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fanny panzo

Hé 14 i am a french girl and i just wanted to say to you that you are in a famous french magazine(public number 150) who invite people to go and see your website.
let be smart and learn to you infrench how to say that your website rocks:Ton site web assure grave!


Isn't he a little old to be a BOY toy?


Okay, 14. It's cool re Baby Zahara. Thanks for the response. I love this site. I swear. I see some of the others have asked about that rag thing on Brad's head. I was wondering, too.


HA! Damien! NOOOOOOOOOOO WAY do I want to become a celebrity. That's why I hide. : )



Yikes your totally becomming a celeb yourself 14.


You have arrived, m'dear.

Demon Kitty

Holy shit! Katy has just removed her fake memory foam pregnancy pillow and one of those Scientology Biovessels in a big ass stadium just spew forth the latest "progeny" of Tom Cruise!

You have to draw their baby! Right away!

Demon Kitty


Hey Laverne, most babies aren't cute. Look for yourself. It's true. Especially the white ones. Uggs. Just be glad 14 had a pretty, exotic baby to illustrate to begin with! If you aren't happy with this one you definitley wouldn't be happy with her rendering of your average white baby, I can tell you that! Now that I think of it, she did make at least one... Britney's spawn...hmmmm.... I do recall that bugger looking pretty accurate... yikes.


Congratulations, I love your blog and I'm happy to see it getting recognition!

to shame

Oh 14 love it, love it. He used to be worth watching, worth viewing for the hunk he was, and now he's just a really whipped pussy boy.


Hi 14, Greetings from Jamaica...I stumbled upon your website a couple months ago and I have read every comment to every post you have..Congrats girl!

I was just reading that Brad Pitt made it to the list of Most Unsexiest Men at #100 ! Wow, he sure has fallen a farrr way from grace as being the sexiest man alive to making it to the Unsexy list..I wonder if Angie had anything to do with that?? Seems as if he hitched that wagon onto a downward spiralling career move.

Maybe he's wearing that 'tam' to get practise for when they come to Jamaica to adopt a Rastafarian child... Now that will make their rainbow coalition even more interesting!


Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie deserve every illustration you do of them. They truly are absurd with their brood of rug-rats giving birth at some lodge in Africa. We all know they will split as soon as her raging pregnancy hormones subside and she will raise his kid with her lesbian girlfriend in L.A. Pitt can change his last name to “Whipped” since Angie baby has done such a good job at castrating him. I fantasize the celebrities you illustrate view your website, get really pissed and start screaming into their cell phones. Especially Paris Hilton and
Tom Cruise.


Just found your blog and wanted to say I will definitely be coming back!! You are super talented!!!

Dawn (webmiztris)

congrats! that is awesome re: Star Magazine!


I can't believe I stumbled upon this website...I am Charlie in the chocolate factory..
You are Wonka!

Really amazing, I am your newest stalker!


you gotta throw his new mohawk hairdo on him! that seems to be her trademark for the people in her life...they all end up with the mohawk after a little while


Don't worry 14, I see Baby Zahara's essence in your portrayal of her. You have her "OMIGAW I just got adopted and now I'm flying private jets to France like it's nothing" sort of Along For the Ride look down pat!!

And congrats on the crazy recognition you're getting!! You most certainly deserve it.

AAAANnnnnd I love that you repainted a Brad rebuttal DIRECTLY ON the page that your previous artwork is on! It's like a vicious cycle of meta-voyeurism!!


What? The baby looks like that in every picture. Have you ever seen Zahara smiling? She's probably scared of the Paps.


Ok, I have to know - what's with the sock-hat-thing on Brad's head? Is he turning Rasta?

And wow, congratulations on making it to Star magazine Fourteen 14!

Nia Nia

Demon Kitty

I love the fact that you are getting famous. Love it!!!! I like this painting. You go girl!

What is that damn thing on his head? I am sick of that ugly thing! It looks like the hair net my grandmother used to put on her head after she slathered several layers vaseline on her face - you know- to keep her beauty in tact and "keep huh hair good."

I think Bradgelina is insane! They are supposed to have some serious fucking financial problems too.

Demon Kitty

Long Island Irish

LOL I love how the baby is beating him as if he is her slave. Classic 14!


yeah.. fix the baby.. she looks like she's in the middle of a seizure!


I adore your art and your blog, 14. Thanks very much!

I have a question: Have you ever noticed how scary-much Corey Feldman looks like Grandpa Munster? I lack the talent to do a sporting artistic comparison, but in light of Feldman's egotistical and annoying reemergence into pop culture, I'd love to see it done.


Hi Duncan,

I use whatever medium I can get my hands on, but this one done with Golden Fluid Acrylics painted directly on top of a page ripped out of Star magazine.


Yay 14, you made it to the pages of the almighty STAR magazine! I was most excited to see your piece in there as I perused it last night in line in Safeway. But they called you "fourteen 14". wtf. Oh well. Good to see you in the big time anyhow. You go grrrrl!


Is that watercolors or acrylics you use?



I didn't mean to paint her crazy looking! I think the kid is absolutely adorable...and I don't say that very often about kids.

I did this painting quickly and with much zeal. When I'm wielding a paintbrush while dancing around my studio like a freak, sometimes detail gets lost. The journey is the destination.



I love your blog. But I wanted to know why you didn't paint Zahara cute -- like most babies are? Why do you paint Zahara crazy-looking like that?


You've truly hit the big time now, 14; when you have your "targets" refuting your representations of them AND it comes from your favorite gossip rag! Just don't get "Too big fer yer britches"...ha,ha, just kiddin'...really enjoy your work and may the hits keep on coming!


I've seen that on Vanity Fair Italy (can't send you a pic, but there was your link and other stuff). You're pretty famous now ...worldwide!! :)

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