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Cat Pryde

I saw that issue in Hi-Top, a Cubao supermarket long time ago but I didn't buy sorry.

sex positions

Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.


Do not care for this particular parody nor the views expressed.


love Angie's rhino lips.


ali darling,

"This is why i rarely comment on what is posted, cuz' some immature, nasty person answers back w/some BS."

haha. exactly. nice try, though.


Alexi, you talk about high horse, what the heck are you on? A wooden, rocker pony? I did not call any names in my posting, it is simply my opinion. IN your eyes I am a pompous edit, and you know nothing of me but my posting, how inside the freaking box is that? Then you critize my nickname Ali, what the hell is all that about? How 19 year old is that? That very prestigious university of art your attending obviously does not teach you anything about psycology or the human person. Your response screams defensive, immaturity all over it. Its more than walking through the Louvre to know art, its the history behind all the paintings and their creators, the history of the city that museum is in; the art created by any artist brings with it all kinds of history and I can be damnned certain your 19 yo arse has not learned about all that yet. Again, i had an opinion and all you did was write a defensive, attack about my posting. This is why i rarely comment on what is posted, cuz' some immature, nasty person answers back w/some BS.


Bradgelino is fantastic and you are a great artist. Frankly I had enough of celebrity babies!!!:P


dearest ali,

don't be so pompous. you don't have to be a certain age or have traveled to paris to appreciate "real" art. people can enjoy a myriad of things - in different genres. also, do you think everything in the louvre is based on original concepts? you think nobody's ever painted a portrait of a woman in oil paints except when DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa? and as far as criticizing eighteen year olds who have not traveled to france, you're pathetic. open your mind. i'm nineteen years old, and i have not been to europe as of yet. however, i probably have a much higher education in art and art history than you could even imagine. in fact, i'm studying at a very prestigious university of art as we speak. so, in short, stop making assumptions based on your ignorance. think outside the box for once, and learn to accept others' ideals and perceptions. you sound like an idiot, although you're trying to come off as though you deserve the highest horse around. but with a name like Ali, i don't really expect much from you.

lastly, celebrities know into what they're getting themselves. they know their lives will be speculated and satired. if they can accept it, why can't someone as unimportant as you accept it? christ.



1. You appear to be a good at copying old picture's and adding current pop culture to it, there is nothing new to this type of art, defenitely andy warholish and his shit never appealed to me but it is art nevertheless. This type of art is just another form of social commentary, no different than, lets say 2. For those of you who think this stuff is brilliant, you must be like 18 years old and never walked through the halls of the Louvre. 3. No one but Brad and Angelina knows what there relationship is like, all anyone sees is the pictures that are taken and from that conclusions, opions, and little artistic redentions, like this one, are made...


"Yes, they do look like a clenched ass, but for some reason I still believe that Angie with her fat-ass lips is much more beautiful than you".

Yes, I agree with Demon Kitty, the artist and those of us see behind the facade. She is repeating her role as the homewrecker. ...and the boobie prize, Billy Bob has been replaced by Brad Pitt.

There are people out there who generally give to charity without interior motives.
For example: Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, etc. These people do it because it the right thing, not to sway public opinion.

The celebrity worshippers who adore them just because their "hot", says a lot about our society.

These people wanted to become famous and part of that is giving up basic privacy.
That means if they have a hand in sabotaging relationships, Angelina, Britney, Spelling
or being a dirty bitch like Denise Richards. They are going to be criticized and lampooned.

In other words, folks are going to have opinions and either deal or leave.


I--I can't breathe.


Tears of laughter....

Still can't breathe...

Demon Kitty,
I'll assume that by "self righteous idiots" you are referring to me (2 posts before yours). Whenever did I claim that I know exactly what's going on with these celebrities? You're quite right, they could be eating each other's excrement, though I find that highly unlikely. Oh, and that last comment about Angelina's lips sounds like a little jealousy... Yes, they do look like a clenched ass, but for some reason I still believe that Angie with her fat-ass lips is much more beautiful than you.
So Much Love,
For Demon Kitty




I agree that it takes two to tango. They are both so full of themselves that they really do deserve to be together. Jennifer deserves better than him.


lovely as always.

however, what i truly want to address is in regards to the link to the naked britney magazine shots. my concern is the fact that she dyed her hair. aren't expecting mothers urged not to dye or even highlight their hair? aren't the chemicals in some way caustic to the embryotic child? that was always my understanding. am i incorrect? or is britney more concerned with aesthetics than her own child's well-being? i wouldn't be surprised in the least if it were the latter.

Demon Kitty

I am so sick if these self righteous idiots who write in defending these celebrities and claim to know exactly what's going on with them. For all you assholes know, Brad and Angelina could be eating each other's excrement! Go away and don't come back.

Now, Angelina's lips look like a clenched geriatric ass.

So Much Love,
Demon Kitty

TV Swan

The kids' shrunken heads strung as necklace charms was a stroke of pure brillance.

Hmmm... why "poor" Brad? I don't see how he's figuratively picking flies out of her ears. He fell in love with a woman and now they're building a life together. It sometimes happens. Maybe you people could get a life too...


nice blog

One Caress

Dear 14,

You called Angelina a Home wrecker ("Homeus Wreckous") in relation, I assume, to the all Aniston-Pitt sordid affair but, don’t forget you need 2 for tango. Being an Adulterer, Brad Pitt carries a giant capital "A" on his forehead and should really be nicked as "Adulterous Uglious" than "Hunkus". (There's nothing pretty in a man who cheats on his wife.)


I think we're looking at an artist who is destined to be a household name some day soon, not unlike Andy Warhol...or should I say household number?


Definitely living up to the name of your site.

Demon Kitty

I am drunk right now and I can't believe how accurate this is. They should see this. They should see this. His head is rammed into her colon.

Demon Kitty


Geezus H Christ...

I gotta start putting on a pair of Depends(R) before I read your sh*t... Too good

katie scarlett

I want one too !!! you are on fire this week girl ! you need to do a "Posh" one.... Michael K loves her too !!


until Michael K. of Dlisted said "draw Angelina as a Rhino with Brad picking flies out of her ears".
that made me laugh so much. lol


Brilliant as usual! Those ginormous lips! The tatoos! Brad brird reduced to picking flies out of her ear...who would have thought that one of the sexiest men alive could sink so low.


I don't know why I am writing because I have no words for the brilliance of this. I actually gasped.


OMG, this is just amazing. Oh and Michael K = god

Long Island Irish

You and Michael K are awesome 14! You make a perfect team for bashing celebraties. I love Angelina's lips here by the way. :)

Josh Maday

Where can I get a print of this made? I'm renovating, making an African themed room and this would go great over the criss-crossed shotguns: very Hemingwayesque, I think.


I think you really captured the two of them really well. I think the relationship you've portrayed is dead-on. Now, if you had to add their kids to this picture, what animals would they be and what would they be doing?



The lips are spot-on, and Brad, well, he's just so pitiful.


Wow... I love the tattoos on the Brangelino!

Like Donna, I am speechless. It's shocking and utterly fantastic.


Oh. Oh my Lord Have Mercy. I.....I....I'm sort of speechless. There are no words.....Ok hardly any words.
That is the weirdest, strangest, ugliest, and most imaginative thing you've done.
I'm just shaking my head.....over...and over....and over.......


Frightening but brilliantly executed, as always.


this is amazing!!! it's a sublime interpretation of their power relationship. and sadly, it's applicable to many.

joy to you!

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