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Yeah I'm Christian but I'm not at all a fan of this guy not even when he made Passion of the Christ (I did think it was a good movie interpritation of the crucifiction of Jesus). Mel always came off as looking down on others. I'm in high school and in 8th grade (2005) Jim Cavizell who played Jesus came to school and gave this really weird speech about how he had a big conversion and stuff and it was all pretty blah until he said that he almost died during the shooting of the cross scene because he wasn't able to stay restrained for like 7 hours and he started acting all trippy. He also screamed the Lord's Prayer after which freaked lots of people out. My exact thoughts were Mel Gibson made this guy go Kookoo McBalls-n-nutz.

Well anyway I read Mel's remarks and I'm disgusted that he would say such horrible things, about the Jewish religion that is (I genuinly respect the religion). But I thought the sugar-tits comment was funny. I sure hope he does something to apologize because I doubt that he's got any people backing him up.

Professor Zero



Oh 14- I love how your images have turned into some kind of political debate. These kind of debates are my forte, but where I come from people are much less respectful. I admire you for showing all the comments- even the ones that turned it into something it wasn't, and now I hope I'm not thorwing fuel onto the fire by participating. I'm sorry. I can't resist. Take care, looking forward to your next devious creation.


well if he had made an anti-arab remarks, he would already be dead. even in his drunken state he was careful to direct his hatred to the jews, but he looks like he has an issue with the whole human race.


If Mel Gisbon had made anti-arab remarks, no one would have blinked an eye.

Heaven Nose

WTF? Update about EOnline..whoopdeedoo! This image appeared on our blog too! We even challenged you to an art duel! Hmmpppffff.



I just noticed this and I don't know if I'm looking too much into things. Is that a shadow under his nose, or does he have a tiny Hitler mustache? I'm even more frightened now...

Heaven Nose

In addition to our previous comment, we'd like to add that you inspired us to challenge your artwork with some of ours, featured on our blog. You are NO MATCH for The Schnoz! See you there at sunrise.

The Schnoz and Goldilocks

Heaven Nose

We love your blog and we love your art even more. Your obnoxiousness has provided us with hours of entertainment. Thanks!

The Schnoz and Goldilocks


I have a minor in studio art (from a long time ago). You've inspired me to start creating again, but I could never come even remotely close! You're consistently awesome. Go girl!!!!




WOW - You have really outdone yourself with this one ! I've been a fan for awhile, but this is the first time I've posted a comment. Your artistic talent and attention to every detail is just fantastic! Love the 666's on the bottle and I love the evil look in Mel's eyes. Downright scary if you look at it too long !


WOW - I know I'm late with my comments, but damn - can you draw! I wish I had a 10th of your artistic talent and eye for detail ! Mel looks downright scary !LOVE the 666 on the vodka bottle ! Love all of the artwork on this website !


another divine incarnation.


I wonder if anyone tried a Mel-oween costume, you know fake beard, vodka stained shirt, you abuse kids in cop costumes. If you get short changed on the candy you blame the Jews etc.


Woah, great job once again 14! Those eyes are too creepy; your attention to detail is amazing.


He might be mentally challenged and an alcoholic, but at least he let us know how he really feels. Go to hell, Mel.

Viper Tetsu

Your entries are always multiple views for me, but normally after the twelfth view or so, I can at least stop laughing/snickering/chortling long enough to function. No luck here. Fourteen views and I still can't stop snickering. The details are staggering: Just thinking about that little hairy-ass wart on his right middle finger has me chuckling right now.

Gotta look again. Ah, a day's work shot to shit...

The last time I laughed this hard involved a gram of Thai Creep-Weed and a View Master on a Friday night.




Was delighted to see your link on Defamer today. Once again, you have nailed your subject perfectly.

On the other hand, now I can't sleep. Terrified. Nice going.


God is that gorgeous. I'd love it on my wall.

For your next masterpiece how about one with Pee-wee Herman? I hear he's opening a daycare center, bwa-ha-ha-ha! Run kiddies, run!

Angus Jung

Tequila, wasn't it?


Shalom, I am Jewish, and thank you for this. I enjoy every detail of your drawings- and if I ever become famous, you can mock me any day.

Happy Halloween,


Gorgeous. The truth comes out! What a dick.


that neck is what scares me the most. looks like at any second it could spring out and he would bite you like a snake. creepy. but kind of makes me wanna be a LA cop.

Demon Kitty

God this made me laugh! This is so fabulous 14? Are you going to sell it? God this is too funny! I am fucking speechless. I love his sneer, the evil eyes, the 666 proof Jesus Fish vodka and the chipped pointy nails!

Demon Kitty


Well, isn't that SPECIAL! So perfect for the pagan holiday! The cross around his neck is so perfect to remind us all of the high ground he was standing on a few short years ago. An ironic token , when worn by Mr.Satan.
Beautiful job.


Its a bummer about Mel, I liked his movies but there's just no way I could watch any of them anymore given what a hateful scumbag he is.

Which, by the way, you've captured quite nicely!


You're brilliant. Don't think I didn't notice the wafting aroma. Looks surprisingly like sugar-t*ts.

Scout Finch

Ignatz beat me to it. My first thought when I saw this was: Is 14 going to pay my dry cleaning bill or replace my keyboard? -- as I spit coffee all over myself and my desk.

You've officially made my Halloween. I'll be drinking champagne from a hoof this evening and toasting you, 14! Thanks for the laughs.


Holy Cow! This made me snort my coffee this morning! Yet again, wonderful work!

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