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Yes she is/was pretty. But she threw it all away. She is always saying that she can't be taken serious in Hollywood - yet she is the only person that makes herself look like a total fool. She even makes Paris look classy when they are together!!!

I don't hate her but I don't want my daughters to see a pretty, famous, usually trashed has-been constantly showing us her botched plastic surgery and have them thinking that is what success is.

She is lucky she is pretty and had ambition at one point in her career because otherwise she would be living under a freeway overpass strung out on crack. Because thats what happens to people like her who are not "hot"


I am tired of people talking shit about Tara Reid she is very beatiful and was very good on scrubs. (and besides that bitch is fine) the only reason you talk junk is because you are haters :))


I am tired of people talking shit about Tara Reid she is very beatiful and was very good on scrubs. (and besides thats bitch is fine) the only reason you talk junk is because you are haters :))


Viper Tetsu, you make my day! You always create the most colorful descriptions with your commentary, which is like poetry on my screen. You need to compile a list of these "Baby Jesus Stuffed in a Pillowcase" "Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick" exclamations; they always make me convulse with laughter!


I don't know if you know about this one but I found this obvious theft:


hey 14 - you got plugged on
they love tara reid too!


Never thought about getting drunk with Tara Reid. Guess I just can wait to rent "American Pie" tape while having Tara Reid all by my own.

Viper Tetsu

Baby Jesus Stuffed in a Pillowcase, the composition, colors, and sensibility behind this rank it as one of your best. Frickin' amazing!

I said it before, I'll say it again; Tara Reid is Gala to your Dali,Campbell's Soup to your Warhol, Clint Eastwood to your Sergio Leone. In other words, a muse with endless (and magnificently excruciating) variations and possibilities as a subject. And your art packs more of a punch than the industrial strength lighter fluid/ liquid courage Tara surely quaffs to catch a buzz. Brilliant!

I'm foaming at the mouth over the prospect of you firing away at Madonna again. She looks like Judy Tenuta's gap-toothed stepsister. She possesses a singing voice with the robust strength of a Triscuit under an SUV tire. And her feeble and obvious image 're-inventions' over the years are pure bush-league David Bowie...if Bowie was a dumb little crispy-haired nine-year-old mallrat whose cosmic understanding of the human sexual experience was gleaned from a Hustler cartoon. This shallow, clueless, derivative, untalented, opportunistic old harridan deserves another workover from you.

Go get 'er, 14. And make sure the gloves are off when you do.


Welcome back 14! Thanks so much for coming back to give us all a good belly laugh.

Johnny Huh?

They could cross market the booze with a free eight ball of coke if you buy two bottles at once.

She's a decidedly unattactive drunk.


Fantastic artwork, once again! Almost makes me like Tara Reid just for being ridiculous enough to give you inspiration lol

By the way, I just read about your work in a Brazilian news website. Woo and hoo for much deserved exposure!


ahaaah...great.....Tara is fab in this pic......^______^


C-List Booze Beast?!?! Why did that just make my life!!!!!


This is dreadful!!! I think that in order to sell, Obsolete can not be marketed as a high-end product...the bottom shelf of the liquor store, along with with the other $2.99 bottles of scum rum that only winos and college freshmen buy, is where this vile stuff belongs. Can you imagine the hangover you'd have the next day? Christ! The product wouldn't even need the government warning label; the picture on the front is a glaring caution in and of itself.


Please sell prints. They would be at once; valuable/invaluabe. Thanks for returning.
Your devotee.


Your back, your back yeeeehaaaa (sorry I've got a latent texan gene somewhere).

You know I've always thought Tara is the classy kind of Gal who swigs straight from the bottle, someone who could drink a Cosack under the table...although I have no doubt shes done many things to Cosacks under the table.


Ha, aunt Beep, "Taratini"! Quentin Tarantino needs to make a "Tara" movie!


Man, are you good. This might be my favorite one.

Aunt Beep

I can smell the sweet scent of a Taratini already...


You are awesome.
I just stumbled on this site through dlisted and I love it. Brilliant artwork and hilarious!

Long Island Irish

LOL I love how you have "deported" on the bottle. If only that could come true. I know! As a late Christmas gift to everyone in America the goverment should have her deported to the Middel East where she can live with Michael Jackson! Oh, it would be just like the Odd Couple except being really creepy and really wierd....


Send a copy to adbusters! They love ripping on Absolute! I bet you'd be the next cover!


It is so good to see you back, and with another Classic Tara! Poor girl, she really is obsolete. Looks like being talentless can take you only so far in Hollywood if you don't keep your looks.

To the thief in the UK: Knock it off or 14's fans will come over there and knock the bangers and mash out of you!


i'd rather drink Lil John's crunk juice.

Dawn (webmiztris)

ha! and the coolest thing would be that as you drink it, tara's picture on the front keeps looking prettier and prettier!!

Demon Kitty

I hate Madonna! I would never drink wine out of a bottle with her image on it! Hate hate hate!!!

Vodka that tastes like Tara? It would have to be stale Vodka-wretched up. Maybe some stomach acid and cigarette flavors in there? Maybe some bile?

Oh please do the one of Paris Hilton with her hand in her crotch!

So much love,

Demon Kitty

Knuckles McGillicutty

I can't wait till Madonna starts shilling for Depends and Poligrip. Lord that woman is a cow.

Hey, speaking of everything being the same in all the gossip rags these days...howcome it's all about who's pregnant, who's under suspicion of pregnancy, who's knocking up who, who is about to pop, and lots of pix of babies and mommies? It's frickin' creepy. Did the whole Woman's Lib thing even happen, or did I miss the announcement when they let us know that, in fact, a woman is NOT anything useful past the production(s) of her uterus?

God, I never get the memos.

Jolly James

BAWHAHAHA!! Ohhhh shit....dang now THAT"S comedy!!


Wow! I wonder if these people know how crazy we think/know them to be?

Once again, you have outdone yourself...hehe.


Love it!
Welcome back 14!



Glad your back!

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