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HAHAHAHAHAHA! The Japanese frickin' rule! They've totally hit the nail! I love the looks on her pet chihuahua and the crab!


Not saying your work before this isn't AMAZING, but this is the best fucking thing I've seen ever and your absolute best work! I love it.

maddie mad

Brilliant. You have made the rest of today worth living. Thank you. (sob) That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. My sides are stitched from laughter.
Keep up the excellent work.

Summer A

YES YES YES, your best piece EVER.


Knocked it out of the park!


I wonder what the spider is saying?


Ha,ha!And i thought i'm the other one sick of seeing crabby around!





Wove, Wove, wove the site. Lefty eye had all of us balling with wafter. Please consider doing a show in Wos Angeless. Best of Wuck to you both!


Totally dig the left eye. Poifect.

Only thing wrong: The crabs: There are 6,872; at the very least. But I know you did not have enough time to draw all of them... or enough space.

Liz Brown

"She realistically created with dress pulled up to show scary parts underneath." I can't get enough of that line (becuse it's so true). I laugh out loud every time I read it. Just brilliant. One of your best.

claire booth luce

So funny.. This is great!


Best Paris-related thing EVER EVER EVER!


I rike it! Joo so creysi!!!


your paris hilton projects always crack me up because you get her face exactly right. the other night on conan they had paris hilton postal stamps and they looked nothing like her. i thought to myself "14 could've made those so much better."

i love the exclamation point on the package! that is so Japanese.

i can just see a little Japanese girl holding a paris doll in one hand and a nicole ritchie lollipop in the other.

I almost spit out my lunch laughing. This tops the TomRat Family Picture as my favorite piece of work. Fantastic!!

Dave Hater

Paris Hilton---whose family's hotels employ many, many people named Dave---has never looked so good.

Go 14!

Long Island Irish

14 this is your best ever! I am ROTF!!! :D


that rocks!!! i've been sad since i heard about the SanRio parisite doll, this makes me feel better. thank you.


haha i love it.


My eyes and brain almost cannot handle the gorgeousness before it. Just...thank you.


Absolutely riotous! Engrish is unintentionally hilarious just like Paris Hilton. You captured both so eloquently.


Hey!! I has surgery a week ago and I think I may have busted a stitch or two!!
This really is brilliant.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the dolly wonky eye.
I'll be giggling all day.


Awesome! I have yet to see another artist as multi-faceted as you. How can you produce work or art so diverse in style? My enjoyment is immensely your blog!

Alexander Nevermind

I just spat my drink the fuck out of my mouth.

You boggle my mind with your brilliance.


You are an idiot 14!


As always, you nailed it every single time! Lovin' it!


14, once again... you owe me a keyboard! Gotta love Crabby!


Oh my God! 14, you really outdid yourself this time. It's absolutely perfect! You nailed her wonky eye, nose, lips, and the Japanese packaging style perfectly. I love it, love it, love it.

Pablo Vazquez

14 u did it again. Another brilliant version of this talentless/red-carpet/celebrity.I hope u keep making us enjoy with your vision of this traShLUT.


priceless! your chinglish is so perfect I nearly cried...


That is so hilarious! I love the little crab. Engrish is so amusing too.


This may be it.

This may be your magnum opus so far.

Mindfuckingly brilliant.

Viper Tetsu

"Crabby...enjoy happy time with plenty of air and sunshine."

That line alone has me peeing myself.

14, she pound head with nail exact!


BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! oh, and ewwww! to the crabs is the lil sucker battery operated?


14 - this is genious!! How do you think up these things! Brilliant how you came up with the little crab companion and I love the lazy eye. You captured her just perfectly. (Of course, someone is bound to post a complaint to you about the Japanese-accent-like text, which you so accurately and creatively portray!!) Anyhow, I read about the Paris Hilton Hello Kitty last week and I thought - "what has this world come to?". Thank you so much for this. What a hoot!! This one's really special 14 -- a real gem! Keep up the great work.


Absolutely Hilarious! I laughed out loud reading it. Great Job!

Demon Kitty

Oh dear god, I hope the lid to the toilet is up ...........

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