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Judy Davidson

I have been reading some of these commits about Julia's mouth. Some people are just down right stupid. Julia's smile is beautiful and no she does not have a big mouth. People are so nasty they don't care who they hurt with what they say. People who make remarks like some that I have been reading really wish that was them with a beautiful smile that makes her not only American's Sweet Heart she also knows how to make the money. If you can't say something good about julia just leave her alone!!!




she has fallen and fallen hard from pollitical BS and oppinions to conservation issues.
she is a usless and forgotten peice of antiqe hardware thats desprate to claw its way back on the backs of those who have surpassed her, so called famous life and career. frankly she is lost and should crawl away into obscurity. please julia go away please.


y are u guys so mean to her? she is famous but also she is a woman.


maybe she just realises there are more important things in the world to worry about than what colour your fillings are, i'd like to see you lot try to act, and stick you in rom of 100 paparazzi and see what bulge/zit/stray hair/mole/filling/freckle/blackhead/ you sad assholes have. get a life

Baby Jebus

With all that money, she can't find a decent dentist?


so what's the deail on julia roberts having fillings on her teeth? many other celebrities have them too, people like cameron diaz, britney spears, rebeca romijn, ashley simpson, jodie foster, salma hayek, all have been spotted with metal fillings

Borislav Dopudja



I like it. Stars are more real with beer guts (ok- pregnancy) and fillings.


Hee-hee, Fanny pack. ;D

Forget the fillings, her alpha mouth is always open so wide. I mean, it's just unattractive. But then so is her obnoxious guffaw. Have you heard that? Imagine that in your ears, boys. Oy!

I feel sort of bad, but I must now expose another one of her "flaws." And I'm surprised by you, 14. I can't believe your keen eye has not picked up on it already. Julia has FAS. Yes: Fat Arm Syndrome. No matter how much weight she loses, her arms have pudge. Take a look at her naked arms at various glamour events - there it is. FAS!

Poor girl. Most unfortunate arms.


While maybe some of the comments are vicious, pointing out physical flaws, the truth is celebrities are here for our entertainment (which is why they make so much money compared to, say, teachers) and so deserve in their exalted position to be made fun of. They all have what all of us want, whether they deserve it or not. And when they don't deserve it, it is especially frustrating. And don't pretend they don't ask for it, with their scandals and crotch shots. When I am in public, I somehow avoid exposing myself or acting like a fool. Celebrities act stranger than the average person, and I don't think it's because of a microscope being put on them. Yes, I'm not perfect, but I think even after the microscope was put on me I'd look better than most of them. And besides, where would they be as celebrities without scandal? It's a nice plate of drama and trauma served up to the American public.

And I hate to say it, but I have talked to people around the world and they laugh at our celebrity obsession.



Oh wow i like this site, but some of the comments here explain why tabloids sell. People do read this shit and take it seriously. Let's all attack the celebrity because she must have asked for it by virtue of being famous! Let's talk about her personal life as depicted in the tabloids because it must be true! Seriously, who cares? There's a line between making fun and being just plain vicious. The original post seems to me to be making fun of the workings of tabloids rather than Roberts herself, but the comments mostly focus on the actress and how awful she looks. Go figures.

Viper Tetsu

You go, Demon Kitty!

Incidentally, am I the only person who can't take his eyes off that massive, tree-root-sized vein in Julia Robert's forehead? Why in God's Green Jammies do the tabs never point THIS out?! It's straight out of a David Cronenberg movie, I swear to Pete. I just hope the paparazzi are around when her head explodes.


She looks pregnant? She is over 40 (right, she is, right?) and recently had freaking TWINS! Did you see how BIG she got. The tummy doesn't snap back at 40 like it would at 25. Give her a break!

But geez, her mouth is a little large, isn't it.


I swear if it were me there would be 500 yello arrows. she is a genetically lucky girl


Demon Kitty, you are hilarious.


Julia sucks. But to highlight something so dumb as moles and fillings is REEEEALLLLY reaching far. I still like to see her getting made fun of, though. She and her gargantuan mouth are gross. On a side note, I can't believe someone as wealthy as her still has those fillings. They aren't good for your health (mercury, hello!) and they're unattractive.

Fanny Pack

PS -- It is SO normal to parade around in a homemade t-shirt proclaiming "A LOW VERA" so the tabloids can snap away as Ms. Roberts did while she was cheating with her now husband who was still married to Vera Moder. Oh, and it is SO normal to stalk the poor woman as Ms. Roberts did while she was merely doing her job.

Give me a f*&$ing break. If you think JR gives a rat's ass about anyone but herself you are totally dillusional.

Fanny Pack

Dear Getalife -- Do you know Julia personally? What makes you think she is normal? It is normal is alienate yourself from your brother? It is normal to lie about your upbringing and your past?

You're right. She was SO magical in: Mary Reily, Something to Talk About, Dying Young, Satisfaction, the Mexican... The list-o-shit goes on and on and on.

Demon Kitty

As I predicted, my erection of contempt is now flaccid. My "evil dick" is limp.

Ya' know, someday I think all these tabloids might be collectors' items 50 years from now.


OMG, Julia Roberts has a mole and fillings in her teeth! What must the world think. Maybe that means she is just a normal person after all. Thank God. Leave the girl alone. Not only do I think she is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. She can do drama or comedy and pulls it off well. I for one am glad she is normal and talented.

