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Please get well soon, not so much because I want to meet you, but because no one should have to suffer from pneumonia. Pure misery. I hope you feel better!


Hi Langtry...

I really hope I can make it there, but I've been quite sick with pneumonia the past few weeks - yuCK! If I recover in time, I'm there!



Will you be there at the opening on the 25th, 14?

Scout Finch

14 rocks Chicago. I am bursting with pride and can say, I knew her when... see you in less than 24 hours. I adore you.

Bucky Turco

Next is the Whitney Biennial! Congrats 14


Contrats to all of you


Fantastic news, 14, congratulations! your "celebrity" is on the rise...


Holy cow! How fantastic for you. I'm so very proud. I'd be there but it is one hell of a drive for me.

I gotta agree with Pablo Vazquez. Do something about madonna.

Josh Maday

Damn I wish I could make it! Congrats, 14. There will be plenty more, I'm sure.


I'm looking forward to seeing your work in person, 14.


Hooray! I will definitely come and check this out!

Pablo Vazquez

iEA!! 14 congrats u deserve this -n- a lot more..Show how the true art is.
(paint something about madonna :P)


Congrats on your great and tasteful art! Well done, 14! Love every single of it!


Awesome. :]

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