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just so you know, me coming from slovenia, khm, don't really produce scotch, it's more home made liqueurs and wine...but i still feel flattered you actually know slovenia exists (unlike many americans..)

great work, by the way


14, why don't you plan to print and sell Valentines like this for next year?? since I saw your site been mentioned in a few gossip websites, you might have a lot of peple buying Valentine's from you!!

Sally Waxerton-McBumperbottoms

Awww, this makes me love her even more. Sweet, it is.

Dawn (webmiztris)

awww, you forget to draw her with her boob falling out... ;)

Damien Morgan

Maybe its only that she appears to have cleaned up her act, maybe the press have fortunately caught her during brief moments of sobreity? W


Lol nice!

Evil T

And don't forget the pepperoni joke from the Family Guy recently which is sewn into my memory. Hyuck! Beautiful stuff.


Hahahaha! Slovenian... awesome.


I wish they made cards like this back in my elementary school days, when we had to pass them out to everyone. It would have been such a hit.. plus would have deterred us from being drunken whores.

yet another masterpiece! I love it!

Long Island Irish

Oh My God I have a TON of great uncles back in the Republic who would so agree with that. Hell, most of my cousins would too!

Demon Kitty

I love the way you have captured her awful bleach blonde hair- and of course, that alcoholic nose. I always feel like I have a hang over when I look at her.

Demon Kitty


I've got a few people I'll be sending this one to.
Ya gotta love Tara.....don't ya?


Don't know if this would inspire you, but I was looking at the Smoking Gun latest mugshots of alleged cocaine dealers/hookers yesterday and found a Lindsay Lohan lookalike..
smoking gun:
gossip column:

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