Shes justa faucken human! Lets feed the faucken world instead, other than look at Julias teeth or birth mark!
Let me guess.. somebodys gonna say that she ate all the food.?


Let's hope Julia doesn't read the tabloids...I would probably crawl under a rock and hibernate for the winter.


hey demon kitty, it looks like judibleu is trying to start some mess. now i ain't one to talk rumors and such, but i'm just saying. i must concur j.r. is perhaps the least of the tacky wacky sexed over and over crowd, say in comparison to madame hilton or funnny face tara reid with her new career defining breast do-over. while her mouth is wide and stuff, i think julia shows a real smattering of normality. i got amalgrams decorating my grill so i can't player hate this week.... i don't think you should put up with that kind of trash talking demon kitty.. i mean i'm just saying.


Wow, I guess Demon Kitty is pretty scary, huh? Get a life you people, do you really read that shit? Julia Roberts is no better or worse than anyone on the planet, at least she doesn't show up regularly doing weird, mean or tacky things, like most of the Hollywood "in bunch" does these days. In a world of true tackiness, she stands out for not being as tacky as the rest of them. If you're reading those shitty tabloids, try to keep it in the closet where it belongs, nothing to brag about!


Ewwww... She looks terrible... The pretty woman is just gone


Yes but is a mole or a birth mark?

Makes me wonder if it's all about contacts not actual talent

ABSOLUTELY!! Most of the time, like 95% of the time. But then there is that 5% that does sneak in that actually does have some talent. Well studios gotta have a smattering of looking legit now doncha know! 20Mil for one picture? Yeah give me a break! NO ONE AND I DO MEAN NO ONE IS THAT GOOD TO DESERVE THAT MUCH MONEY.


That mole looks really bad...she should get it checked...


Hahah, at least no one can accuse 14 of being "racist" for this picture. Julia does have the biggest mouth I've ever seen in my life, and that mole is kind of barftastic.


I have to agree with Demon Kitty. Seriously, what is with all the unattractive and/or talentless celebrities? They're supposed to be the best of the best! But they're not! Makes me wonder if it's all about contacts not actual talent and makes me want to give up ever having any kind of fame. I'm depressed now... By the way, Julia does have a huge mouth, it's distracting, and if it's so huge why is she opening it up that much to look like a horse? Seriously. Why do celebrities Do that anyway, opening their mouths like that and showing off every molar? It looks really dumb. Can they not smile properly? Frankly I hate that "smile" and want it banned from Hollywood. Given how skinny some celebs are, though, maybe we should use that opportunity when they open their mouths like that to shove some food in. It's for their own good, honestly.



This is what cracks me up. Twits can have a bazillion tatts and peircings up the wazoo and look nasty or those Grill things (can not wait to see those folks when they hit middleage!) But heaven forbid someone have a few fillings in their teeth and a mole!

Oh brother! That is the lamest 'scoop' evah!!
And I'm not a Julia Roberts fan either! But man this stupid mentality smells like skunk.


There are some discussion on other tabloids about her mysterious mark on the cleavage too. Some even says it looks cancerous.

The Schnoz

If one can't take the heat, one should get the hell out of the kitchen!

To expose is to be vulnerable!

Demon Kitty

Oh, I also have to say that Julia Roberts does have the biggest mouth I have ever seen. A phallus and its corresponding nuts could fit in there along with the family china and Aunt Edith's hope chest. Surely, this explains why she is the highest paid actress in Hollywood despite her lack of talent.

Now, if anyone gets on their moral soap box and accuses me of being jealous because I supposedly want to be "Julia" and brings Jesus Christ into it, I am going to come back on this blog and verbally eviscerate you until you wish to God you never went near a fucking computer.

Then again, I probably won't because I have difficulty maintaining my sadistic boner.

Demon Kitty

Celebrities are supposed to be perfect, remember? I honestly don't know what to say. I think pressure on celebrities to be beautiful has more of a negative effect on us ordinary, motherfucking, average Joe Blows than it does on fucking Julia Roberts and Co., whose- to quote Eric Idle- "nose we are not worthy to pick."

You see Steph, this picture of Julia with gunk in her teeth and what not made you probably feel worse about yourself right now then Julia does. I mean, Julia Roberts is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and she can't even act! If that nasty ass mole from hell on her tit made her feel awful, you can bet it would have been gone!

So do I feel sorry for Julia Roberts? FUCK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nope it's metal. Got a copy of that rag sitting right here & it's metal.
The point though is does it warrent an article? Hell NO!


Just goes to show how pathetic Hollywood and that whole crowd is; if you look relatively normal you're branded as substandard material.



she also has rectangular nostrils.


That is definitely metal. I have a whole bunch of mercury-amalgam fillings from my childhood cavities (and I'm only about 5 years younger than Roberts). That's what metal fillings in back-bottom teeth look like.


I'm kinda inclined to agree with me. It looks like Julia was eating black licorice. Even her tongue has a tint to it. I can't imagine that Julia Roberts wouldn't have the best dental work there is.


There's a larger picture in Star, and it is indeed metal.


That is not metal.. That would be FOOD. Look at her TOP teeth it's in there too. Granted she shouldn't be opening her mouth that big after eating ( cake, brownie.. cupcake.. who knows) but that would be food.. Not dental work!


Gawd. That is enough to make me never want to go out into public again. What the--? "Mysterious mark on her cleavage??" It's a mole for crissakes. What's mysterious about it?

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