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Jennifer aniston is a girls girl... thats always been the case, she works out! yeah! since when is that a crime? i like being healthy too... She has personality, and thats what i admire most about her... Whenever i watch her interviews i realize that im never bored when shes talking... so... i dont see the shbang... i love this woman.


check this posted from a socialite's life!...should quiet a lot of questions on certain things and how they went down:

magstress said:
What a load of shit. I have close friends who worked on both Mr and Mrs Smith and Friends, when this was all going down.

the entire crew of MMS was HORRIFIED - Brad and Angelina spent every minute off set screwing in her trailer.

And Jen found out while it was going down - they had to shut down production on Freinds for almost two weeks when she found out.

he went home when he got caught out with his tail between his legs.

it was about another 3 months AFTER Jen found out that they split up.

Posted on September 6, 2007 08:12 PM


pretty great observations, not that they matter for much


this is hilarious


if he is happy and complete that way, what do we care?


Thats funny

its so beautiful how Jolie can turn any man into dog! Go jolie!!

Humble Observer

Who bloody well cares about the brad/jen/ang circle? Frankly, I think they are all a bore.

Next topic america, this one's stale.


Brad Pitt is a very nice person inside and out. I don't know why a lot of people are so negative with his personal life. What is wrong with wanting to be a father at age 41? What is wrong with adopting kids from other countries? To me, tabloid headlines and cartoons like this one just want journalistic sensationalism to attract an audience. Anybody that Brad will have a relationship with will be in the tabloids positive or negative, but since negative news attract more drama, then the media creates all kinds of fabrication and soap operas. There is nothing wrong to live life as a father which in your vocabulary "a pull toy" for the benefit of those negative audience. Get a life people.


all i think is its been statistcally proven that Agelina Jolie is the sexiest woman alive, that i know even if youd ask me @3am. i guess Brat Pitt wanted to date someone out of his league for once,he got caught up in the sticky situation.He knows that he cant go back 2 J.Anniston Gosh what would the piblic say? the poor guy probably doesnt even love A.Jolie, i think it was just lust. As for Angelina, i dont blame her for anything,she does her own thing, thats nice. Al im saying is people should stop hating c'mon its her life, wether shes weird or not thats just her and she loves that. Brat Pitt made his choices he must either again decide if he wants to get back 2gether with Aniston on not,but will she take him back?

Anynomous 15

Angelina Jolie is a man controlling woman and wants every man to kiss her ass. To tell you the truth, i hate......despise her lips. Brad Pitt, his life as he knows it is already over. She is younger and more independent than him . His parents enjoy spending time with Jen, his ex better than his own girlfriend. They may have accepted her into their family, but who knows how they really feel about her. i don't know whether or not the relationship is going to last, but i really don't like them. i am neither rooting for or against them.


i just have one question for all of you, whether you are fans of them or not. How long do you think they are going to last? Seriously.



Kathie Hansen

Brad Pitt has always been a pulltoy...haven't you ever seen the pictures that show how he dyed and cut his hair it to match his various partners? He is one of those people who doesn't seem to have a personality of his own or even any goals or ambitions of his own.
He seems sad most of the time to me in photos...sad and empty.

I couldn't help but notice that the little one on the right looks startingly similar to the kid in the movie The Grudge. Creepy.

I can't believe people take celebrity matters so seriously, as shown here in the comments.

Bravo, 14 for this artistic satire.

the devil

What would be of the world if men were "subservient"?
But a "subservient" woman does not seem to bother anybody.
So Angelina should be the subservient?
What is wrong with a man being subservient to his affection?
I prise him for being a human first than a "man".
Mortals: you get the world you build.


yes, brad does look sadly whipped and angelina looks...i think she's got some very serious emotional problems which could be boiled down to severe immaturity. i remember being towed around like that, so i know the unsatisfactory feeling of it all. but honestly, sadly, that child maddox looks terribly spoiled to my eyes, and he's only four years old. that's truly sad. it's like those children are little toys. we'll see where they are when they become teenagers. i see trouble ahead.


I don't love Aniston, and I used to like Jolie. But now I realize she's just a master of manipulation. She broke up Billy Bob's engagement and then dumped him at least partly because she couldn't control him completely and then she cut her father out of her life and dropped his last name because he commited the unforgiveable sin of telling the press she adopted a baby. She's even manipulated the audience of the world into thinking she is Jesus Christ. Notice how she quickly adopted the second child right after Pitt's marriage broke up? Maybe she's working hard at doing good deeds because karma is a bitch. It sickens me that people give their entire lives to what Jolie is getting credit for, yet no cares about them because they aren't famous or as pretty. I used to think she was independent, but she so easily gave over joint custody to Pitt. She wasn't even with him very long, but, hey he's Brad Pitt so I guess it's ok. Her values went out the window to please a man. Pathetic. She used to not want to have biological children because she only wanted save impoverished orphans. But I guess she wanted to hang on to Brad. For now. Sorry. I am just a fan of 14, but these postings vex me.


