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Mrs Gail j Gray

this is a great one of Tom Cruise, i wonder what he thinks of these cartoons etc.

haylie chabmers

ur all jos jeliose!!! Tom cruize is in luve wivh kayie homes!!! u r all fat; an ulgy and ntsyt!! die4 alredy yo have nro lifes!.!!!1111 yo gu tomcat for bing in luve witt echuther

sabine schwald

This picture is so exerggarated! They are so sweet together! The people are just jealouse, because their family is so intact and they love eache other.. for sure there are some troubles but that´s just normal! and their baby is a real sweety!!It´s real love in my´s hilarious picture but they don´t earb such critics.


I think that Tom Cruise and Kathi Holmes are two people they don't fit and their wedding was just for the media.
I think they do things like kissing, smiling in the publicity just to show their fans that in their life everything is great and that they don't have any problems.
Both of them bug me because they are always so happy and they paper over their cracks.
Tom is so arrogant and in his films he always wants to look good and be the braver...


Now only if his 'girdle' was showing. Nevertheless, awesome as usual!

Long Island Irish

LOL Oprah's couch is involved! :D

Vermont Neighbor

Too funny - just great! You are so talented. Although I may be the only person who hopes that these 2 make it. Suri is a little beauty. But you've captured the humor in our national obsession!


ooops youR


I love youe site. Thanks for giving me a laugh! :)


Yikes I saw the wedding pics, you know the ones were shes kneeling an he's on an applebox (or something), lucky Tom ... poor Katey.


Oh, wow. I love this. I love the Seussian whisps of hair on Suri's twee head. I love Katie's shellacked grin. I love Tom's used car salesman megawatt smile.

I love the concept. I'm 5'11" so I can relate with poor Katie! And I can assure all of you the poor thing will never stand up straight another day in her life!!! You BET she's bending her knees under that dress! ;o)

Great work, as always.


very cute....^___^

made a picture about Paris and her new friend.... Britney Spears...
Very interesting story for you.....
bye bye from Italy


Gostei do seu site, e não gosto da lingua inglesa, então vou escrever em português mesmo. Vou te linkar no meu site! Smack!


I met you in LA last week and I don't think I'll ever be the same. Your down to Earth and very sweet and funny as hell and you exude a force field I want to be swept up in. ELVIS

DJ Slumlord

O K , I'm just mildly infatuated with you, no I am not a crazy stalker or anything of the sort. I just love your style.

DJ Slumlord

I love you 14.


you should draw one with Brangelina surrounded by colorful kids!! that would be awesome.


Quite lovely actually, with a definite "fairy tale" feel to it.

Demon Kitty

Ha! Ha! 14! I love it. I agree with Chansmom on Suri being on of "those" pod people. The child really does look Asian. What a megalomaniac, narcissistic, egomaniacal, controlling little queen Tom Cruise is! Katie is getting paid well for the acting job of her life! Now God, please let them fucking GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Much Love,
Demon Kitty


Please do something on Jennifer Aniston.


Nicely done. In the pictures I've seen, Tom really does come accross like that-- kind of like a chubby mess in expensive clothes. I wonder how long these two will last...


lol I haven't noticed the space ship, thanks Jenn F! The picture is perfect and baby Suri does look somewhat Asian.. hmm..


love their limo in the background

Jenn F.

I've done my best to avoid the "Tomkat" (hate that name) media... but was VERY much looking forward to the piece of art that would inevitably show up here. As always, we're never disappointed.

In the "official" wedding photo that's been beamed around the world, you'll notice that Tom is taller than Katie by a few inches. And if you then look at his feet, or more importantly, the angle of his feet inside of his shoes, you realize that he's wearing high heels. (platforms, shoes with "lifts"... call them what you want... I call them high heels). And I strongly suspect that Katie might be bending her knees under that wedding dress. Poor Katie. But anyways, back to the fun stuff.

My three favourite parts of this piece:
1) Tom's idiotic horse-grin and thumbs-up.
2) the space ship in the background
3) the fact that Suri is in a POD ~ nice little double entendre there!

Maybe they'll go away now. I'm going to vomit if I have to see them plastered all over the media for much longer.

"Look at me! I'm Tom Cruise! I'm short! But I think I'm hot! Yeah! And I'm intense! Yeah! Intense! I can't get enough of me! Bet you can't either!" ~ boing boing.

Yeeeeeesh. What an annoying little dork. Nice work though, 14. As always.

Viper Tetsu

How the hell do you manage to draw the same doofus a zillion times yet still capture something new (and uniquely funny) each time? Zoinks. Must be your magic pens.

That shit-eating chronic-extrovert grin on Cruise is almost as USDA choice as the platforms and couch.

Beautiful parody. Don't agree that Suri is Asian, look at all the pink in her skintone and her eyes are not slanted, they are tear-drop shaped like Tom's, but nonetheless, I love this cartoon.


LOL! Okay, am I thinking too much, or is Suri peeking out of a pea pod just that? Or, is she one of "those" pod people?

Love the platform shoes on Tom! I hope they go away now. I think they've worn out their welcome.

Good work, 14!


What happens when he reaches the top?


Ack! Didn't someone tell Tom to keep his (platform) shoes off the sofa? And to not act crazy in public? And to not put a strange toupee on his baby that makes her look Asian? I think Tom missed some of the basic lessons of life.


Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Ok! They're married! Will they go away now?!
There isn't much more either of these publicity whores can do to get attention now that they've done the engagement/baby/marriage thing, right? Well, have another baby, sure (as soon as they find a sperm donor)...but that's a reward of diminishing returns, cuz the First Baby is always the biggest news. Unless they start adopting little African kids, but that has so been done.

Nope, I'm afraid the next news item from these two will have to be a headline grabber like "is Suri really Tom's baby?" because seriously, the wee man has already established he's got no shame in the "look at me" stakes, and nothing matters as long as his name is in the papers.

Hmm... they could get really creative and give Katie (or Suri) some kind of trendy disease. Loads of attention there...


LOL @ Tom's shoes!


14, I love the platform heels on Tom and the whole metaphor of the beanstalk, ie Tom climbing to get to Katie because he is so short! Love the Suri in the bean, :) and the flying saucer! I'm wondering though, why does Suri look Asian?
It's true, I see it, you see it.. hmm

Good job. Can we get some work of the new divorce' ala Brit Brtin and ExFed.. please? :)

Joey Madison

HA! This is absolutely one of my favorites!


Oooh sweet! Congrats to the Cruise family. Suri looks adorable.



Nice! I esp. like Suri.


Another brilliant post, 14! I just have one question: Is the real Katie Holmes as happy as what she looks like in your picture?


Yay, 14! Love the platform shoes!


I just love Tom´s shoes!! Great job 14!


Will he ever grow heterosexuality?


Hehehe, thank you for so nicely conveying the atrocity of Katie's new fringe. Also the weird smiling habits of the TomKat.

The sofa and cute baby Suri... I'm loving it.

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