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Too funny. Please do more of these!

hardiharhar....... u r so low


Mad was, and may continue to be, the best. Gawd how I loved those tri-fold back covers! And Don Larson, Spy vs Spy... sigh.


Yes, there does seem to be a 14 on the Lohan illustration, but I did not do it. It comes from Mad Magazine's 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2005. The skinny Lindsay was #14. It would have been cool to have contributed to MAD, but they aren't too keen on female artists from what I can tell. Perhaps if I tell 'em I'm a guy, or better yet, an OLD guy, maybe they'll talk to me. Regardless, I'm a HUGE fan of Mad Magazine!


I may be wrong, but the Lohan on POPSUGAR has 14's logo right in the upper-left corner. Mad Magazine indeed.


Thank you Alice Fancy Pants! In that case, I've seen my own army of pink elephants during my day...though they haven't tromped through quite as frequently as those belonging to our favorite hay-haired lush Tara Reid here.



HNY! You are off to a great start in 2006!

I love how you rendered her 2nd chin and her nasty loose turkey neck. She is a walking MADD public service ad: DONT DRINK!

How long before she gets meth teeth?


Like what all the others said, Great to have you back!
Tara is such a sad creature. You have her Rudolph the Red Nosed HoseBeast face down pat and the stringy fired into oblivion black rooted hair is the icing on the cake.


like in dumbo when he gets drunk off the clown's grog.

love it! good to see you back.. i too missed you!

Viper Tetsu

Like (obviously) many others, I've been jonesing for your pungent jabs at the Rich and Useless for the last two damned weeks. There is no substitute for the GOTA--tried Defamer, Perez Hilton,Gawker, et al, to no avail.

With all due respect to those fine totems of dishy excellence, it was still like handing an alcoholic a bottle of Aqua Velva and telling him to chug away.

Thank God you're back.

Alice Fancy Pants

"Seeing pink elephants" is a euphemism for drunken hallucination.


Welcome back, 14! You were missed! Hope your New Year was Happy. Merry 2006!

Love the drunken Tara Reid masterpieces. She's such a lush!



I'm puzzled as to the meaning behind the pink elephants. Could someone be so kind as to explain?

A curse on that thieving bloody bloke over in the UK. May he be forced to have sex with Tara Reid as punishment. Wow, that was pretty harsh...but so is stealing someone's shit! Lame!!


Yeah...your back..full force I see!!

I love looks so real..almost like a photograph!!

Happy 2006, 14!! Keep 'em comin'. You're my comic relief..and I've been depressed without your weekly masterpieces!!


What the, what a bloody cheek I'll have that little bugger horse whipped if ever I see him, I promise I'll slap him with a duelling glove if ever i see him (obviously I'm visualizing some dude smaller than myself).


welcome back 14 love your work
the picture from is from mad magazine


Where is the little mouse on her shoulder whispering "Dumbo...."?
Black roots, stringy hair, dazed expressions....her parents must be so proud!

Long Island Irish

That girl just gets more messed up by the moment.
Good to have you back 14! :)


speaking of (possible) thieving... 14, is this one of your works? I could be wrong since I haven't seen it on your site but...
check it out:

Demon Kitty

I missed you! You are back!!!

I love the inflammation in her T-zone area.

So Much Love,
Demon Kitty


the only thing more despicable than stupid celebs are thieves....some lame-ass cyber thief is stealing 14's art-work??? how dare someone thieve another's creativity. very lame. on another note, 14 rules! another picture-perfect rendition!

Knuckles McGillicutty

I want a tee shirt with those 3 li'l pink elephants dancing across the front!!!!!


14, It's so nice to have you back... I checked the page daily just for the slight chance you'd decided to end your vacation early and finally my restlessness has paid off! Thanks a million for coming back to us!


Man, you're good.

And to the dude in the UK--good thing you'll never be famous, 14 would take your piss OUT.

NY Diva

Welcome back 14 and Happy New Year! Brilliant as usual! You got the "Tara drunk slut" look down pat! Love u!
P.S. to the f**k that keeps stealing your're a prick! Stop stealing from our 14 or we'll beat you with Tara's vodka bottle!

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