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My mom would have have said she was "a cheap floozy."

In this case, I'd have to agree. Wait -- add "skaggy loser"

jackie gonzalez aka nicole the 2nd

stupid bimbo
man u kno what go brush your teeth
cuss of all this trash you just showed us your gunna rot in hell!!!
man whats wrong with this people u guys have a blind fold over ur guyses eyes man
hatazz yall just maken ma frend even more famous aight
toodles hatazz!!!!

Nadine Hartmann

Well,my opinion of this picture is that I think it`s good and very funny represented how Nicole Richie would looks like, if she is part of a biology book, which shows a human skeleton. This woman has a real problem. It would be healthier for her, if she spends her money for food than for such expensive and unnecessery accessoires like her Gucci sunglasses or her Jimmy Choo handbag. If she won`t begin to put on weight, she would`t be able to hold her bag anymore or rather the bag would be heavier than her!

Thank you Prof. Thoma for this unusual homework!... *g* ;-).....

olimpia w.a.

I think that Jessica Simpson is perfect to the digestive sistem: her mouth's so big, so we can look in her stomach


It's a spitting image..


Haha! This is SO TRUE. Shes looking like a skeleton, but hey.. shes wearing all designer..
This trend is so lame


This was a great rendition, this is exactly what Nicole is heading to. She looks unhealthy and setting bad example for everyone. Yet, she still gets attention. Ironic. She is mentally ill and she will remain like that for a long time. Being thin is her security, control giving her media attention. She is in denial and her thinness does not look normal. She was never thin girl. To look the way she does...she works very very hard at it. Sorry Nicole but that is not you..


14...u are an amazing artist. I frequently check back for updates and can never get enough.

Mark Cordell

Please do more! I absolutely love your work. You capture everything brilliantly. I'm so glad you were featured in the Washington Post.

janie m

gallery rocks!...I just found you guys...keep skewering the ridiculously silly celebrity worship in our country.

two more soldiers brutally murdered and we can't get enough of these idiots!...what's wrong with this country?

hey gorgeous
kay so, nicole richie is still better looking than all of you.. no matter how skinny she gets.

bye bitches


... at least some ppl wld bother paying attention in science if the textbooks were that dramatically ironic ;)

Long Island Irish

LOL 14 in this case we'll have to use Britney as a poster mother for "baby care" and Tom Cruise's brain for the study of pyschology!

Dave Hater

She's cute, but could stand to lose a little weight.




Nicole looks horrible in the new Simple Life commercials. She still seems to have a fun personality but she's really stick thin. I was upset to see how skinny she really is. Her face is shaped a lot like the way you drew it. So much for hoping all the hype about her was only an exaggeration! And I wonder how entertaining Paris will be all by herself...?

I think this is a crazy comment:
"As thin as she is I think it looks good on her... she looks better thin then she did when she was thicker in the beginning of the Simple life. I think people are trying to focus on her weight so much because they know she looks good even with all the weight loss but they are trying to turn it around. Jealous ones still envy."


nicole richie...seeing her on television and caricatured has dehumanized her. she exists as a character in my mind.

emma kate

I've said it once and I'll say it again:
If there are girls and women out there who are so impressionable that they'll starve themselves just because they think a celebrity is doing it, you have to question how long they were going to live anyway. Stupidity kills.

ahahahhah very cute..and real...this pic....
Nicole is skinny and too much ugly .....


I think the trend for skeletal is sad. These girls have NO self worth or self esteem or they would not use starving as a source of attention. This just shows that stardom and wealth does not equal happiness. I was shocked to see Lindsey Lohan, Hilary Duff, Kate Hudson etc etc follow the Mary Kate saga. They are so concerned they will not continue being successful or even get attention from the tabloids anymore they decided to follow the skeletal look. What message is this sending to our young teens, and females in general? The effects of depriving their bodies of nutrition and food will be life long. I think its incredibly sad that Nicole used the break up of her engagement as an excuse for her weight loss and her Dad continues to say she is ok. Too many parents sit back and watch their daughters go through this and refuse to intervene. These women, girls, teens need professional help! Stop the starving and start self love. Skeletal is NOT pretty it actually is ugly to look at and none of these girls look nice no matter what designer they are wearing. Girls, sisters join together to boycott the skeletal trend speak to your daughters and let them know its unhealthy and sad to see this.

soyoung kim

it's true...


Poor Nicole, I've said it before and I'll say it again someone really does need to get a burger to that gal stat!!!


Absolutely wonderful, and so appropiate since I just finished Vanity Fair wherein little Nicole complains about being too thin and eats fatty foods to convince the journalist that she is merely suffering from a very fast metabolism.


Fantastic vision and quite brilliant. Love it.