Brad Pitt looks miserable(and skinny). There is nothing wrong with a man wanting his girlfriend to be happy, however, Angelina is sooo domineering. She has him whipped. I do not think he can stand it much longer. He prpbably wishes he had not left his former wife for this.

Long Island Irish

THANK YOU!!! Sean's life is in serious danger in that house. It really is not funny anymore. When SPF fell out of that high chair, cracked his skull and was not taken to a hospital for six days, well, that's when I stopped laughing at the Federline saga. At some point the humor just goes out of a situation and it turns into real terror. That point came for me when SPF's life became an issue.


I wanna be Angelina's pull toy!

By the way, what's wrong with Brad taking care of the kids?

I guess the artist would rather have women be married to some guy like Kevin Federline, out partying and making a "rap" record, while your wife is pregnant (again).

SAVE SEAN PRESTON!!!!!!!! Petition the State of California to take Sean away from his totally inept and dangerous parents.


when two people get along and love each other, people seem to complain. and if two people dont get along, people still complain....what do u guys want.....leave them all alone....they are happy on what they do and brad pitt is a very good man and a good husband...get yourself a life or perhaps get yourself a partner which most of you guys will never have....


I have always been Brad's #1 fan but I must say I am very disappointed he has stayed away from home for so long and is going along with all of Angelina's decisions. He probably feels like he doesn't have any other choice but to let his first child be born in the middle of nowhere in Namibia instead of good old USA. After all, everyone has always considered him the golden boy so as far as I am concered he is turning his back to his fans and his country
all in the name of love. I actually believe that Brad is underestimating his charm and great personality which has won Angelina over already. I honestly think that she would come back to have the baby back home if he left but she is just enjoying this too much to let it go without having to prove her point to the whole world that she is number one in Brad's life and everyone else should move on!

I have a strong feeling she will be back in the sack with her decade long lover, Jenny Shimizu in less than 2 years and still keep Brad around to babysit.


Jessica -

For the love of God, the word is spelled "pity," not "pitty." Also, let's not forget to never end a sentence with a preposition. You accuse 14 of not reading, so I am accusing you of not reading enough to learn grammatics. By the way, you failed to mention the fact that Angelina Jolie has also publically and inappropriately kissed her brother; she also wore a vile of blood around her neck. Now, carry on with your "Angelina is a normal person" routine. It is hilarious that you delve so far into the lives of famous people who don't give a shit that you exist. 14 does celebrity gossip art for humor's sake, not to inform the public on reality. JEEZ LOUISE.



brad pitt kind of look like porkchop, from doug.


thatz so perfect ! xD


I started to get involved of this to say that Brangelina relationship will soon die before the end of this year. There's a lot of chaos esp. AJ is domineering!!!Poor Brad hope you'll find the right woman someday...


HA! Love the picture! I have to add that I am PRO-ANGELINA all the way -- sorry Aniston people but she's a whiner. Besides, Angelina cracked the whip and *SWAK!* Brad Pitt, one of the hottest guys in the world is hers. WOW that chick has power and quite frankly you've illustrated it nicely.

Personally, I can't wait till Angelina goes after Johnny Depp. Now THAT'S another gorgeous human sandwich that I wouldn't mind being in the middle oF!

Long Island Irish

Thanks for the Michael Douglas comment. "Hold orphans for Angelina" lol actually he has a point. :D


CB, as you stated no one knows whats going on but the people involved, so why are you assuming Brads family are supportive and happy for him.

Bag Slut

Regarding Michael Douglas:

His comment is a bit pot-meet-kettle, but true nonetheless.

Oh yes, and 14: I've been awed by your skills since at least last summer, so here's a belated LOVE YOU!!! And contratz (or, maybe, my condolensces) on your first experience with the Clay-Aiken-style mobposting from the no-lifehaving, vicariously living JoliePittholie-worshipping twats.


