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LMAO!!!! I cant stop laughing!!!! Hahahahahahahahah this is awesome!! OMG and the Paris ass ostrich!! LOOOL roocckk onn!!!! <3


I think she looks a bit too normal weight size here though.

Bravo on the rest of it.


i absolutely love how you did the boob. it has that 'lumpy' kind of artificial fullness to it that you captured perfectly, as shown in the original photo of her exposing herself. bravo, as always, bravo


Someone get that lil panda minx to China, their breeding programme needs a total rev up!!!


I finally got my internet back today and could hardly wait to check out your new work, 14. very nice-- i love how you can tell she's posing, but she's very good at it. and you can almost read her mind, too. you have a great talent for capturing vanity.

Long Island Irish

They are both loathsome. They totally deserve each other.


after reading the red panda article, i gotta agree, YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!


ha thats great

you know you should draw a bunch of black celebrities trying to be white like those god awful "i am african" campaigns haha

Like samuel jackson in like a milkmaid outfit and blonde pigtails saying "i am caucasian". I am blaming a dream i had for the aformentioned image.

Tamara Ikenberg

you have just created some hardcore plushie paparazzi porn


that panda photo DOES look like her .. !! .. how did u find .. wha .. maybe i just THINK it does because you turned it into her ... i'm confused.


When my dog is wildly mis-behaving,at the local dog-park, I have come to think of her as Lindsey Lohan, really, because she just cannot help herself, she runs and chases everything in sight, squirrel or bird or lizard, acts all slutty and submissive around other dogs, no matter their size or stature, lying on her back and speading her legs .....but she is just a dog. Or a Panda!.. Nice one 14.

Demon Kitty

Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her!!!!!!!!!! That looks so fabulous! She looks so much better as a red panda! I am glad someone else noticed the meat hook curtains. I am just waiting for a flaccid penis to emerge out of nowhere and then she'll pounce on it and rip off its foreskin with her mouth? I like her anorexic arms.

Demon Kitty

Dee Dee

14 we share the same home city San Francisco, correct? Do you have any public art events here....please!


Ew, yucky droopy white side boobage, just like the pic from a few weeks ago THAT I WAS DESPERATELY TRYING TO PURGE FROM MY MEMORY BANKS THANK YOU SO MUCH, LOL!!! Love the fur-turning-into-freckles bit too. Sad thing is the panda is dressed better than LiLo ever is in real life. Viva 14!!!



When will you draw more of Britney Spears? That will never get old!


thanks Sajib! The brilliant Michael K from Dlisted was the one who suggested I paint her as a red panda.

Thanks for your comments everyone!

Tom Cruise's Personal Ego Deflator


My. God. I love you. This page is one of the first of several stops every day and I can never get enough! This, in particular, is FABULOUS! I always tried to figure out what she looked NAILED it! The best part about this is that she also looks like she's straight out of Cats. So. Good.


Ahhhh nothing like a little obscene side boob action to start your afternoon.


You've shown here that she is much prettier as a Party Panda than in real life. There is just something about her that gives me the absolute heebie-jeebies.
Love the exposed lumpy boobie.


Nice, ah, meat curtains?

Thanks for the article about red pandas! Was it the "fire cat" appellation that inspired this piece? Although the real thing is far cuter than the Party Panda, once again your wit and art have blessed us!


Jajajajaja! I mean Hahahahahaha! "The Party Panda's natural enemy is the Paris Hilton Ass Ostrich" You`re so funny! ! xD


You my friend, are sheer genius. Bravo!

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