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Sissa Pissa

i love paris hilton and anyone who would make fun of her,... or anyone for that matter, is just roud! you can email me at there is absolutly no reason why anybody should make fun of someone because you dont know how bad that person could be hurting inside and maybe you should give people a break sometimes or maybe even all the time because you never know how much you change and much more people would look at you and say "WOW maybe she is a nice person after all" and you never know you could make some friends . but just remember that not everything comes with a comment, but when you make fun of someone you have one and that looks bad!

always ans forever,


Even tho she's back in prison, ever wonder what she and the sheriff got up to to be released after 3 days


Today, Paris walked out of jail after serving only 3 days (and getting credit for 5!!!) Sje joins the ranks of OJ Simpsom and George W. Bush as America’s current national cartoon. What a sorry excuse for a human being! What a potent symbol of (almost) everything wrong with American life! She is a vapid rich cretin who springs to prominence (!) on the basis of a sex tape and then remains in the public eye as a drunk -- an exhibitionistic in a way who goes beyond the everyday sluts and hos of contemporary popular culture. She is the Trash Princess, as vulgar as Bart Simpson and dressed in T-shirts that say “Got Blow?” Tacky. Pepto-Bismol pink hoodies and matching shoes, and underwear that she notoriously neglects to wear. She’s like the Addams family, in pink: a “tramp,” “tart,” “slut,” “skank,” “skanktron,” “nonentity,” “rich white trash,” “no-talent,” “brainless hussy,” “hotel heirhead,” “celebutard” who does spiritual harm to the culture and, as such, she is a vague but palpable blight. How can anyone be this stupid?


Those big "clod hopper" feet. LOL.


Your art shows comic book potential, but it's too bad everyone is so shocked by physical imperfections. I suppose you all prefer the surgical perfect symmetry to what is exotic and natural. It's a pathetic testament to how soulless the country has become if ever it had one, that people delight in stupid physical quirks that add character to people's normally dull and robotic appearances. Unless we can all afford cosmetic surgery you will be living in an ugly world by your standards.


Really nice! Hands, feet, hook nose..perfect! Great job


LOL that is HILARIOUS. U even got the huge feet down pat. That is priceless


i love the feet and the monkey comment ahhh... priceless


this is so ture, but evil!! i love this web sit!! but... where can i get 1 of thoses dollz?? lol, thumbs up guyz!!!


you are evil and so truthful! The picture did not however call her a racist. Oh yeah you did say backstabber! She is utterly gross and she looks like a post opp trannie!

Long Island Irish

LOL!!! Great idea Pat Angello--using a gun on a Paris Hilton doll would certainy be an ideal Christmas present to decrease rage. :P

Pat Angello

Can we use a gun instead of pins?


Omg can I have that doll too?

I'll love to 'play' with it.


Gah! Oy! Oh! Fabamundo! Bravo!

However, the dimwit's digits, in so-called real life, are even more deformed and disgusting than depicted here.


Frighteningly right on.


hahahaha hahahaha paris feet same as real jajjajaja
14 excellente work
big fan girl!


absolutely amazing!! very funny too!! you actually draw her better looking than she is in real life. and...i love valentino, mary kate, shannon and the monkey...too funny. the monkey story is hysterical!!


Its pure genius 14! I can't top the comments already put forth except to agree: the hands/feet are perfect (imagine being the person who pedicures those muthas?), the wonky eye, the lazy smile, the beaky nose. I also love the tiny fingers on midget Mary Kate.


my god. you drew her feet PERFECTLY. and her droopy eye. and mary-kate. and valentino. god. the whole thing is just RIGHT on. so awesomee!


God she does have monster feet and hands (watch out Uma). Wait, no she almost has man feet, clonking great man feet, they almost would'nt look out of place on a coal miner!

Lets hope Paris forgets to give chimpy his monthly ebola shot.


Shannen Doherty! As my dad would say, "She has blew eyes: one blew north, one blew south."

I'd love to see you take on PETE Doherty next, though he already looks like you whacked him across the chops with your mighty paintbrush!


