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That's funny,I can't help comparing this Tom with Impossible Mission 's Tom ,this is more better.


The tom acts lately is like a devil.
hip hop


Ahhhhhhahaha, I'm pissing in my pantaloooones. Hey, D.C., it's funny you should mention the Manson family thing...I just read a CREEPY article that interviewed an ex-head honcho of Scientology that said C. Manson was a Scientologist:


i dont know if im stupid or not
wat i do know is that andrew mclauchlan is a stupid bum idiot face poo-head


What happened with the contest for writing a poem on Tom?


Could this BE more perfect!?!


This is the funniest one i've seen today. I'm definetly coming on this site again. Thanks to Girlfriend magazine for reccomending this site to me!


Lol! To think that Katie Holmes has his offspring squirming inside her. Ew! In all fairness, I pity the child.

Just in case you missed it. Read Jeannette Walls Scoop. Just this week, Tom has been saying he has "Kate" tucked away, so that no one can get to her until "his child" is born. I'm sure Tom Cruise is the Anti-Christ, or he's trying hard to be.

Does this smack of craziness. Or is it just me?

Well done, 14!


Toms still totally getting my freaker of the year award!!!

Distressed Jeans

So hilarious as usual. I love Paris Hiltons wonky eye and TOm's platform shoes. Each one is AWESOME!!

Once again, totally brilliant!


He's the devil!


Tom reminds me of a creepy, little toddler - with his stumpy arms and legs. And those outstretched, grabby hands that seem to scream, "Up-py, up-py! Hold me, Mommy!"

Yikes... it makes my uterus go cold!


Hmm... hilarious... creepy... it made me laugh and scream all at once!

Although I have to say, Xenu looks pretty pissed off about giving blood!

Betty Noir

Do you have Katie Holmes' email, by chance? I have a valentine to send her...


I can't believe you have that much restraint! I would have gone much higher with the platforms!


don't you mean kate holmes ??? :)


loving this!


What a HOOT! I don't know if the contract thing is true but I have suspected it all along. I don't want to wish ill on anyone BUT if Katie develops PPD, I hope she kicks the **it out of Tom.


Tom's scowl is priceless.

Long Island Irish

LOL Xenu blood...perfect!!! :)

Demon Kitty

You are so wonderful. Your art is better than my antidepressants. I can't wait to send out this valentine.

So much love,

Demon Kitty


I love it! I've disliked Tom Cruise for years, and now he's finally getting the attention he deserves!!!


Oh, god, the platforms. That's hilarious.


Eeeek... there's nothing creepier than your Tom Cruise, 14. But where's his tail?


Yikes, that thing looks like the Manson family valentines card.


absolutely hilarious!


I have enjoyed nearly everything you have posted but your Tom Cruise legs and platform shoes make me laugh out loud.

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