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Big up Yourself with the Times citing TomRat as a PopCulture high ... you arent just the commentary ... you are the culture. Yeah You!


Nice... a proper pin-up girl. I love that skeletal figure; reminds me of Kentucky fried chicken... you can almost lick the bones, or is it "fingers"?

Sickly aspirations these stars of ours!


Kudos on the extra exposure you are garnering...NYT is a pretty grand platform! I have become almost obsessed with this site, I can't even get my own work done; darn your awesome talents!! Thank you for the entertainment and inspiration to try different mediums other than Acrylics, you are an original for sure.


AWWWW, you folks say the nicest things. Genius? HAR! Goofy is more like it.

I've got a nice little Brit and Kev animal portrait simmering on the easel right now. It will be featured in Animal Magazine and shown on my site in June.

mistress of the galactic owls


PLEASE 14, PLEASE DON'T EVER STOP WHAT YOUR DOING! I don't want to look at pictures designed to match my sofa! I come here to see what your wacky mind has conjured up and I am never dissapointed.

I aslo agree with Shannon. Britney Spears is due to be lampooned by you any day now.

This is so punk

Please please don't stop painting the celebrity culture. You're a genius.


This has nothing to do with the Nicole Ritchie post, but I can't find another way to make this request.

With the recent articles on Britney Spears (her 2nd pregnancy & wanting to hire a dr who suggested she not put baby sean on high things since he might roll off) please create another piece on her & her wacky life. I'm thinking something similar to your Tomrat & Katrat animal series, but on animals that eat their young or are equally poor parents.


Nice to see you're getting recognition for your fine (and hilarious) work.


Excellent 14, the chai tea makes for a nice eeriness.
Nicole has the cutest face, but when you see her from the neck down she really looks like she needs to be hooked up to an IV that feeds her a combination of trans fat and calcium.

Chris Tolomei

That's why I'm here. I saw you mentioned in the NYTimes. Your work is fabulous but WHO are you?


I love your choice of medium.

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