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Art Griego

Has anyone here ever heard her songs? Her song "Confessions of a Broken Heart" is INTENSE. That's some serious WAILING. I'm serious, You can hear it on (the whole song, no less) Hey, I like to pile on like the rest, but I can't believe no one ever mentions it. And no, I'm not a shill, my email there is for real.

Bettie Page

to china blue:

Agree on the drugged out Dazed and Confused look. Her "bedroom eyes" are the epitoome of an H user, or at the very least, Valium popping chick...

John Dixon

Essential. I wish I owned it.

Long Island Irish

OOO I love how you painted her hair 14! She actually looks pretty here although the eyes are those of a true nympho. The only way you could have made this better was if you drew residue of white powder under her nose.



Viper Tetsu

Another cute little kid gets chewed up by the Fame Monster, then spit out in a viscous pulp of skeeze, makeup,and booze. Bet the film noir adaptation of your mock-pulp novel would beat the crap outta anything LiLo has appeared in since she was, well, too young to drive.

Again, at the risk of broken-record-dom, this one's fucking brilliant. Is there any art style or sub-genre you DON'T excel at? Christ on a Ritz with pimento.


You captured her face perfectly. I love the assymetry. This is dead on!!


Yes it's true, I can't spell. Plus, I always leave my misspelled words uncorrected to further add to my humiliation.

Thanks for all your comments!


Le Petite Chaperon Rouge

hey you skyviewsatellite person, lighten up you crusty old grandpa. Fire Crotch is what all the kids are saying today and it's a term meaning sexy. You need to find your own fire crotch and get laid dude. The magic of the fire crotch just might rekindle your lost sense of humor.


I love the pulp fiction idea! Great only comment is you made Lindsay too pretty. She hasn't looked so good in years!


I was more than happy to pile on the negative commments that Brandon Davis' video and your caricature of it invited. But now you use HIS slur in putting down Lohan? Even adding little flames in the background ("Fire - get it? Like fire crotch! Get it?") Were you one of the minority of of folks who thought Davis was hilarious? Why not go further and portray Lohan with a distended pudenda sprawled in her pathetic NY hotel? It was funny when Davis said it.

Here's a proposal; How about caricaturing Tucker Carlson for calling the alleged Duke rape victime a "crypto-hooker" and then you can do a crypto-hooker caricature of her! Hilarious.


I'll always think of her as the cute little girl in The Parent Trap! I don't care who she's banging!

the skin tone is fantastic, really right on. awesome


Tear all the pages out of a trashy romance novel and all the pages from a druggie memoir novel and shuffeled them up: voila! lindsay lohan's biography.

I wonder which addiction will send her to rehab first hehe

Demon Kitty

So fabulous 14! So fabulous! Brandon Davis' nom de guerre ("firecrotch") for her still gives me the creeps and unfortunately he started something that will never end.

I would love it if Lindsay turned out to be a big lesbian .... there is something about her.

Demon Kitty

Hugh G.

Awesome concept and execution 14! I even love your font choices. Not only are you an amazing painter, but you've got a great eye for graphic design.

It's a shame someone as hot as Lindsay is such a whore. But...maybe that's what I like about her? Eep!


that is awesome.


It's still so hard to believe that this is the cute little girl from The Parent Trap remake (which my daughters still love to watch!)
And could someone please tell me, what the hell is a "fire crotch"?!?!

Beautiful work 14. As usual.


You need a life.. Lindsay's so amateur compared to Paris 'I kill what I touch' Hilton..


Love it as usual, 14. You are the perfect mix of talent and creativity. I adore how you see pop culture.


That's great - I can also see Lindsay on a moor, the wind whipping through her hair, clutching her torn bodice that was ripped as she was ravished by a plundering Highlander. Smut novel cover art.
BTW "...Once she's ravanged Europe..." - ravaged??

Madame M

Just. Perfect.

As much as her busty assets are well-documented on the piece, I think you *really* captured the dazed look with which she's ambling these days. Wtf? Is Linds drugged these days?

china blue

"I just needed a man, any man." Story of her life. Must be like throwing a hot dog into the Grand Canyon by now...


I hate to say it 14, but you almost made her too pretty. Maybe I'm jealous in that I'm a redhead with freckles who can't tan. Okay, I could spray on the orange stuff, but yikes.

Very creative with the 'pulp fiction' dime novel of the 50's and 60's look.

tip o' me hat to you.


Your painting never cease to amaze me. You captured her glazed-over look perfectly.

I love it.

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