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Mickey Rourke is the most talented, underrated actors in the industry. When he was hot. He was hotter than anything around now. Even with his face restructuring he is an extremely sexy man. He is always dating hot models everywhere he goes.


Okay, you're right. Upon looking above I do see you expressing your fondness for Rourke. And I do think you are a very talented artist. I guess I just saw the comments left by other people and some of the trashy gossip links to the side and jumped the gun. It's just the internet is just such a hot bed of cruelty and at that moment it was getting to me. Plus as I'm sure you know you search for Rourke and you get alot of people saying a lot of unkind things about the guys appearance. Now where's my pompadour gel?


Dustin honey, I love Mickey Rourke. I love his pompador. No, I don't snicker and throw up when I see people's wrinkles. Why would you accuse me of using my artistic skill to mock people's physical appearances? I draw what I see - if you see "mocking" in my art, then that's your own twisted interpretation and I suggest you seek counseling.

I draw celebrity gossip, NOT the celebrity themselves.




Mickey Rourke had plastic surgery because of his boxing career. He did not due it out of vanity. Does it really make you proud to use your artistic skill to mock people's physical appearance and encourage other's to do the same? How about your family or the woman at the grocery store? Do you snicker and throw up every time you look at their wrinkles and imperfections? What a boring world if we all looked the same.


Ya know,..everyone has something to say about Mickey's face. I love it,no matter what. If anyone cared to find out,there are reasons to what happened to him. They may not be ones you understand or agree with,but they're his reasons. He tried a few surgical things before he turned to boxing the second time,and when his face was more or less crushed on one side,he attempted to have it repaired. A very untalented surgeon destroyed his face instead of returning it to it's former beauty. Yet,still,I see that beauty. Give the man a break,he's trying to live again. And I am right with him. If I met him,I'd hug him in an instant. Too pany people are afraid of him,..I'm not.Screw the person who said the comment about his face looking like Cat food,..she's probably ugly anyway.


Great work on the Paris Doll, as for someone who has to suffer on daily basis the engrish in japan!..u have done a great job...although I still dont get "why people are so into her"...i guess people just love to hate her!


Except, perhaps, Conan...


Love The Mick...He's always made a tall-hair statement and looked cool doing it; I'm waiting for he and Chris Walken to start a Salon someday or at least star in another film together, anyway!


Star Trek: The Next Generation obviously ripped off Mickey's look for some of their aliens. Those eyebrow bumps look very alienesque n'est-ce pas?

Viper Tetsu

Call me Freakboy, but methinks he's rockin' the pompadour. As for the mug...

I love Mick like I love habanero peppers. But a man shouldn't actually physically resemble one, y'know? That said, he can still act rings around pantywaists like Cruise and Pitt any day of the year.


Oh ye Gods!!

Mickey, Mickey, Mickey...I had such the crush on you in 9 1/2 weeks. I have no idea how to feel about him now. He's a great actor, and yet... odd. Not in a delightfully odd kind of way...just kinda reaching 'scary-odd'.

He cut off a little finger? I'll have to look in on this.


Too bad the reports of him cutting of his little finger were too late to be included. Yikes, what a freakazoid.

Andy Rooney

Leathery, ain't he? One of these days he's gonna whip that mask off and reveal the alien within. Who's normal NOW?

Demon Kitty

The man had killer looks when he was young.

It is a shame how creepy and sleazy he looks. You have captured this so well.

Demon Kitty

Madame M

Man, you are SO good!!!!

Incidentally, I do remember thinking, "is it really NORMAL for Nicole to order food she will not eat?"


Even in his younger days Mickey Rourke gave me the creeps. Now he's even more YIKES.
In your depiction of him he looks to be doing his worst Robert Deniro "you lookin at me?".......


wow—what's with celebs and greasy, dirty, grossness lately? icky.

i've been loving the imagination and whimsy behind the celeb animal cartoons, but this is the type of work that keeps me beholden to your site.


He sure looks Michael Jackson creepy, but what an actor he is. Barfly is one of my favorite movies.

Long Island Irish

My only response is: LOL! :D

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