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That is a sin, Nick Lachey doesn't deserve to have horrible dreams about Jessica Simpson.Until she gets a life she will be stuck in one corner.

pauletta moore

In my personal opinion, I think that Nick and Jessica never had personal time. EVER! Her parents were always in the way.Until Jessica can grow up and get a back bone her and Nick will never be together again. Nor, will she have any relationship with anyone.


Now that is THE MOST REALISTIC rendering you've ever done!


Haha. That's great. I'm glad Papa J's insanities are coming to the surface!

Brilliant with the batwings...


When a father discusess his daughters breasts in the press by saying "you just can't hide those things" there needs to be a thwack-o-matic hired to bean him on the back of the head whenever he says something really "you just can't hide those things."


God Papa J sounds like the a typical 'helicopter dad' much like the over bearing 'ever hovering' stage mother, but ten times worse. I wonder if hes a mean drunk?

Demon Kitty

What an awful father in law her was. It just goes to show you, you should never marry anyone if you hate their family.

So Much Love,
Demon Kitty


Oh, wait a minute, I forgot about Beyonce's manager-father and her mother who actually makes those outfits she hoochies in!


This man is the scariest ever! Imagine a father dressing his daughter as he does and flaunting her sexuality all over the media and discussing her DD breasts with reporters. Verrrry disturbing!


He is not only a pimp but a fame driven preacher!

Monkeypants Bogdanovich

Poor Nick. It's not his fault that he looks like a grown up Cabbage Patch Kid, after all. Having a daughter's-boobie-obsessed father-in-law with control issues who is a dead ringer for Dan Quayle can't help but give the guy insomnia.

Dawn (webmiztris)

that is awesome - it looks just like him!!


I think Papa Joe should be a little more sinister looking. Eyebrow change maybe?

Long Island Irish

LOL that dream sounds a lot like what happens in Ireland at Christmas except back in the old country instead of sweaters we have drinks..lots and lots of alcoholic beverages...and fights, many fights. My nightmares usually involve a flying chair and my drunken old Uncle.



Hilarious!!! Papa J is batshit crazy!

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