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forget boring reese! loving the boring julia in the middle more! bwahahahahaha! perfectly captured! great job!


It's just her hormones. She'll calm down once the first trimester (or second or third) passes.

Nice work!

Viper Tetsu

The hell with all of the cumbersome sociological analysis. You made Reese Witherspoon look like a hopping vampire from a Hong Kong horror movie. Reason number 2,284 (I've been counting, y'know) for you to be dubbed a genius.


I just want to say that I love your work. I haven't seen anyone who captures it so well. Keep it up.


Not making fun of Reese or Star Magazine...just pointing out what happened.
thanks for your comments everyone!



Sweet Pickled Potatoes!!

Not only did I laugh my ass off at the compilation in general, 14, but Reese's plantiff (sp) face in the upper right drawing is FUCKING PRICELESS.

I might get this drawing tattooed onto my back.

(P.S. I feel really bad for stars that get "bump watches" that are just having a not-so-skeeny day!!)


Okay 14, I'm a little surprised that you made fun of Reese, I really admire her. But I have to admit the cartoons are soooo funny. Great job capturing Reese's and Julia's features and facial expressions. I got a really good belly laugh.


Love the Julia Roberts canyon-multi-tooth-mouth. Captured perfectly. Tee hee hee.


If I were her I'd be angry that a photo of me looking like a normal human being was so outrageously abnormal and FAT I must have been pregnant, no other excuse.


Okay now thats great, I had to do a double take once I saw a picture of Reese wading through the waves. Pretty funny, because until now I did actually think she was expecting - doo'h.


Also, if you compare Star's cruel "it's just bloat" picture to other mag's (US Weekly) pictures from the same exact day and place, it is clear that Star has taken some photoshop liberties with the alleged "pouch".

Demon Kitty

Oh yes, it was mean spirited on the part of Star magazine and why? Because the editor of Star, Bonnie Fuller, aka "An Anna Wintour Wannabe" is one of the biggest C_NTS on the planet. She is famous for abusing her employees to the point that they put snot in her dessert and wiped their crotches with her bread sticks. I don't blame them. If your boss is a PRICK from hell then by all means, urinate in their coffee - jack off in their salad dressing. Where was I? Ah yes - I love the pink 14! I love the way you gave Julia Roberts the mouth she deserves! I wonder if she has tea bagged all of her men with a mouth like that? Maybe that is how she got where she is today .. Too bad Julia isn't the one who is pissed off. She is such a bitch. When moving into her New Yawk apartment she had her lawyer/ass sucker write a memo to all the residents telling them not to look at her or speak to her. Who the fuck would? She can't act her way out of my asshole. I love Reese Witherspoon and I hope she wins the lawsuit. I hope it destroys Bonnie Fuller and her subordinates continue to use their mucus and crotches to vindicate themselves.

Demon Kitty

Cyclops Kitten Natividad

I can't believe you would make fun of Princess Reese! After all, she's the blonde 50's wife, the perfect Junior League Lady, a modern Donna Reed. Her smug Republican mug and nasty clenched-tooth lockjaw grin have ruined many a magazine cover.

You go, 14.


I would rather tune in to 14 for a talented and hilarious rendition of the latest, then over to Trent to laugh my butt off at what he has to say. Just for shits and giggles.

I do love your rendition of both of their gaping maws. Reese's baby teeth and Julia's Mr. Ed's. And the douche bag from The Star looking all smug with his stupid hair and horned rims from the bi-focals display at the local Ralphs.

Scout Finch

Well, not that I am in DEFENSE of the celebs or anything... but if you're getting hired based on your ability to be available, not pregnant for nine months to a year, you'd probably sue, too. Really think about it: Reese stands to make $20 million a picture. A gossip rag reports that you are preggers and Mr. Bigwig Studio Man reads it and says, 'oh, let's hire flat stomach Kate Hudson who won't be throwing up on the set, going to the doctor, weeping, etc.' For the loss of $20 million, I bet you'd fork over $50,000 to hire Mr. Fat Cat attorney.

Don't get me started on the insurance they have to pay for an expectant mother. And, hey, I am a tabloid journalist. I'd never claim that someone was knocked up based on some gas or bloat. It was irresponsible of Star.

That said, I LOVE your post 14. The gash of a mouth on Ms. Roberts is priceless.


haha! i like how you drew her in the top right-hand corner - like a hideous she-devil with claws! i never liked this girl frankly; she must've used some "help" to get to where she is today...


hey it's just a way for a "star" to get some more free press. They have egos to feed ya know! ha ha ha!


i remember being shocked and awed by that photo of reese with the pouch. nice capture of the drama.

Madame M

Apparently she claimed that the studio thought she was deceiving them or something by hiding her pregnancy.

I saw that very issue, and I found it incredibly mean-spirited. The sadder thing is that I believe that was one issue --of many-- devoted to just HOW skinny Kate Bosworth and the Lollipop posse are looking these days.

Excellent as usual, 14. You're awesome (and I love Reese's claws while screeching into the phone).

Josh Maday

The fun part is that the 'retraction' never erases or undoes the original statements or photos. That's one trick our society has done a good job of cultivating: say and do whatever you want now as long as you say you're sorry later and make puppy dog eyes for the camera.

Josh Maday

It's like high school gossip all over again, except on a global, billion dollar scale. However, the maturity level is pretty much the same: who likes who? who's pregnant by who? who totally got wasted and ran into a corn field when the cops showed up? Exciting and important stuff like that. STAR Magazine, The Inquirer, and the others are simply departments of a fragmented and feverishly prolific yearbook class. And no one ever graduates from Hollywood High.

And then people like you, 14, like totally mock and make fun of these poor (in spirit only, of course) down-to-earth normal common ordinary yet super-famous and axis-balancing celebrities who like just want to have a regular life like all the nobodies out there slavering over the latest issue of STAR Magazine who are hoping to absorb some of the holy magic of Hollywood through osmosis. Which is to say, great work again, 14.


this is sad because she is one of the few respectable women in hollywood and she normally does a good job keeping out of the public eye. people like britney and her trailer trash hubby deserve bad press, not reese.


It's odd. Why would a lawsuit be threatened over a purported pregnancy? A few months down the road the non-pregnancy would be obvious anyway, no?

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