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AHH I think this is the best you've ever done, that's hilarious!


That's hot!


Absolute perfection right down to the wonky eye! Brilliant as usual!


Comparing herself to Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana? Does that mean we can look forward to one more remake of "Candle in the Wind" when Paris finally shuffles off the mortal coil?

Artwork and wit is spot-on deadly exquisite, as always.


I love how you've made her left eye half-closed, as it always is, and the butt-cheeks are hilarious!


good one!
I'm about to send you a pic of Matt Dillon, some thing has to be done about him 14-wise..
don't stop painting (you won't)
I'm a painter myself, and a gossip addict, which made me a daily visitor of your site
(ps: you just painted the BIGGEST ego of the western world)


Love that wonky eye!


Absolutely Love It!

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