Oh my!!!! Gawd!!!!! You are something to come up with this one. I love you!!!

I'm also glad to know I'm not the only one who noticed Shannon Dougherty doesn't have a symetrical face. Those crooked eye sockets drive me nuts!


Freakin awesome.


Can you get any effing funnier! I love you! I honestly love you!

Long Island Irish

LOL thanks The Idle Receptionist!!! I'm really glad you liked my "Kill Paris via the break cables" idea. Perhaps the cables would let go just as she was on top of a large hill. She'd roll straight into oncoming traffic and be hit by a cement truck. Tragic.....NOT!!!


fabulous! specially mary kate's wasted look...


GREAT!!! I hope she gets a few more pins to tie down her skirt. It seems like she is always accidentally flashing the whole world.

Fig Leaf

The Paris Doll appears to be stuffed with pubic hair! Priceless.


did I spell shannon dohickey's name wrong? AWESOME!!!

Thanks for your comments everyone.



OMG...That lazy eye, those gigantic hands, Shannon Dougherty..OMG..Mary Kate is wretched with her starbucks..I can't quit laughing.

The only one missing from your satisfied customers is Nicole Richie..or maybe she is there, she's just lost so much weight she's invisible.

Good 1 14!!!

NY Diva

OMG 14, you are awesome! You got Parasite to a T! I love the bony hands and toes! If you were a man, I'd marry you!


you are so gifted!


Hil-AR-ious. And perfect likeness of Valentino!

Did anyone see the Southpark where they had Paris on and Tinkerbell shot herself in the face? I see a similar future for this woebegone simian pet of hers.

OOOHHHHHh 14, please do one of Brit-Fedz poor son! I heard they left a club all boozed up at 2:30 AM and little SEAN was seen in the back seat!! Attack of the crappy trailer trash parents!!!

"Nibble on the break cables," GREAT! Hah.

Demon Kitty

This totally made my day. I love it when you do Paris Hilton. And those over sized sunglasses that swallow up Mary Kate's face!

So Much Love,

Demon Kitty

Viper Tetsu

Geniuser than the geniusest of the geniusest, dahlink! Just when I question whether you'll be able to squeeze more comic juice out of the same vapid celeb repeatedly, out comes more pulpy-rich goodness!

It's the little details that make this one sing. I can only add my meager voice to the chorus of praise for Paris's man-hands/man-feet. Thank you also for the restrained dig at Shannon Doherty's eye placement (one eye on her forehead, the other below her nostrils looks about right to me, too)!

So Paris stole Mary Kate Olsen's boyfriend from her? Why doesn't this guy just dry-hump a Norfin Troll doll and be done with it? It'd be a lot lower-maintenance date.

anastasia b.

can i get one in "tom cruise"?


Have you thought about fashioning Xmas tree ornaments out of that?

I want to buy one!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawn (webmiztris)

lmao! you captured her "cock"-eyed face perfectly!

This is my favorite painting of yours.



This is your best work yet! Hilarious!


Wonderful! I especially like the portrait of Mary Kate :)


Hehehehehehehehe, Ms. Dougherty's face is the BEST!! And anyone who takes a monkey shopping deserves to have their face ripped off.

Lola Montès

Congratulation 14! You're the best!
You perfectly pictured Paris' large and ugly foot.


Oh my god. The feet. THE FEET. She looks like one of those homunculus drawings of the cerebral cortex.

Patrick Fitzgerald

Ooh, that Shannon Dougherty is freaky! Nice job.


Oh my God!!! I'm laughing hysterically at Paris's droopy eye and then I scroll down and see the monkey and Shannon's f'd-up eyes - I fell off my chair!! pure ingenious.
Huge fan - keep it up.

Long Island Irish

Now that is a great product idea! That poor little monkey, if I was a monkey and if I was forced to wear those stupid outfits I'd injure her very badly resulting in her being forced into a motorized wheel chair and then I'd nibble on the break cables!


.... aaaahahahahahaAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA!!! dats soo hilarious... and the pet monkey... -priceless


Great job on the lazy eye. Shannon Dougherty's crazy eyes look good too.

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