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Too funny!


paris hilton is a monkey no need to change


That pic of Paris is hilarious, i prefer her like she is though


What a great picture! Remarkable resemblance.


I wrote a story with a character from "old money" whose family paid him obscene amounts of money to simply stay out of public view, not embarrass them, and not father any children.

I wonder how much money the Hiltons would have to pay to make Paris "disappear" in a similar fashion?

Dennis Brown

Miss Golden Crotch is in love with herself! That is very obvious. What a loser she is. her father should exile her to an uninhabited island near the south pole. Is her father pimping her out? The world is tired of hearing about miss prissy. She should dig a big hole and bury herself,nobody would care except her! Whoever did the cartoon of her should get a medal for being so accurate. Shoot her out into Space where she can be with the rest of her croonies. What a looser she is.


oom my god... this.. is just so perfect. you're so great painter. i like this and i love paris hilton.


great pic..but I myself thought she looks more like an ass....


Put Saluki in Google Images.


Shiver me repair and a can of spinach.


WOW! You're so great painter!!!
I really impressed!
Looking forward to watch your wonderful works!


i always thought paris looked a lot like an afghan hound...

Josh Maday

I've always pictured Paris Hilton as a mosquito. The monkey is fantastic, though. Great work.


Paris Hilton is a primate. But then so am I, and so are you (I presume) and, indeed, so is the entire human race.


Skankeus Vapidus...nice touch!


Just wonderful.I particularly like how you have captured that lazy almost attached cellphone grip perfectly.

monkeys deserve better than this!


I adore your genius as much as a bemoan the fact that I will never look at poor innocent monkeys the same way again.



LOL! Paris Hilton IS a primate. Her figure is not nearly that cute though.

Where's Michael K been lately anyway? I haven't been able to get on DListed in a couple of days. :(


You know the store owners on Redeo Drive really need to start sponsering a mating programme least the poor Paris monkey finally becomes extinct.


Amazing... I would have never noticed the resemblance until I saw this!


BWAHAHAHA! That is so right-on! Your works do belong in a museum - The Museum of Popular Culture!!!


Haha I think she bears a little resemblance to this fella:

Long Island Irish

LOL love the hair! :D

it's Michael K and "me"... not "I"


the actual monkey has nicer eyes.

Karen Rani

You completely pegged's perfect!


ahahaha perfect! I bet that's why she stopped carrying around that poor monkey awhile ago-- she was afraid people would notice the resemblence.


Ah... perfectly grotesque. Fitting. You rock.


The Posture, the Lazy Eye... perfection


hahahaha!! "Skankeous Vapidus"

perfection. I also enjoyed her as a snake. She's clearly not human, but some sort of hybrid slutbag.

Demon Kitty

Nicky looks like one of the monkeys too.

Their mating rituals are probably classier than hers, not to mention more hygenic!

So much love,

Demon Kitty

PS. I want you to become so famous that there will be a museum for your work. All the celebrities can come view themselves and view our filthy comments as well. I am still angry at Thomas Kinkade!


She acts like a Bonobo Monkey.


Apparently, the new Philton saying is "That's sexy." She debuted it on Ellen this week. To which, Ellen used it repeatedly within the 6 minute span of her interview, thereby causing the phrase to lose all interest, if it even had any to begin with.

Although the proboscis monkey IS sexy.


The nose is absolute perfection!
Another masterpiece!!


Haha! Nice work, 14 & MK!

Yeah I also wish Proboscis monkeys flourished instead of Paris, that slut should be kicked out of this world.


I quite fancy her. Bulbous nose to nibble on!!


GAH! I jumped with sick glee once my page had loaded and I saw that there was new artwork posted!!

You have Skankeus Vapidus' posture DOWN PAT. That is soooo how she stands and she's retarded and now that I know she's half Proboscis Monkey that makes SOOOO much sense.

What would we do without you?



I bet the monkey doesn't have diseases though does it?


that's hot.


Haha crack up.


Oh man. This... is just so perfect. I don't know if I believe that the no. 7 animal will be more fitting because I've already clung to this monkeyParis so tightly I don't think I'll ever let go.

Look what you did. Now I want to marry you. Jeez. You can't go around making people fall in love with you like this, 14.


I love that everyone is trashing Paris Hilton! This monkey impersonation of Paris suits her completely! I never saw the resemblance before.

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