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I'm not only in love with Nicole Richie, and a tabloid reading drone but I also have a large interest in artwork. Your artwork is not only inspiring but it is very well-done. Congratulations on the great work. It's breath-taking!


You do hysterical work. Most of these celebrities are whackadoos and you bring out the obvious in them. And you are quite a talented artist. Please do one on Tori Spelling (she is such a beast inside and out. A self-centered man-stealing tart.) and Dean McDermott. After her hideous comments about his ex-wife at the recent MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, she deserves a place on your website. He's a dirtbag too, and they well deserve each other. To Mary Jo Eustace, Tori Spelling did you the biggest favor in the world. Now he's HER problem and she's HIS problem.


why do you have a klimt painting portrayed when clicking on "paintings"...I thought you were talking about Schiele?


Fuck yeah 14! You rule the universe!!


totally rockin!!!

love what you have doing....

check out my concept jewelry

hope you like it



I just discovered this site today, awesome work, I'm glad to see a schiele inspired work!


I'm a Schiele fan. I just saw a bunch of his work in Vienna. You did an amazing job transferring his creeparific style to Richie's gaunt modern look.
You really know your art, girl!!!


Congrats on your NYT mention!! Add me to the chorus of those begging you to keep going. Being a trashy gossip hound, I check your site obsessively. Since I'm also an aspiring illustrator, your work is a big inspiration - I love your imaginative ideas & the way you render your subjects!

Maybe you could do something on the current Heather Locklear - Denise Richards spat?


This is utterly amazing - I love it. I hope you make lots and lots of money with your artwork.


i posted about this already, but i am continually drawn to the image. i realize this may not have been the intention, but the the subject acutally looks beautifully rendered. not that i luv anorexic/bulimic-sized women, but she looks amazing. i am a fan of egon's portraits of prostitutes, so that may be it. i like the style.


This scared the crap outta me. ME!


Nice work 14, & don't give up, alot of people here love your art!

TO Penname | April 28, 2006 at 02:30 PM

That is how egon schiele signs all his paintings.

Pink Armadillo

Don't ever stop! Satire is incredibly important to society and your paintings/drawings are hilarious as well as incredibly well done. You deserve a lot of recognition. Congratulations!


You richly deserve the praise.

Congrats,14. A job well done.


just tripped onto your site from a friend's recommendation. the egon painting is the best possible 1st peak. love him. love the painting. love the blog.


Awesome news about the very descriptive mention in NYT!! I am a long time fan, rare noter. You are great! Take care!


Hey you, congrats on your Times mention, it's brilliant that you were cited.

And this one---wow. From Dali to Schiele, and you can do Picasso, too. This is amazing. NR has the strangest eyes, they're very large and needy, and you captured that. Why the hell do these skeletal chicks *always* say they've always been skinny or have a fast metabolism, when everyone knows better? NR used to be cute and approachable, in contrast to Miss Hilton, and now...well, whatever. Too small for size 0.


Schiele's paintings seemed like premonitions of the coming wars: skeletal bodies, dreary backrounds. I wonder if Ms Richie has any concept of how much her self-imposed starvation reminds people of the Holocaust?

Your work is excellent, btw. Stay acid, kid.

Demon Kitty

I just know you are going to be fucking famous 14! Please don't stop painting trashy gossip inspired caricatures! Your site has brought me so much joy! Good art is good for the soul!

I am so sick of looking at this malnourished unattractive woman! I hate to say it but she looks like she has a terminal disease and is wasting away- well, it is a terminal disease.

So Much love,
Demon Kitty


You are an artistic GENIUS!!!!!!

Pop Fantastic

I really like the color scheme for the portrait. It is (as always) such a great pic that caputres that celeb so well. And congrats on the NYTimes mention!


Your signature is really cool.


Congrats, 14! You deserve your 15 minutes of fame and more.


I am glad you're getting the free publicity. The whole world should know of your genius! And given the state of our culture, I have no doubt that one day Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie will be commissioning you to paint them in the portrait of your choosing, just to show that they're in on the joke.


14, your work entertains and amuses us all.

Remember the scene in Preston Sturges' Sullivan's Travels, in which Joel McCrea watches the chain gang inmates laughing at a comedy film, and realizes that providing laughter to the public is not meaningless, but essential?

Well remember that the next time you think your work is not high art.

