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i downloaded the Law&Order episode"Fame" from itunes and my god, one of the characters [an obsessed fan of the britney dopple-ganger] that revealed that she gained weight is a dead ringer for the britney drawing on the cheetoes bag...

Long Island Irish

14 you've gone international! Congratulations! *cheers*

George Clooney

I once watched a show on TV about this French cheese expert. He said that American cheese was dead whereas French cheese was alive. American cheese is corpse-like, wrapped in plastic and stored in the refrigerator.

I can only imagine the horror our French friends felt when they saw your Britney Spears cheetos.


Thank you for this site! Here trapped on the west coast recovering from a case of the chickenpox( I know, shoulda had when 9 years old, but decided to wait decades to really experience the disease!)
and loved your artwork.

Maybe Britney's snacks should be called something like "Breedos" or "Britos"...

Do you know Jason Holley's work? Do you like?



Woooaaa You`re a celebrity 14!! Congrats!! =)


HAHA I love it!


That's right: you're bad, you're inter-nationwide. Congratulations!


Weeeeee!!!! You go, 14!!!!

Demon Kitty

You know things are damn good when you have the French on your side!!! They make ridicule fun.

So Much Love,
Demon Kitty


That's great! But why do they call you a New Yorker? Harumph!


You truly deserve it! Congrats!

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