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Ah, now there's the 'Y'all' that should accompany all Britney Spears drawing. Lovely.

I totally saw that pic of Richard, it looked as though he was running through the surf trying to catch a fish for lunch.


so coool!just love it!she looks like that!

emma kate

Dear Britney Spears,
Pregnancy is not an excuse to turn every meal into an all-you-can-eat buffet. Please cease these antics and clean up. Thanks.
The American Public


Ok...I'm with Viper Tetsu on this one. That is the most priceless facial expression ev-AR.

14, you should immortalize your Cheeto tribute into a paint-by-numbers or something.



That's the way Bubba Joe done taught me how to spell it.



awesome paintings.

it is y'all by the way because the apostrophe is taking the place of the "ou" in "you all" .. so why would it be ya'll?

Long Island Irish

Congratulations 14!!! I'm so happy about your sucess. Now we all just need to...SAVE SPF!!!!




well, as a bonafide born and raised Southerner, I think YA'LL is the best choice. I'm more worried about the lack of apostrophe in THATS....been losing sleep over that one.

thank you!


Uh oh, you might wanna fix that misplaced apostrophe (y'all) before someone reprints this one!


I love that you dusted the page with Cheeto bits! Much like if Brit herself had thummed through the pages.

Viper Tetsu

Congrats on the latest surge of publicity! You deserves it, chica.

Methinks that the real bag of Cheetos is just a front in the Brit foto. If she's not wearing a "chawin' down on a wad o' Skoal" look on her face, I'll eat my hat.

Karen Rani

You are SO gonna get more and more famous - you have talent!

Demon Kitty

She looks so trashy! She really does. I wish she would just vanish. I am so sick and tired of seeing her with that corn fed, greasy hick!

So Much Love,



Magazines do ask permission to print my illustrations, however there's never any guarantee they'll appear. That's why I'm always surprised. I also send out some of my work to syndication services...and they never tell me where my work ends up, although it's usually in UK or Australian tabloids that I never get to see.



congrats on the ever-increasing amount of ink being spilt to credit you.

evil toner

You've reached beyond the farthest star, climbed the highest mountain and kept climbing, and given many laughs and inspirations. Now, really explode.


14, way to go!!!
I think Brit is uses pregnancy as an excuse not to clean up, as in: "I can go another nine months without showering and no one can blame me, yipee!"


just out of curiosity, do magazines have to ask permission from you to print your art? it always sounds like you are excited and somewhat surprised when they print your stuff. do they let you know? and if you don't mind my asking, do they compensate you?


I saw that same issue! Did you also see how she's looking too? I know, I know. She's pregnant. AGAIN. But she has really just let herself go. Dayum! If she thinks having another baby is going to make things better between her and Mr. Whitetrash, she's not all there after all.

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