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Yo, Zippy. That's not a machine gun Burt is holding in your Malone poster; it's a pump action shotgun.... DOH!

That's really good. When are you going to do Kurt Russell? Or Sly Stallone?


I personally think he is a jerk. As people condenm Mel Gibson for his disgusting remark, Ole buddy Burt has actually assaulted people, but was never arrested such as the photographer at some event, his ex wife, the sock it to me girl from Laugh In and the disgusting was he treated Loni Anderson. All the plastic surgery in the world cannot hide the ugliness within.


He was quite attractive in earlier years, but look what too many painkillers, a bad toupe and cheating on your wife then getting divorce will do to your face!!


I was recently involved in a Burt related project and by all accounts he was a first-rate pro. With a freaky face.

Apparently, he told show biz stories that turned many people's hair white. Plus his face was way freaky.

That's hilarious! I actually bought that movie for someone a few years ago as a joke!!! It's hard to belive, but the movie is even funnier than the poster! MALONE!!!

Damien Morgan

Great guy but I agree that hes over shot the mark with the stretching - One does imagine that his face could be donated to the science, the stress on his facial pores alone are beyond explaination, we need answers!


14 you have done it again. It looks as disturbing as the real thing. Do you wet your pants laughing while you create your masterpieces? I would.


The bad face lift destracts from what really bothers Burt about his "new" look . . .


Great work 14! Keep it up!

Demon Kitty

The plastic surgery makes him look, well -- like he's not white. Perhaps he wanted to change races as he aged? Mmm ...

You are such a dedicated artist!

So much Love,
Demon Kitty

Long Island Irish

The way he's going he'll be Liza Minelli's dream man in no time!!!

Fan C. Panse

Malone looks like a virile young Saddam Hussein.


I just wanted to say that I love your art. I think this is my new favourite site.


That mask actually looks like Saddam Hussein to me.


I agree! I love Burt Reynolds. Shame what he's done to his face. If only these people would wake up to how silly they look once they have this done. And with the money they make, they could certainly cough up some bucks to pay someone who knows what they're doing.

Take a look at Joe Pesci. Now that's baaaaad plastic surgery. I could go on.

Thanks for the extra portrait this week. You're spoiling us!

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