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Damn!!! I don't see why the media wastes money on pigs and whores, first of all Paris is a skinny weird eyed girl (her nose is horrible as well), and Brandon is fat sweaty, and disgusting. Whenever I see Lindsay, I don't see her with greasy hair or sweaty face...ewww. So i think they should have a wash before they can even start on Lindsay. With all that money they have they should at least afford to have a shower.


Am I the only one who thinks Paris looks like David Mc Callum did on the old "Man From U.N.C.L.E." series? If you want some idea of how she's going to turn out catch "Navy N.C.I.S." on CBS. As for Brandon Davis. Never heard of him before this foolishness. All I can say is I hope whatever Paris offered you to make a public ass of yourself was worth it. Also I hope this embarrassess your parents so much that they cut you off and force you to get a real job.

mean mina

Ummm can I just tell you how disgusting and idiotic this guys is. Does having money really make you that ignorant. At one point he says " If any one has freckles out there get away from the car, It's worse than AIDS!!" Is this guy for real. I am not a Lindsay Lohan fan to say the least but come on AIDS is the least laughable thing. I am so tired of the wannabe Hollywood Elite, and Paris is sitting their encouraging him but claims she said nothing. PLEASE, someone needs to giver a real beat down straight from the hood!!!


What I want to know is when are we going to see a suit by Lohan vs. Davis for defamation, or at least false light? Seems like if he keeps this up she'll be able to double her so-called "disgusting" (to use his words) 7 million worth in no time at all!


That was just sick. I am a red head by the way but that is not why this little boy makes me sick. The behavior is unreal and Paris is a pig.


I would really like to meet this guy only on the street one day. He definately needs to be brought back down to earth. Who the f*ck does he think he is?? I've never even heard of him!!


Someone,somewhere please find that rich asshole,and just for me..beat the living fuck out of him!!!!


Man--this guy DEFINITELY has the eyes of a sociopath. I can already hear Bill Kurtis sonorously describing his murder spree. *brrrrr*


Saw the heinous video last night and, as usual, was shocked speechless by the display. Why, oh why, does our culture allow the children of the rich to become famous simply by being the rich children? Paris Hilton revealed her usual dimwitted demeanor, cackling and laughing over Brandon Davis' obviously wasted tirade, while continuing to cradle her cell phone to her ear. Who exactly pays for the crowd of bodyguards surrounding them and why do they merit ANY camera time at all? Love your rendition of B.D.'s bloated head!

Brandon Davis is a fat has been ( or never was ) with the iq of dead fish . All this does is prove that hes of a lower IQ than most of the worlds population and will most probably kill himself b O.Ding on drugs like the good looser he is .

Good riddens.


Nice Work...
Intervention please! Let's look at how much of a drug addict Brandon Davis is. Didn't we all see him wiping his nose repeatedly? Snorting multiple powders with a couple of boozey chasers will give you that oh so attractive sweaty palor and nouveau riche behavior. Hmmmm Is Paris snorting the H as well?


Way to kiss goodbye any red-headed fanbase you would have had, you assjack. I hope you choke on your own drug induced vomit, and then Paris is the one who gets charged and convicted of drugging you and thus sentenced to 50 years of being raped by senior citizens.

TV Swan

Who is Brandon Davis and why is he breathing?


I think this crass video is actually a good thing. I'm even more proud of my life and my character. I put myself through school, found my own job, and purchased my own home. I may not have 7 mil but I've worked hard and persevered - Priceless!

Brandon Davis, may have money and a "friend" in Paris Hilton- reality check is that they are two silver spoon kids whose parents tried to raise them well, but failed obviously. Paris spreads her lips( top and bottom) for anyone that wonders what a it is like to sleep with a socialite. Brandon is looks like a bloated, greasy plumber that happens to think 7 million is terrible, oh baby. Did daddy say no to a car, so you had to have the barbie doll drive you? Any man that speaks out about a woman that way-- is making up for something he lacks. other than the ovbious tack, respect, upbringing- it can possibly be a penis that is probably the size of his verbal capacity. Sweet heart- don't think the world would miss you if you took a hike.


I love Brandon Davis! He is my new found hero! I am disgusted with Lindsay Lohan and so very grateful for his wonderful comments about her!



Wow, great portrayal of this slime ball! I had never even knew who the guy was until I saw the video. He is disgusting and obviously completely uneducated. I wish there was a way we could get him to see these posts so he could see what a true ignorant spoiled jackass he is!

Viper Tetsu

Davis blathering on about Lindsay Lohan is like dogshit saying that feta cheese smells bad.

Frickin' sublime, as always. This trashbag is greasier than a White Castle slider. And you've captured every bead of goo to a magnificent T.


AHAHAHA. He's dating quite possibly the filthiest whore in the universe, and has the balls to make comments like that. Someone should ask him how Rick Salomon's dick tastes!


Man, this punk cannot die of a drug overdose fast enough.

S.A. Smith

What a loathsome piece of shit. I didn't think it was possible for me to have any more contempt for paris hilton, but wow has she really overachieved, hanging around with this guy.


lol that was one of the funniest things i have ever i dont hate on Lindsay Lohan and her big old titties....But some dude saying $7m is poor and calling her firecrotch is just good old fashioned comedy

Long Island Irish

You did draw this really fast 14. :)


Great representation of him!
Thanks to miss Hilton I like Lindsay much better than before. Have you noticed that all of Paris' friends seem to be ruined by her?? Nicole Richie became anorexic right after their split up. And Lindsay started drinking and bumping into people with her car when she became friends with the bitch. Same with Tara Reid. And this guy too. He was somewhat normal before and now look at him? Wtf...someone should shoot Paris. Fucking desiesed cunt. Nobody likes her and it's no surprise!


