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sexy ass

george clooney is the best.i love him


GEORGE CLOONEY IS A JOKE, i don't get why everyone thinks he's so hot, all i have to think of him on 'facts of life' and I see how great of an actor he really is!


We all know why these photos are funny......y'know, celebs without makeup, celebs eating, etc.

It's because we, the public, get so sick and tired of having that fantasy drivel, "my-life-is-perfect-coz-I'm-so-rich-and-goodlookin'" crap shoved in our faces every single day! I for one am just nauseated by the hype.

Get real, is just life for most of us, even for the rich and famous. We all fart, we all get sick, we all occasionally get a pimple on our butt, we all look pretty ridiculous when we eat, we all eventually get older!!

Stop perpetrating the BIG LIE: With enough money and fame, yes, you too can become like Britney, JLO, Brad.......blah, blah, blah ad nauseum. Well, my question is, "Why do we WANT to be like any of them?"

It's so much fun to bash them because we'd been fed a bunch of crap about them being "better" than the rest of us. Well, guess what.......they're just human. And looking at non-airbrushed photos of them in a non-posed situation--eating, emptying their trash, working out at the gym--verifies that. Thank God!!


Have you seen this? Be sure to turn the sound UP to truly appreciate the suaveness, the 70's-inflected "awwww yeeeeah" of Mr. G. Clooney:


I don't know about the rest of you,
but I eat my hot-dogs through my nose
ONE FOOT AT A TIME!!! and then I wash it
Down with a NOSTRIL full of iced-tea!!!


Hey Dan with the older brother Dave...
Do you have a sister called Shannon?
Cause I think you're my little brother.
That would be funny.
Nice art, by the way, 14


look, he is cute, well not there but, he is a person too, u know. I am his GREATEST FAN!!


Celebs eating - that website just tickled me to death. Don't know why but I couldn't stop chuckling. They just look so human and silly. Plus I know I'm a huge fool for looking at over 50 pics of celebs eating and laughing my hiney off. BTW, George Clooney - my, but that man can eat!! What gusto.

Va Va Voom

I've been checking out your site for a couple of weeks now and it never cease to crack me up! Love your stuff!! :D


overrated and not hot... clooney that is

Dave Hater

Hey Ian!

No one asked ya!



Yes 14, Pizza Eater's hipster receding hairline gave it away.

I was a musician in a previous life, with ample opportunity to observe male musician eating habits. There's more, but it would curl your hair.

Has George weighed in on the issue of his dog snorfling yet?


14's work pokes fun at celebrity gossip. How many times must it be said? Geez Louise.

Ian J Cottee

It seems to me that your work pokes fun at the famous for being 'unreal' but this is a case of somebody just being real. Yet you poke fun at them. Damned if you and damned if you don't if you ask me.


I have a friend who swears that messy eaters make great lovers. I have never been able to find out because I can't make it past dinner. Maybe if it was George Clooney...


Ohhhh...I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner...


I am thrilled to reveal that the model for "Drunken Stupor Pizza" is indeed a musician! Excellent observation.



That cartoon cracked me up so badly, I literally choked on my cereal (which I had been eating in a dainty manner).

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Oh. My. God.
My husband (who is a musician) is upstairs RIGHT NOW eating pizza. He's not in a drunken stupor though, but it's a very common complaint in band wives. You nailed it, Moonmaid.


Oh yes, and Drunken Stupor Pizza eating is familiar to anyone who has dated a musician.


Years ago, when I was first dating this guy, we met up for our date in the middle of the city. He was chewing up the remnants of a Sabaret hotdog. "Sorry, I just got hungry," he said. His breath smelled foul. I turned my head when he went to kiss me. Yuck! Needles to say, the relationship did not last long.

Chomping on hotdogs is not sexy, guys. And street hotdogs, man that's the worst!

I think George Clooney would enjoy this immensely, though. Maybe you'll get him back yet, 14!


George ended our torrid and passionate affair after I got too clingy. "George! I must be your wife! Let's get married...NOW!!" The very second I uttered those fateful words, George ran out the door, never to be seen again.

I tried to lure him back by sending sexy notes attached to packages of the finest hotdogs, but he will have no part of me.

I've moved past it now.



That hotdog that Clooney is chowing down on looks suspiciously like a penis...LOL.
Love the site 14!! Great stuff!!!

the yelling teller

What's wrong with being an ugly fat lesbo?:) Nothing wrong with being ugly or fat or lesbian! Anyways, it amazes me that people still don't understand that your art has nothing to do with you hating or being jealous of celebrities. Somehow I think Clooney would appreciate your humor more than someone trying to weakly defend him for being fabulous.

I love me some George Clooney, yet that has to be the gayest image that ever gayed! Love it!

This is so Punk

Chomp, Chomp, Chomp....

Demon Kitty

Jesus fucking hell man! I can't believe these people who post this chastising bullshit because somebody drew a picture of George Clooney giving head to a hot dog! Damn!