Besides, you can find those serious "Sprockets" type artists in any East Village coffee bar. Dime a dozen.


No no no!
Please never stop celebrity painting!
My levels of joy might never recover!

Viper Tetsu

The New York Times?! Hot-CHA!! You rock like Bon Scott-era AC/DC on Space Mountain, chica.

In case the loud hosannas from the rest of the Fourteen Cult Throng haven't hammered this home by now, what you're doing is as (ulp, dare I say it?) important as it is funny. If Jonathan Swift and Dorothy Parker were alive today they'd be sticking their quills into the eyes of the same vapid celebs who receive your paint-and-ink skewers. They turned snark into art...kinda like someone else we know.

Plus, Swift, Parker, and their literary progeny were pee-your-pants funny. Again, kinda like someone else we know.

Mega-bonus points for somehow managing to inject several dollops of art history into the wackiness. If your fabulous forays into Schiele/Lichtenstein/Dali-inspired spoofery have induced one art neophyte to explore the links you've provided to your artistic forebears, then you've singlehandedly justified the existance of Nicole Richie AND Britney Spears.

Which makes you, officially and unequivocably, God.


Bella such skill. You cannot stop drawing and painting Nicole and her cohorts, were else could I find my celeb trashing fix...alas.

Dawn (webmiztris)

you sure that's not a photograph of her? I can't tell the difference...


She looks fat to me.

Karen Rani

Congrats on the fab mention in the NYT dah-ling. You are so talented, as I've told you before. Keep up whatever makes you happy!

Paula Bayley

Regarding Ryan Seacreast and Paula Adul's little the end it came down to her initally having a crush on him!!! How can you not....he is sooooo appealing!! Go get him Paula!!


I love your work! You're an amazing talent, and you have hilarious, witty ideas for your work. I'd love to see you do something with Mariah Carey!


Don't go changin'! Heh. I love your work! Bowls of fruit, indeed.

this is absolutely beautiful


OKay... It's really scary how undeniably accurate this painting is; How her rib cage exceeds her breasts, her overly punctilious tendons, and her resemblence to a life-sized bobble headed doll. Beautiful girl but she's got to start hanging out with Janet Jackson and put on a few pounds.


I didn't know the nerdy dude from GhostBusters was a painter! Go Egon!


i hope for more recognition for you! your work is beatiful and entertaining at the same time. congrats on the mention in the new york times! your artistic skills always amaze me, thanks for all fun!


One cannot question that which inspires us in the arts, writing, or music. Don't you quit on what makes you unique. Any artist can paint a landscape, but you make us giggle at the celebrities who need to be laughed at once in awhile. :)

Congrats on gettin' your work noticed by NYT.


WOW, Congrats on your NY Times mention!! That's HUGE!!

And this Nicole Richie is brillllliant as always. I really enjoy it when you mimic famous painters because you catch the nuances of their works so well!!

And please, never stop painting George Clooney eating a hot dog. Never.


Keep it up! Change? Pshaw. Why ruin a good thing!


Nice job and congrats on "defining" popular culture. Don't stop drawing celebs, after all we have enough enuf pics of bowls of fruit. Not to mention that they are boooring.

PS: Sorry to quibble, but "chai" is Hindi for tea. So "chai tea" is in fact "tea tea".


reminds me of what david spade said about her on his show, Nicole Ritchie is proof that humans can live for up to three years on attention alone...ain't it the truth!


Her elbow sticking out of her skin - a real high point for me.


I love Egon's work. I viewed some of it in Austria. Talk about a tortured soul. Your work with Nicole is spot on. Sadly. I don't even know how the girl can operate anymore, she looks really bad.

Long Island Irish

LOL I love the spaced out expression in her eyes!


You are a delight 14.


14, I've been visiting your site for quite a while now, and I finally just have to comment that you have such a great eye for truth in an image and idea. Celebrity culture deserves your commentary. Please, please don't quit! I really love your work (mind you, you're a very talented artist, so landscapes and bowls of fruit would be just great, too, but would they put you in the NYT?) Cheers!


so, my boyfriend is a terribly serious artistic type who has only lived in the US for a few years, refers to movies as films and finds my obsession with trashy tabloid gossip to be completely tacky and obscene. this morning i discovered that he added this site to his rss feeds after i showed it to him last week.

you are the greatest thing ever.

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