I don't know about y'all but I'd still pay 20 bucks to sleep with ol'firecrotch.


Brandon Davis is a grease ball loser who would b a big NOTHING if it were not for his inherited money. Paris Hilton is a fugly spoiled brat, and I STILL cannot figure out why she gets any press. The video was terrible and shows just how uncouth and nasty these rich brats are. The Hilton sisters especially are a pair of loser skanks...I am sure they make their filthy rich (emphasis on FILTHY) parents real proud.Davis's parents don't even acknowledge that he exists...what does that say?


wow. I never knew I could feel this much disgust for people I've never met.
Bring on the revolution and let's get them out of our faces. I'll go get my guillotine.

Just as a side note - Lindsay is only 20 years old or something. just because she hasn't won an Oscar doesn't mean she's not talented. Hopefully in a few years time she'll be playing some great parts while Paris & her 'friends' are in rehab/over-dosing/ being ignored.


I think Jackie Danicki has a brilliant idea. An anti-bullying charity could use the money, and you really do have the talent and the popularity to pull it off. Doesn't eBay have a section that allows for reduced fees for charity auctions?


I've never heard of this guy but that video convinced me I don't need to waste time remembering his name.

I'm torn between wishing the media would just ignore these airheads instead of giving them the attention they crave and hoping they continue. I mean, if they disappear from the gossip pages/sites, where would you get the inspiration you need to keep us entertained?

It's a dilemma, I tell you.


Okay, I like to think I know my Hollywood gossip, but who the hell is this Brandon Davis? I know, I know. I read what you posted about him, but really. Who the f&^*! Does this idiot think he is? This had to be backlash from her turning him down for whatever.

I'm no Lindsey fan, but I do agree the attack on her was just plain rank. I'm sure we'll read about this guy being found dead in some motel from a smack overdose. As for Paris. She's just wasted space, and probably does have a nasty crotch.

You go, 14.


He reminds me of the nasty boy in high school that was so cute, but so mean, and you couldn't help it but you really liked him.

God, I hated high school.


Ahahahahaaa! I love it! The words spewing out of him are perfect. I am wondering the medium used, pastel and acrylic maybe?


Got money does not equate to got class.


I'm so glad You made this picture! I was horrified when I watched the video this morning. I've been gone visiting my parents and have not been able to check up with the gossip. I don't know a lot about Lindsay, but that was totally uncalled for. Hilton and that guy Brandon are discusting!


It says so much about young Hollywood and the media that loves them that the trashiest idiots in the world are not only famous, but are put on tv for tearing down other famous trashy idiots. Without parody, ms. 14, I should swallow my own tongue.


So he's rich. Is that why he looks like all the showers he takes are golden?

Hollywood Conspiracy



I hate LiLo, but at least she worked for the money she has instead of being born into it. It's a sad world when people can mistake luck for talent. :/

Awesome picture as always, 14! I want to know when you're going to start selling things. :)


Let that fat bastard keep running off at the mouth. He spilled the very last vile dreg of his ugly soul for all the world and all he could muster up was a few vagina jokes to impress his dumb-vicious airheaded heiress.

Keep kicking ass 14. If I've got to see these asswipes everytime I pass through the line at the grocery store, at least I've found your sight to express put it in it's proper perspective.



>Now I have to figure out what to do with the painting - I hid it behind a bunch of books because I didn't want to look at it.>>

Auction it off and send the money to charity?

Have a ritual burning?

Put it out on the sidewalk with a sign on it saying, "Please deface"??

Leave it at company headquarters?

BTW, it's brilliant. Are you ever planning to have a show?


Bobbing for french fries in a deep vat of grease


Can i just second Jackie Danicki's idea. That's exactly what they are - pathetic bullies. Imagine being that rich and having the resources to do whatever you want, but just spending your time getting trashed and being hideous to other people. Clearly a severe lack of intelligence and imagination.

Roy T

I love this site. You really do bring out the best in people in your art, and we love showing it to the world with words.


You know that video was hilarious though. Except the "poor" part.


LOL.. Looks like Brandon has been bobbing for french fries again... grease puss

byron lord

14, you are a goddess of brush and pen. i had never heard of this needledick until i saw him on go fug yourself, and i wished i hadn't until you made fun of him.


You did it again, 14! Awesome! Just awesome!


14, I love you to death--you are one of my fave bloggers--and you always bring it classy, never potty-mouthed and white trash like BD and the Hiltons. This guy is a horrible, nasty pig. I felt awful watching that vid with those 2 skank b****es laughing at their former "friend" just like a couple of snotty girls in junior high. I'm no Lohan fan but jeez, this incident is enough to make me spring to her defense and consider buying a Team Lohan shirt. Okay I'm not buying a Team Lohan shirt but still. When are people going to stop making celebrities out of these hollow, talentless, useless people? Grr. Off soapbox now. :)

Long Island Irish

He's just trash.

Herb Sewell

Paris wasn't talking to anyone, she was merely using the phone as a prop/shield. I've heard that 40% of the people standing around with a cell phone to their ears aren't really talking to anyone !

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