Jesus penis, motherfuck!!! You people are as consequential to George Clooney as smegma! Get a fucking life and pull that goddamn rod out of your colon! You sound like middle school children who are defending their best friend or pet.

One day I woke up and I realized that I would never be able to "have" George Clooney. I decided I wouldn't be caught dead eating a hot dog, and I began to use a fork when eating EVERTHING especially pizza. Vagina, however was an exception.

Demon Kitty


Ppl, ppl, can't we take a joke anymore...i think clooney is a gr8 actor, but cmon, satirizing celebs is a birth-right. also everyone of us doesnt look picture perfect all the time...big deal!

Dave Hater

Hey Spencer!
For someone named after a cheap novelties company, you sure are quick to judge! Is your middle name DAVE, by chance?!

14 isn't an "ugly fat lesbo" because she can't have George Clooney. She HAD George Clooney, dude. She has moved on!
George is possibly an ugly fat lesbo though, cuz when he's not chompin' dogs his fave food (or so I've been told) is FISH TACOS.
Just sayin'.


Hey guys are functional eaters, goes back to the caveman days (ahhh yeah that takes me back).
Man hunt, man kill, man eat quick or be eaten. Guess Georgies just a caveman at heart.


how'd they know that we eat like that. hey! where's the mustard?

Dave Hater

I apologize, DonnaJEM. Iced tea is the Devil's Juice! It can pack a fierce sting when traveling the wrong way.

I bet Clooney drinks it. While he's shoveling hotdogs into his maw. And watching reruns of his dad hosting movies on AMC. "Fuck you, Dad!" he cries, with mustard dripping on his Armani. "That was so NOT Bogart's best movie! Give it up, old man!"


I like the way 14 curled Clooney's lips around the weiner. Also the moovles for Jeff's non-dog hand really add to the frenetic feeling of his dog eating. Like he's soo excited and can't wait to scarf that dog down that it makes him shake.


yes! I love all my comments, mean or nice.


14 are you dying laughing at these comments?!? I certainly am! These are probably the funniest ones on your site so far.
Dave Hater made me spew iced tea out my nose, then I had a choking/laughing fit for 10 minutes!!!


Brokeback Clooney


The fact that the guy eats hot dogs makes me like him even more.


Damn. Ever since I've seen that art all I've been able to think of is
Mmmmmm..... Hotdog...with...mustard....and ketchup...and Clooney...

Also - celebrities eating!
Photographic proof that Nicole Richie does actually eat!
Or at least lick things tentatively.


What contoversy!!! Who would have thunk that such sparks could fly over a pic of Cloonoy blowing a dog?????? OOOOps did I say blowing?


Oh, come on, doesn't anyone here ever eat like that? No...?

But I'd hate to have a picture taken, it really does look gross! even George looks awful, and that humanizes him.


You can take the boy out of Covington, but...

Truth be told, if he eats his food with that kind of vigor, one can only hope that he's that voracious in other aspects of his life... IF ya know what I mean... wink wink...


As much I as love Clooney, he deserves some ribbing. Too much smoke has been blown up his arse over the past several months. Time to come down to earth, Clooney.

As this very detailed drawing reveals, you are all too human, Georgie. Aye yi yi

"Gorge Clooney" (or did someone say that already?)


There is something disturbing about that hotdog George Clooney is eating. Ewwww. And I like hotdogs, darnit! I may never eat one again.

As usual, you make me laugh! Hope the move went well for you! I'll send pictures of my kitties to you soon.

Dave Hater

I don't know if George Clooney has ever pooped in the woods (what, is he the Pope?) but I heard he pooped on Angelina Jolie once. Just sayin'.


U R just jealous of george so U make fun of him becuz U can't have him. You a probably an ugly fat lesbo.


Hey 14

Don't listen to that Dave guy. This has to be the most fascinating, enlightening artwork you have EVER created. I have been wondering for years, filled with powerfull longing and anxiety, if ANYONE would ever show me what George Clooney looks like cramming a hotdog into his gaping maw - NOW I KNOW!
Thanks also for turning me on to the 'celebrities eating' web site! It's one more bit celebriliciousness to fill the emptiness in my boring, ordinary life.
You know what would be even better than celebrities eating? Celebrities POOPING! I mean, do they do it like ordinary folk like me, or do they sit upon a solid gold throne, waited on by several attendants? Has George Clooney ever taken a dump in the woods? Has Anjolina Jolie? Inquiring minds want to know.


I call my older brother Dave. He's a pretty nice guy. Just sayin'

Dave Hater

A lot of men eat like pigs. And yet...women still breed with them. So who is the stupid sex?

PS. I hate the name "Dave". Only asshats are named "Dave". Seriously. I have never met a decent human named Dave. I'm just saying.


I agree, Morrigan, boys are sick when they eat! They need to learn some mannners. Behave around the ladies, pleese! Barf!


Whatever, Trina, go screw yourself! This is called humour. You obviously don't get it. So go away and have fun with that stick up your ass.

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