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To quote Kitty:::He does look like a reptile. In the animal kingdom, predators have close eyes so they can focus on their prey:::

OMG- for some reason that cracked my ass up!!! Kevin looks perfect in that pouch-little slimy lizard.

Viper Tetsu

I always wondered what Winnie the Pooh's pals would look like on four straight Mickey's Big Mouths. Now I know.

God, this is so beautiful.


I think you should omit "poor" from the phrase "poor little barefoot Britneyroo" - the girl wanted it! :P I'm continuing to enjoy your work btw, keep it up! :D


I do ever so love the Latin Names! Especially K-Dud's.
Excellent Job as per usual!


This is spot on! Its so perfect its beyond perfect, its into the galaxy of perfectness!

Oh god, I love the detail in the thick beet red neck and double chin.



This is spot on! Wonder what the kids will look like?


Great job! You nailed it... But then you always do.


Damn, the Federjerk really does look like a lizard.... I always knew he looked familiar. Haha.

Spot on, as usual.



I snorted out loud reading this in Starbucks.

Love the Latin names.


You captured her weird big toe and it's double jointedness, but notice next time you look at her hands, her thumbs are just as weird and double jointed as her big toe. If she held her thumb straight out, palm down, the thumb would bend back almost to touch her wrist. Bitch is made for hitchhiking.


this would make a fantastic Christmas card for the Spear-Feds! an accurate snapshot of their demeanor as a couple.


So true, so true...

Long Island Irish

As a follow up to my last post I really did love the drawing 14, it's really well done.

Also please don't get mad at me, I also hate K-Fed but I think Britney is to blame for most of her problems. It's the kids I feel for.

Where is Suri by the way? :)

Long Island Irish

Hi 14,
Okay I love the drawing but I have to say that you are WAY to easy on Britney. Kevin is bad--I will never doubt that but Britney married him, she did this to herself. Britney was a mess before Kevin ever stepped foot into the picture; remember the wedding in Vegas? She likes to blame everyone and everything else for her own faults so therefore we are aiding her sick little mind set when we blame Kevin for everything.

Yes he is a scumbag but Britney is no better! I know she had to work her whole childhood because of her mom but MOST OF HER MESSED UP LIFE TODAY IS HER FAULT, NOT KEVIN'S!!!
Again I don't like Kevin at all--he is disgusting and miserable yet he is simply another one of the fucked up props in Shitney's life. He's white trash and so is she--they simply found each other in a demented sort of fairy tale. Now they live dysfunctionally ever after in their white trash castle--I bet they have a trailer parked out back for old times sake. Think about it--she's a millonare and she lives off of cheetos.

The babies are what I worry about. In almost every picture of her and SPF something is going horribly wrong. With these two ass clowns as parents those kids don't stand a chance.
Even forget the nanny's, the second something goes wrong Britney just blames them and they get fired. Of course nothing is her faulty because she is Britney Spears she "knows I'm a good mom" and she doesn't have to listen to anyone because she does everything right. *she thinks as she drops SPF onto the ground*

Where do you think manny went? I saw a picture of him carrying garbage out of the house and he looked disgusted, I have a feeling he quit shortly after that. The poor guy was being used as a personal slave, saved until he could be blamed when something else happens to SPF due to his parents bewilderment.

Again 14, I loved the drawing and it definatley shows an aspect of Spear's life. I just hate to see people be so easy on her--if anything this whole mess is more her fault than anyone else's. Federline is a waste of life too though--a slimy lizard is a perfect character for him but it insults the poor lizards too much.

The only people who deserve sympathy in the Federline-Spears saga are the children. I feel that Kevin is bad and Britney is worse.

Sam Spade

... or Sophie Loren (?) scowls at companion's bosom:

or the Queen's Royal Package:

or Arnie's Missing Finger:

or Jenna flashes some Bush:

I didn't recognize a lot of the people there because I'm gormless, but it's a good site. I hope you get some ideas from it.

Demon Kitty

Dear Joe,

We are all under a lot of pressure, confused, and making poor choices. Britney happens to be making a fortune off of hers. Pull that fucking rod out of your ass. Really -

Demon Kitty

Sam Spade

If you're taking requests Ma'am:

Dave Hater

Joe (whose middle name guessed it...DAVE!) is sadly missing the point of gossip. Brit exists for us to chew up and swallow, fool, and who cares what the Great Unwashed do in their spare time? They don't get multimillion dollar contracts to sell fizzy lifting drinks and get Bob Dole horny.
(which image, by the way, has forever scarred my inner eye)
It would be a lot worse for our favorite Trashcan Princess if we didn't talk about her at all.
Just sayin'.


Oh why don't you bitches leave her alone?

(I'm talking to the commenters not the amazing artist.)