People die from this disease everyday...It is a slow death sentence for most...Not all people fall victim to this disease out of sheer is also something that haunts you within...Shame on you...would you be happy if she died..The average recovery rate (if you recover) is seven years...she's not as happy as you think..


You guessed it PASHA! I'm so jealous of her just SO FRIGGIN jealous! Don't you NICOLE fans ever have anything better than that comment *JEALOUS AND/OR HATERS? Come on use your noggin for a better "retort" I'm sure you can do it! Anyways NICOLE lost weight good for her but this is NOT a healthy weight or image I don't care for her but she does have fans (don't know why) that are young and look up to her (again don't know why)so she IS sending a wrong message! If she had a nice healthy body like Jessica Alba (who does it by diet and exercise) and I still said junk about her weight then you can call me JEALOUS/HATER


Speaking of celebrities being used to teach science, in my AP Biology book they used a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow and her family to show phenotypic differences and similarites between relatives.


I feel sorry foe Nicole shes trying so hard to get her life back,and everyone keeps dogging her. WHY don't everyone leave her alone. I think shes alot better than her Ex friend P.H.


I think Nicole is alot better of a person than Paris Hilton. Paris really gets around in Hollywood. The only people she hasn't had sex with is the married men. MAYBE


Brilliant as always.....but I weep for the future.


thats cool. im in highschool and i think they need a change!


You are so so so talented


Omg, That is like, so true..

Boy, do I sound fake.. :(


I think I need to hire you someday. Brilliant little Fiddy/nervous system rap you've got there. Kudos!

Yeah, you're probably right - I'm bagging on Nicole too much. I think I'll move on to Victoria Beckham's skeleton now.

Thanks to all of you for your comments and witty suggestions!

Liz Brown

How about Nicole Richie as one of those big eyed kids prints from the 70s? Sometimes they were on velvet and they kids always looked sad and lost.


I have to wonder, Pasha, if you know Nicole Richie personally? You seem to have quite an intimate knowledge of her character.

Just wondering.

Now, I'm not trying to start a war of words here. I'm just saying, real people don't look like that. It's quite a spectacle. You're allowed to laugh at someone who so closely resembles an insect.


I'm in high school, and the sad thing was, I used this analogy:

Let's say I'm Fiddy. (as in Cent). When I'm just chillaxin with my homies, my autonomic nervous system is in its parasympathetic stage. However, when I am threatening to pop a cap in your ass, my autonomic system is in its sympathetic stage.

Sad thing is, it really helped me to remember.


That is so sad.
I hadn't read any of the words yet, and I didn't even blink. I was just like, "Oh look, there's Nicole Richie".


Let's leave Nicole alone!!! It is is more than obvious that the girl is very thin but it can't be denied in Hollywood, L.A., or wherever that she is a fashion icon, an extremely pretty girl, unique, warm-hearted, and as thin as she is I think it looks good on her... she looks better thin then she did when she was thicker in the beginning of the Simple life. I think people are trying to focus on her weight so much because they know she looks good even with all the weight loss but they are trying to turn it around. Jealous ones still envy.


I read about you in the New York Post this morning so I thought I should check out your site. So far so good, I'm caught up on the celeb antics. Very well put together there ol' chap.


your paintings never cease to amaze me.
what has this girl ever accomplished apart from being the daughter of a celebrity, ex heroin addict and now an anorexic? she is so unbelivably lame.

Joey Madison

Absolutely Genius!


I knew there was a practical use for Nicole Richie!


Truly, this could be the future of our schools. Textbooks in most classrooms are approximately 35 years old, so who would say no to sponsored textbooks? Every other page would have a diet coke ad, but they would be 'updated', right? Love it, 14. I laugh AND I learn!



(Said in Guiness commercial guys voice.)

You know someone over at fekking Kitson is scratching their head like, "Hmmm...she may be on to something..."

Mary Anne

"Sponsored by L'Oreal, Walmart, Pfizer and Jimmy Choo"

This is absolutely brilliant! Kudos!!


I'm really worried about Nicole Richie's effect of society. SHe gets so much attention. I just went to a Pro-anorexic message board live journal thing and there are many girls who have pictures of Nicole as there avatars. It is so scary that they aspire to look like her when she is obviously unhealthy.

Viper Tetsu

I'm laughing right now. Hard. I can't stop. I think it'll give me asthma. Fuck. Anyone who can work the human maxilla and a Jimmy Choo handbag into the same piece of art is to be worshipped.

Christ in a kitty-poop-filled sandbox, I can't stop laughing.I hope you're gonna pay for my iron lung...

Pop Fantastic

Frickin fabulous. Total truth, too.

Granny Grumbles

I gotta wonder how people who get rich off fossil, oh. our "President"...can reconcile fossils with their lack of belief in evolution. Would this mean that a Big Oil company in the pocket of the Religious Reich would or would not sponsor a textbook on geology? The mind boggles.

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