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Miss Hollywood

I bet she will look like that!


poor things ciggie is backwards...and her liver/sun spots match her pretty polka dots...the tragedy of it all..


I can't believe what a wonderful artist you are. I just looked at everything. Not only are you hilarious, your art is awesome.


Oh, why couldn't you have drawn her with one titty popping out, just for auld lang sine?

kevin Lee Allen

ever see the film "Barfly?"


Once again you've got it spot on, spot on!!


You should have showed how her coochie would be hanging down to her knees since the self proclaimed queen of skank likes to show it all the time. Freakishly accurate portrait however.

Yppird Anigav

poor Tara, the writing is on the wall...but what you don't see is that she's taking a quick break from her job as the cocktail waitress/hostess at that seedy bar.


......and we have a missing tooth. PERRRRRFECT!


Yikes! Makes me never wanna ever drink to excess more smokes, etc. Damn.

I'm not only speechless at this display of your talent, 14. I'm also frightened.

Knuckles McGillicutty

Does she have old lady smell? Or is she still too young for that in 20 years?

PS. anonymous: 14 is a fox. Nice try though. And thanks for using your shift key.


Wow. That looks awesome.


Hmmm, yeah, booze'll do that to ya. Won't she choke on her own vomit long before 2025, though?

Jon H

I think she'd be thinning on top pretty bad, from too much damage to her scalp from hair products.

Why so mean to Tara? She's still better looking than you.


PLEASE do a "Future of Pamela Anderson" or something similar...she's another one of the countless simpleminded Hollywood Skanks (like Tara Reid, Paris Hilton, et al) who should be lambasted and ridiculed as often as possible.


My very favorite touch is that she is wearing the very "girly" little dangly star earrings. I know the dress is much too young for her too, but the earrings really stand out. Kudos.

I'm A Hater

Hey she still looks better than Pee-Wee Herman does now.

Demon Kitty

Looking at her just makes me want to purge that glass of Merlot I knocked back. Your imagination 14, your insight, your perspective ... it's terrifying.

Are you a lesbian? I want to marry you.

So much love, so many metaphysical kisses XXXXX0000000,

Demon Kitty

so what

the eyes have it!


Come on. She'll have had three brow lifts and multiple eye jobs by then. She'll look like every other snipped LA ho with an unmoveable forehead and her eyes pulled back to the sides of her face.


i can just imagine what those implant scars look like behind that polka-dot top. saggy frankentits!!!


Just twenty years in the future?

Talk about aging.


Pure, pure beauty. I am speechless.


She kinda reminds me of Madame Medusa from Disney's "The Rescuers." Or someone in that style. Like she's gonna get up and do a semi-groovy gingly-jangly dance before smashing glasses and slurring random threats at shadow people.


haha meow!!!

Johnny Chicago

Well, it figures. She was one of the first of the late '90s brand of 'skankasaurus,' the typical white girl who wants to be 'hip' and 'trendy' with the token minority friend, all the while sucking cock in the bathrooms of Nobu and draining Hollywood producer's of their semen and their ideas. Look at that old cunt, she's so badly altered it's Picasso-like in it's horrendousness. Fuck you, Tara. Fuck you to Hell.


Brilliant, absolutely bloomin brilliant.

Snootchie Bootchie

Where to start...other than the obviously beautiful mullet.

Here's to the future *I'm scared"


That is perfectly horrific!!

Madame M


Did you catch the absolutely horrible "Taradise" marathon on E! this weekend by any chance? She sounds drunk ALL the time. How is that even possible?


Damn, that is probably way too close to true. "Shudder"


Eerily good. Makes me want to quit smoking and cut down on drinking while I'm at it. Ick.


Wow, I'm surprised that Tara is dressing so modestly...

I guess, no matter how trampy, some people just get tired of flashing The South Pole for all the world to see. Or maybe her joints have deteriorated to the point that drunkenly flailing around sans panties causes her arthritis to flare up.


The vagina-like neck is priceless.

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