She's a dumb kid who's been thrown to the wolves by a bunch of scum trying to make a fortune off of her. She's under a lot of pressure, she's confused, and she's making the same kinds of poor choices non-celeb kids make under much less stressful conditions.

Frisky Shadowridge

Oh how this art work delights me! I love it. Message to Britneyroo, I'm going to tell you what your mother obviously won't: Comb your hair, spit out the gum, put on a clean (non-see-through) shirt, a skirt that covers your ass and a decent pair of shoes (you can afford them). You're young, pretty (underneath the trashy clothes and smeared mascara), and can still salvage something of your career. You've got 2 kids both by the same "Baby Daddy" and we'll consider that a step in the right directon if you quit while you're ahead and dump the little sperm donor lounge lizard.


Perfect. Exact. Brilliant.


I'm loving the bag of Cheeto's


The lizardus ickius looks sublimely comfortable with his cheetos and his 40. While poor Ms. Brit looks wonky-eyed and confused...just like in real life.

I think the Dateline thing would have gone better if she'd consulted ANYONE from her camp. I think I read that ever her publisist didn't know she was doing that interview. Maybe then someone would have told her to spit out the gum, wear a decent outfit and for God sakes put a comb through that weave! A true train wreck.


14! I want my coffee table book too! Please tell us that this is in the works. Great job, love your work.


Okay, 14.

The next time you post another one of your masterpieces, and I spew coffee on my monitor, you're cleaning it up. Deal?

Love the lizard, you have outdone yourself again.

d. c.

not only britney working for him, but the kids .. born and unborn.. sad


Do they sell those lizards in pet stores? I want one!


Wonderful image, unfortunately all too accurate. And the toilet tissue stuck to her foot is a great touch.


britney is an "until recently" woman. until recently britney was an american pop phenomenon. now she is an afternoon special, soon to become a "what ever happened to."

stunningly rendered.

Jill Webb

Here's what I don't get: Britney decides to do this big interview in a more serious forum - Dateline NBC - (not Blender magazine) - and crys about how the papparazzi, the press, everyone in general just "won't leave me alone!!". She appeals to the masses for privacy for herself and her family. Yet she and her husband sell their retarded home videos to be turned into a national tv show. She poses for magazine covers a-plenty. She and her husband present themselves in a manner that is going to garner attention - esp. tabloid attention. She's been in the biz for a long time - she should know how to play the game. If you really do not want the crazy papparazzi/tabloidy type of attention then there are ways to conduct yourself to avoid it. There are many, many famous celebs. who have children and who have managed to balance their fame with their privacy. I hate to say it, but Britney is a dingy, spoiled, and most unbecoming - UNEDUCATED - woman. She is not a teenager anymore yet she acts and dresses like a 17 year old. You want my advice Ms. Spears? (probably not.....) Grow up. Take some time to educate yourself. Take a good look at that cretin you call a husband and make a realistic (not fantasy world you live in) decision about what to do with his ass. Stop posing for every magazine. Re-group. Lay low. And if you want, concentrate on your MUSIC. Pull yourself together when you go out in public (like most of us "regular folk" do!). Act like an adult. And then maybe, my dear, the public will not be so repulsed by your actions (such as your Dateline gum-chewing, air-quote, clown-makeup fest). Basically Brit it's time......

Sam Spade

Good capture of the hapless look on Spears.


14, You are brilliant! Humour and talent all in one. A true Goddess. You must publish a book! A coffee table book- just one without legs!


Eerily accurate.


Hehe.I find this so true! Another great piece from you.Keep up the good work.

stillatello how the "britneyroo" shows the increasing frumpiness that is ensuing w/mrs. spears.

you've captured her life perfectly!

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

That girl is a sad mess. I can't really like her, being a Republican shill and all, and by god she is stupid, but her life is a train wreck in prime time. Didn't anyone care enough about her to tell her not to marry that guy?

And getting knocked up TWICE by him? Her appeal was that she was a wide-eyed sexy schoolgirl, fresh and pretty; the girl next door. She's been permanently tainted by that peckerwood weasel faced guy. No one will ever be able to look at her now without thinking about him, and there goes her sex appeal. I think her best bet at this point is to move back to Louisiana, live quietly for about 10 years, stop spending her money, grow into herself a bit, and then jump back in on the 'where is she now' bandwagon that rolls around for everyone in entertainment.

Americans like to build up someone and tear them down. Then you go away for a while and get Forgiven, and then you come back. It's time for Britney to go away and be Forgiven for a while.

Demon Kitty

He does look like a reptile. In the animal kingdom, predators have close eyes so they can focus on their prey. The hunted have eyes far apart so they can see who is hunting them from the outer parameters.

You are a genius. It looks like both of them. They make me ill.

Demon Kitty

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