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she's so recognizable.
that's sad right there.
the most famously ana girl.
Did you know that makes the other "anas"(anorexics) more competitive with that skin-an-bones-y-ness????
Stop givin her attention FER it.
thats what they want!! To be the MOST SKINNY,so, in a way, you are helping to perpetuate it. Even as you expose it.
Rank on someone else for a change.
Still LOVE u!!!!


I never thought I would say this. But Nicole sets a bad example. Give that girl a sandwich!

That's not even attractive.


Actually, I was studying for my anatomy & physiology final a few hours ago, and I saw that exact picture in my textbook.


Demon Kitty

Love it, love it, love it!!!!

Demon Kitty


I think Paris Hilton should teach Celebrity Fundamental Anatomy 101. She would be especially learned in the genital regions.


You just ROCK.
Qu'est ce qu'on ferait sans toi? ;-)

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