone could look below the surface. I don't think she looks like a cat, and I'm sure she is a very nice person.


I disagree with comments such as "we shouldn't judge her personality on what she looks like" or "im sure shes a very normal person". Her "personality" chose to do that to her face...if that's what you can call it. Personally I'm surprised that anyone can be happy looking like that. I read on another website that she had developed ways of using her hands to express joy or anger, due to the loss of elementary expression in her face. If I was her, i would be ashamed to show my face in public and i would have all mirrors removed from my house. I thought Joan Rivers was bad...but compared to this thing she looks like Aphrodite.

peta conway marley

I think she went over board. But we shouldn't really judge her based on what she has done to her face. I'm sure she is a nice person. Maybe she did this for a reason. I wish her well.


This lady is just so very, very sad. I can't even really get much fun out of bashing her like I can when I bash a goofball celebrity.

I agree with everyone who says her plastic surgeon should be tarred, feathered, and run outta town! What in the world was s/he thinking??? How could any doctor advocate this type of maiming? That's what I call it....maiming. This woman no longer looks human.

Do we live in a sad world or what? Who in good conscience could do this do another human being? I feel so very sad for her.

kelsey sherwin

i luv how u compare ur self to cat im goin do the same and get plastic surgery wen im old so i look like u thks for being my role model xxx

Robert Gray

I was a security guard at The Metropolitan Museum and saw Jocelyn. I think she looks wonderful and she is a nice person.


WHy would you want to look like that.?

C Daniels

I sympathize with Ms. Wildenstein. She needs desperate professional help. I would love to see a made for tv movie about her life and surgeries, and what drove her to mar her beauty this way!!


somebody please tell me the story behind Jocelyn Wildenstein beyond "her man dumped her". I crave the juicy details of this demented womans history.


do u think theres anyway she could ever look normal again? or do u think she's had ebough cosmetic surgery?


Aww I love Jocelyn! But, as startling as she may look, I think that it should be realised that, with most people with surgery, there is often a sad story behind them and that we should think before we stand and stare at them. I just find it a shame that she opted for surgery on her once pretty face. As much of a trusted family friend her surgeon was, he should be struck off for malpractice, and that I emphasise the importance of councilling before surgery! I don't think that Jocelyn got the help she wanted and that maybe, if she had, she would still be pretty today.
I love the poster by the way! Stunning.

Erykah Cain

Oh lord, she looks like bloody murder. My boss and I were just talking about Burt Reynolds and how Asian he's been looking these days. But bloody hell, she's just plain scary. What on earth was she thinking? And um, no darling, you do NOT look like a cat...

Allan Tet

All I can say is....Oh my fucking God!!!!!


It wouldn't be so bad if she actually looked like a cat. It's just that she looks like a freaky rubbery hairless UGLY cat. And her "mane" -- no self-respecting lion would ever leave the house with such a bad perm.


The real story, and the tragedy here is that after all that pain and wasted money, the woman hasn't gotten what she wanted. She doesn't look like a cat, seeing her features doesn't bring to mind the beautiful cat, and her own originally-acceptable features are horribly scarred and misshappen. This really is sad, folks.

blond babes from sweden ;)

we love her! she´s coooool!!


damn it!

dj howe

I've seen better looking roadkill
on the I90.
What the Hell happened to the
guy who pretended to be the

Eden Brower

Damn-you people are being so....CATTY!!! get it? I said "catty" and she looks like a cat! Haw!
anyhoo-your poster is lovely! i live in NY and have always wanted to glimpse the cat lady but haven't as yet. Oh-Jocelyn-if we wre in ancient Egypt you would be worshipped like the goddess you are!


Does anyone notice how much she resembles superbimbo Janice Dickinson?


That illustration is WAY too forgiving. The woman is a monster, or at least looks like one, and should have been portrayed as such.

Mark Payne

thanks now you have put me off my tea!! thanks, lol.


the cats are WAY cuter.


Please, some day have this available as a poster. I would hang this on my living room wall with pride.


I just have to say, I absolutely love the way you did the dog in the picture. You made the dog look beautiful; perfect and natural but with a slightly ironic/quizzical look on its face. A complete contrast to his or her couchmate.


I've seen pictures of this woman. You were WAAAAYYYYY too kind to her. She kinda looks like Anna Nicole before the big weight loss.
All I can do is pitty this woman. She used to be attractive, but lost her mind when her man left her. Then she found some cheap crazy plastic surgeon to hack up her face. And look like a cat, she does not. She looks more like the she-mate to Ron Pearlman's Beast character.


i think the surgeons should be prosecuted for this type of disfigurement. she is also addicted and needs help. beauty can't be gotten under the knife. she is still beautiful for the person she really is..god forbid anyone who touches her again in an attempt to is time to STOP..DIANE

china blue

She's already a caricature of herself, so no artist could make her look worse than she does already. Not even Picasso on his worst day.

I like the picture.

However, if anyone has seen Lil' Kim's print ads for her watch line, she looks just like JW - so airbrushed, she actually looks bloody awful!

Viper Tetsu

J'e t'adore, chou-chou! Somehow you manage to engender some sympathy where the Enquirer would just gawk and mock. The dripping skirt adds just the right amount of skewed artistry...

Ackcherly, Ms. Wildenstein bears a passing resemblance to one of my favorite character actors:



She looks like a monster.


Aww! I love J.Wil! She can't really blink, but she seems like she'd be the most fun 50-something to party with in NY, I think...

Use Once & Destroy

I read that one dark night, Jocelyn surprised her then-husband in his study, and her features so terrified him that he pulled a gun on her.


Love it. Love it. Love it. I actually saw a normal photo of her when she was younger - she was cute (girl-next-door-ish). What a shame. Can you do something on Tara Reid. There's been some nasty photos of her floating around, enough to inspire greatness I'm sure.

Damien Morgan

Seriously I could see her in a stage production of the Lion King II. Simba goes to the city gets a sex change, Jocelyn of course plays the post-op Simba or Simberena. Ends up ruling Lower Manhatten. End scene her crouching a top the met roaring at the crowds. (Nice to see her wearing her most recent Zebra kill).


Poor lady, I've seen her face only a few times before, but I think she would've aged well if she didn't morph her face. I mean, it looks like she's scarred from shaving her face with a rake...not cool at all.

avida dollars

All I want to know is if she also "caused a Holy war between drill sargents and urologists back in 1984?!?!" lol, at least she didn't wet her pants on stage...........


Normally your depictions are right on, however, in this case I looked at this one and was not immediately frightened (as I would be if seeing an actual pic of Ms Wildenstein).


LOL! I have been reading this site for a while now, and I absolutely love it. This post in particular has made me literally laugh out loud.

PS, I linked you up at Have an awesome day.

gail collins

She needs to get with the Catman on Ripley's believe it or not from
Seattle. He has his own website, I wonder if two people seeking the same sort of attention will get along or not be able to stand one another. At least they have the plastic surgeon formed cat face in common.


Two summers ago I saw this freaky faux feline in the so-called flesh.

Your rendition, while splendid, is much too forgiving.


Eeeeek! I didn't know the Cowardly Lion was really a drag queen! I guess there is something to that Over the Rainbow song huh?

Muchisimas Gracias Catorce(14)! Always uncovering the alter egos of celebrities! Keep it up!


i dunno- that quiz was probably a little tough for jessica simpson. how many redos would you allow her?

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