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I read the comment where, apparently, you help ruin people's lives.

Damn girl, you're more powerful than I thought!

You have formed your weapons, but they shall not prosper!!!

Viper Tetsu

The colors and brushstrokes leap with abandon and intensity here. Gotta agree with so many others--this is great, revealing art--subject matter be damned.

Just wishing this sallow and over-rouged parasite would go quietly into that good night of has-been-iana. Je deteste.


ha, this is hysterical - I just posted about Star today, LOL...fat Star though


These are beautiful (think high art)! And you captured her essence - I could tell it was her straightaway!


You are truly an amazing artist for seeing this ugly mess and making it bright and wonderful to look at.


Beautiful paintings.





I can't believe you can paint three portraits in the span of one tv show and they look so amazing..and hilarious. Your work is awesome.

TV Swan

You are cross between Francis Bacon and Andy Warhol with a little Mad Magazine thrown in.

TV Swan

You are reaching the zenith of your artistic and perceptive genius. I am staggered by it.


each time i come to your site, i am equally frightened by the grotesqueness of this series of star jones' portraits. well captured.

Josh Maday

These are fine in-the-moment portraits, despite what the frothing celebrity worshippers whine about. That rogue nostril in the bottom painting really holds my attention. Excellent work.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The creature has infested my idle thoughts in a way that's beginning to just freak me out. Thank you for making art of the monstrosity (the whole fandango, I mean, not just Star herself, but well...anyway).

Thank you.
You're really good.


I'm glad I stumbled upon your site. You're a pretty talented person. Thanks.


You're so good that you actually turned Star into a thing of beauty in the second one. I want to comment on the horror that is Star, and yet I am so much more in awe of the talent that is 14, that it seems pointless.


Is it just me, or does Star Jones look like something that escaped from Area 51? Great artwork, as usual, 19.

Demon Kitty

What the fuck happened to this woman? Jesus fucking Christ on a cracker! Damn!


Demon Kitty


Scary. I don't think I can look at Star in the same way. Doesn't matter, in a month it'll be, Star who?

Oh, and stop "ruining families, and destroying lives." WTF?

Worker B...itch

re the first painting -- I also dig that MonstrouSTARsity Big Eye, Little Eye Thing you've got going on.

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

I love these! Especially the last one. It's gorgeous. And creepy. It's crorgeous. Yeah.


Ummm # 3.....Will. Give. Me. Nightmares. Forever. LOL!


The sad thing is skinny Star never looked better than she did in the trio of these paintings. Well, okay it's not really sad. You did a magnificent job on revealing the circus sideshow that is Star.

I wish I could buy one of these.


Gosh 14, somebody thinks you're actually destroying Star's life. Sheesh, lighten up honey.

And Javelin tooks the words right off my keyboard. It is very nightmare-ish, like water colors got left out in the rain. Or like in the last pic, looks like The Scream, except it's one of her nostrils that's screaming.

Kamasutra Jones

Great paintings. Truly show the freakshow that Star truly is. Though, at the same time, they are really good paintings. Sadly, the subject isn't so great or good. And, to the poster who says you ruin lives, Star did that herself in all her antics. Especially in her marriage to Big Gay Al.

Worker B...itch

Girl, you are crazy. LMAO. Goddamit, you fuckin' rock.


Thank you for your comments! To answer the question, I started all these paintings within the hour of Star's interview, and then I went into my laboratory late into the night and finished them. It took about 4 hours total. Sometimes I work quickly and loosely as an excercise to keep my work from becoming too stiff. Wine helps too.



These are amazing. I love the texture and colors. I would love to hang the 2nd one up in my living room.

You pull off so many different mediums...I am always impressed with your work.


I know these are meant to be satirical, but I actually think they're quite beautiful.



Just Mz Nikki

ok, I am new here, and I have to say that 14, we speak your name... ummm number :). I thought Starletta Jean looked a flaming hot mess with a side of Please saddown. Excellent work!

*shudders as she imagines Starletta coming after me*

Why do you have to be so mean? Art should inspire and make things better! Not destroy peoples LIVES!! You take LIFE FROM PEOPLE!!! You ruin families!! I will pray for you today.


Hi! I've been admiring your work for a very long time but this is my first time commenting. This is absolutely fabulous! You've captured her fish-eyed fooly-doodle looking self perfectly. Rock on!!!

this is so awesome. i prefer this to the other cleaner portraits.


You captured her aura perfectly! Completely frightening and accurate!

Karen Rani

I love it! You captured her perfectly! Especially that top picture - her eyes really look all circle-y like that....what a freakshow she is.


The color-work here is absolutely stunning.


it's like you've painted my worst nightmares.


It's funny, cause the middle one is actually kind of pretty. You really did three of these in the space of one hour? Wow. You really captured her well. The sunken eyes, overly bright teeth and whatnot.

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