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This picture is ingenius!! I do however, like Rod.


You know, I think you're on to something.... Something big. oh and I adore the cancerous sunburn...


Oh, 14!! You are just tooo much. So so funny LOL


The Wallingford QFC! Oh How I miss Seattle!
Anyhow, I second the request for you to do Kim Stewart. We all know she is really a drag queen....


I was wondering why you haven't done Kim Stewart, or did I miss it? I'd love to see your portrayal of her. How about one related to the removal of her implants?


I would love to see you do Desperate Housewives. They make me literally sick every time I see them.


have you done anything with pregnant brittany?


Waiting for your Britney+baby depiction, 14!


Hi i've been a lurking fan for ages... but in the light of Cocaine Kate's whoopsie i have to urge you to do something on her. She'd make a great caricature... the bulldog-chewing-a-wasp sneer... rolling,vacant eyes... limp, greasy hair... please do it!
Seriously though, your work is great, you should apply to get your work shown in paper or mag if you haven't already.

R. Cranium

Interesting to see that "Rock Stars" use their pinky. I'm guessing it has that extra long "coke scooping" fingernail.


like that! i wonder if that's where kimberly picked it up...


Gosh he's such a grubby mammal, I'm sure the ring he's wearing is solely to mark his last greatest digital nasil penetration, wow!


Thx for not drawing the nugget! Thank you again & again & again !


14 you are always what I need. Do you think he was in his ear first?

Red Snapper

Aging rock there's a subject. There ought to be a "What Not to Wear" for these folks. Or maybe just "How Not to Style Your [thinning] Hair".

Mr. Plant, are you receiving me?


Funny! Let see some Strolling Bones, uh, I mean, Rolling Stones!

Demon Kitty

I've always been creeped out by Rod Stewart and I just have to say

His voice reminds me of cats' piss.

If Rod Stewart's voice had a smell, it would be the smell of cats' piss. If cats' piss could sing, it would sound like Rod Stewart.

A fascinating epiphany eh? That is the sensation his voice conjures up.

Now I am going to try and forget what I said, so I don't get sick.

Long Island Irish

That's classic. I totally agree with Beau, most older rock stars seem to be in denial about their age. I wonder if they have mirrors in Senior Citizen centers...?


ahahahahahaahaha lmao. the facial epression...(points) ahahahahahaahahah

She Devil

LOVE the turkey neck! Smashingly accurate features, 14! Especially the nose/chin area. Sorry Rod the Bod...I loved ya way back when. Do blondes have more fun? Fun at picking goobers I guess.


LOL Awesome PIC-ture.These aging rockers are such fools.Its so funny to me these guys and women who try and dress,wear their hair and act like they did 20yrs ago.The funniest thing to me though is they think they look good.


love the skin tone, especially the chest!

Dawn (webmiztris)

ewww, wonder if he ate it... that would have been REALLY sexy. ;) no biggie though - even rod NOT picking his nose is a total turnoff to me.

Viper Tetsu

Jesus in assless aquamarine chaps, you've hit it again! And of course you wed this genius concept with a near-(but deliciously not-quite) photo-realistic genius caricature.

What a piece of work the guy is. The last time Stewart's relevance and talent intersected was when I was two (circa "Maggie May", and that was a LOONG time ago, kids). He looks like a real-estate agent with a bad dye job and a bantam rooster attacking her head. And godDAMN does his wheezy muppet-gargling-Ajax cough of a voice need a trek to the audio glueworks! Earth to idiots buying his CD's of standards: FUCKING STOP TAKING PROZAC AND BUY A FUCKING FRANK SINATRA DISC IF YOU'VE REALLY FUCKING 'OUTGROWN' ROCK AND ROLL AND WANT TO HEAR FUCKING STANDARDS SUNG BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN A FUCKING ARTISTICALLY-AND- PHYSICALLY-SPENT FUCKING HACK. There; rambling rant finished...

Computers just need a key that registers the word, "Genius" with a single keystroke. Between me and the rest of your growing cult, said key'd get a lotta mileage in comments to you...


Is that a pinkie ring? Or a Band-Aid (tm) applied to the offending finger after the vacuum inside his head sucked it (thwooooopp!!!) waaaaay up into the pencil sharpener hidden inside his nasal passage?

Smashing artwork, as always. I can almost taste the greeeziness of the hair.


Eww thats almost as nasty as his daughter Kim Stewart

Jolly James

Damn- now THAT'S FUNNY!!


Hmmm, I wonder if the white pinkie bandage is a sort of Nelly-esque tribute to a loved one?


Yes... it seems Rod appears to be cashing in on a veritable gold mine... arh, arh, arh....


Brilliant as always, 14. You captured his icky hair wonderfully. One of his skanky daughter would be a good follow-up.


Brilliant! I love your work and this site. Keep it up!

Knuckles McGillicutty

Pretty. I love celebrity nosepickers! Watching Dave Matthews mine for nuggets at the Wallingford QFC one evening is my favorite celebrity spotting ever.

Rod Stewart has always creeped me out because he looks exactly like my High School gym teacher! Who is (or was) female. This is a great picture, 14. Love the use of pink.

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