Long Island Irish

Hi Violet,
What was Michael Douglas's comment? Sorry but I'm interested to know and I didn't hear about it.
Okay people I have to say something here. There have been rumors that Britney Spears is pregnant again, good lord help us. Now I understand that we have all been having a great old time here picking on BradJolina but now this has to stop.
Seriously these people may very well be totally normal or completely screwy but compared to Britney Spears and that dirt rag husband of hers they look like the Brady Bunch.
In defense of BP and AJ (and trust me I'm not taking sides I felt sorry for JA) at least you see them with their children in photos doing fmaily stuff. How many photos of Britney, Kevin and Sean have you seen when the three of them are together? So far the only photos of Britney and son have been the ones of her driving wrecklessly with little Sean on her lap.
I'm not trying to break up this party, just shift the gears. Instead of attacking the Pitts let us go for the Federlines, they are so much more fucked up and amusing to watch (until the children get hurt, then it's really not funny).
Excuse my Frence 14. :)


I just wish that they'll stop printing the pictures of that fake family..theyre so phoney, all publicity the 2 of them make me sick, now shes pregnant- whats the point. brad pitt is a sick bastard.i was so relieved when i see that caricature im glad im not the only that feel this way, and for mr michael douglas more power to you,i totally agree with your comment in GQ.


Comments like some of the ones above just show that we've gone from a fact-or-truth-based to a faith-based society. In celeb worship as well as politically. BAMX fans trust on faith, on some starry-eyed belief, that these two are good, no, "Great" people and he only did it because he was forced to by some uncertain sin of Aniston, which depending on the person is either excessive tanning, stalled film career, or childlessness in all its selfishness, or some combination thereof. Oh, and ugliness. And she "probably" hurt him first, as people really, really believe, though no one is sure. Because nobody would *ever* leave their wife for Angelina Jolie otherwise, unless they were really, really hurt. And Angelina would *never* go after someone aggressively. Uh, that's her past, anyway, and people change! I don't see why it's so hard to admit that your saint has flaws, her personal life isn't lived with anywhere near the compassion she shows for the poor and hungry. That's just that. Oh, and a supposed recent comment of hers, if we're going to use tabloid-style conjecture: "I couldn't stand to be pregnant again." She really misses her nice old body. There's our mother of the year.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

"...Angelina's sudden privacy and most importantly her pregnancy. Wouldn't that make her submissive to her man's wishes?"

Ew. Just...ew.


meh,una reina, I'm 24 by the way and I don't find this drawing amusing at all. But I am a fan of the couple, have been since the beginning and what I see is 2 people trying to live their life on their own terms without giving a shit about other's opinions.It's funny that 14 mentions Brad learning how to fly and get involved in charities, wear dark clothes and sport dark hair but fails to mention Angelina's sudden privacy and most importantly her pregnancy. Wouldn't that make her submissive to her man's wishes?Moreso, how eill dear 14 spin this story now that Brad is growing his old blonde roots after finishing Jesse James, a movie where he had to dye his hair dark?

No matter, I am an BAMZ+1 fan and supporter but it's obvious to me that 14 doesn't have a clue of what their real personalities are, and is another girl consumed by tabloid crap. Still, I don't see her as being on Team Aniston, any team for that matter. She just saw this story and decided to turn it into something funny without thinking her opinions would trigger such un uproar about adoption,feminism and child-bearing.I can't appreciate the humour because I already said I'm a fan, but I can't say she's wrong for doing it.We still leave in a free world but if you like Brad and Angie and don't need everybody's approval for that, than you won't care if people make fun of them, because clearly they don't care either.

Carry on now.:-)

PS: To Not a Bearer who famously quoted Simone de Beauvuoir.Not everybody who dislikes Miss Aniston is stuck in 19th century and thinks women are breeding machines.But I'm all for making your life happen and for fighting for your own happiness, and imo, that's what Brad did.Instead of whining about wanting kids, he stopped whining and did something.Did he hurt Jen in the process?Maybe, but who knows what the real story is behind closed-doors and if she hadn't hurt him just the same.I wish all of them to move on, because even with their money and the looks, I wouldn't want to be put in their position, where everybody and their mother has an opinion of how they should have lived or live their life.It's too crazy.


What people seem to forget is that this is simply a fucking joke! None of us know either of the three yet there are still these pathetic rabid fans that are Team this or Team that. it is so juvenile. Yet there are some that say that people don't know that Jennifer is extremely shallow, etc as if they know them yet turn around and say that 14 doesn't know how passinonately Brad loves his children and Angelina. Then others claim that Brad is some puppet of Angelina's, when they don't know for sure, yet by the way they type you would think they do. No-one knows anyone of them yet type out novels acting as if someone just insulted their fucking mamas.


