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i like to introduce a fan site of bai ling with a lot of


the ''short" man

Damn it! im appalled. im am a big hulk hogan fan and i know damn well he wouldnt do that to his daughter. its not brook hogan. its that woman who ran over sixteen people lizzy gruman. i love the piece that mr. frazier did on bai ling. its so damn funny. he sure do draw dem long ass nipples real good.they seem so realistic. i can hang my entire shirt collection on dem nipples so they can dry out.


Great work he does :D

Chuck Frazier

Thanks for the kind words, folks! It's very appreciated. Have to set the record straight, though,... that IS NOT his daughter that the Hulkster is holding, but none other than Ms. Lizzie (Back that thing up) Grubman. Unlike some of our celebrity foils,... even I have my limits!

cowlick Deann

I've also been puzzled as to what Bai Ling is famous for. The first thing I think of when I see her in the rag mags is..."me love you long time".


Bwahhahahaha at her nipples!! However, I am terribly disturbed at the image at the bottom right of the montage! Is that Hulk Hogan holding daughter Brooke Hogan? With her unmentionable area hanging out? Ewww, double, triple EWWWWW!!! Otherwise, genius! I look forward to more from the talented Mr. Frazier!

When I click on it to make it big I can't see the bottom of the picture. :( It falls off the bottom of the screen and I can't move it up anymore. Anyone have any advice? Thanks

Long Island Irish

Good lord, how can this woman stand to leave her home?

Demon Kitty

I always though Bai Ling looked like a skank whore on acid straight out of a surreal science fiction movie in hell.

Her tits do resemble knobs on a drawer or those huge nail like screw things you use to mount shelves on the wall or assemble furniture. The woman is disgusting. I could toss my diet Dr. Pepper.

Tara Reid and Paris have been portrayed so accurately. Tit out and cock in hand. I suppose the green cucumber looking dildo think is universal for the thing Paris handles more than shopping bags - DICK.

So Much Love,
Demon Kitty


Anna, get the to Go Fug Yourself and look up Bai Ling. I promise you will not be educated.


I have to second the 'icky breasts'. They are horrible, yet like a train wreck! Please let us know the startoonz website when it'll be up, 14.



And I died seeing Brooke Hogan and Daddy.


Ok, humour me, i live elsewhere. Who IS this person? and why is she famous exactly? I enjoy this website a lot, but sometimes the real D-listers baffle me...

Viper Tetsu

Christ, Bai Ling IS a fucking live-action cartoon. Game, set, and match, Charles Frazier.

We've got another milk-through-nose-snortingly hilarious Celeb Cartoon site to look forward to now. Yee-HAH!


Must know.. what is Paris holding in that bottom frame? Cucumber.. or dildo? (woops, can I say that word? :P)

Is there a larger picture anywhere? Even if I click on it, the text is still pretty hard to read.

Lovin' the boobies too!


Pointing out her eraser nipples in EVERY OUTFIT is just awesome.

Madame M

That is too good. The Fug Girls share a mind with Charles Frazier, for sure!

Liz Brown

The breasts are hysterical! So nasty and tacky and appropriate! I love it!


Her boobies are hilarious!

I'll be sure to put Mr. Frazier on my Favs list when he gets a website. Very talented.

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