He has always been interested in world issues, atttening meetings around the world, being a part of thinktanks. Maybe the media never reported so as much. He has always dressed like his girlfriends (Gwyneth Paltrow haircut)

Herb Sewell

I've seen a lot of pics lately of AJ leading around BP like a pull toy. Gotta Laugh!


Give me a break people.. it's just a drawing, and a darn good one at that. I have respect for AJ and JA (funny, initals reversed). The point of the pic here is Brad and it's just for fun. I used to be a big Brad fan but now I seem him as a puppy doing whatever his current g-friend/fiancee does, especially looks-wise! That's my opinion, big deal! And it has nothing to do with the kid side of it for me. And one thing that does irk me is that when the whole rumor mill got started re: Brangelina, they DENIED it for the longest time. I mean lets talk about being honest.

Vermont Neighbor

True Love... in Hollywood? Give these stars credit for day-to-day-pressure. Their PR needs likely consume any rational person floating in their uber-galaxy.

Love is found first and foremost in the dressing room mirror.


I disagree with whole suggestion. I don't feel that Brad is Angelina's "Subservient Pull Toy" at all. Brad has obviously found his soulmate. They are so in love with one another. Brad has the woman of his dreams, a woman who loves him unconditionally and is giving him the family he has always desired. No, Jennifer and Brad didn't work out but, I believe the media and public are taking the divorce harder than she is. Jen and Brad have moved on and she is doing just fine, as is Brad. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but, it is what it is.........TRUE LOVE!!!!!!

Long Island Irish

Hi Tricia,
I just read your recent post above. Thank you so much for doing your part in making this the most commented picture. lol someone must do a college paper on all of this one of these days as someone mentioned above. :D



Oh, yeah, I think there are people who do indeed have some serious anal damage going on. That stuff doesn't repair itself, does it?


Will those who love or hate AJ and BP explain why this is? It really, truly fascinates me. I do not get it. What really angers you so much about this parody? Why does this couple make women get so angry with one another and how does this drawing perpetuate the idea that females should not be the strong one in the relationship? If you have a healthy relationship, then both parties play an equal role, the woman dominant in one way and the man in another, things equal out. I don't think anyone with a brain looks at this painting and thinks "women are only meant to be baby making machines". I believe they look at this and laugh because they do not care about how real the relationship between BP and AJ is, but because this is what is seen at face value, which is what is shown in magazines. You may all continue to rip on tabloids, but they are a money maker and without paps none of you would see any pictures of this family. All of these forums and celebrity blogs are another reason popculture is a course at Universities. As I previously said, I enjoy these blogs because I like not having to think about my own life for a moment (same thing for t.v. and movies and other activities), but what celebrities do does not influence my life or choices at all.

Vermont Neighbor

hey, Tricia. Thanks for the nice words. I agree... what gets this topic going is the fact that these people have the best of everything, but they're dealing with ordinary everyday issues that we normal folk have to contend with. So 14's picture really brings it all together.

Brad Pitt, nice that he wants kids. That's the key to Brad Pitt: he wants what he wants. He's wanted a family for awhile, and I bet Aniston saw the wheels falling off, and maybe tried to buy time before making the baby commitment. And maybe she did worry about losing her figure -- who wouldn't. She made that a professional and personal goal long before she met Brad. And he wouldn't have been interested in her without her looks; he certainly wouldn't follow Jolie around the world if she resembled Mother Teresa.

So like you write, it's not the same as regular dads who work all day, struggle with bills and real-life pressures, yet still have time for their kids. And their wives.

Brad Pitt does pretty much what Brad Pitt wants. Throw a Hollywood birthday party for his wife in February, and get his girlfriend pregnant a few months later. The guy's a chump, an okay actor but nothing special. He would've made a great billboard model, at least in his younger years.

That's why I say, when I read interviews with William H. Macy... and I see how he holds Felicity and adores her as a woman and a fellow actor... well, Mr. Pitt is a child in comparison. Husband material and Brad Pitt's selfishness are just worlds apart.

Basically, he could have pursued his new life without destroying Aniston in the process. Dude's a real toad. And all the other gals can have him, 'cause he's truly all looks and no substance.


Wow. All this mud-slinging makes me feel as though I've stumbled onto a transcript of a Senate sub-committee hearing.

It puts my reaction into rather a poor perpsective, though. All I could think of was the old joke about a bloke attending a costume party wearing only roller skates. He went as a pull toy...


OK, removed the stick from my over-commenting ass---I know it's a pic, I know!---and trying to help make this one set a record by adding a random post.

people. its a god damn picture.

and that thing in your ass? probably a stick, but I think with sharp edges.

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