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Thank you Viper for getting the Spy Magazine reference. I sure do miss their rabid coverage of The Donald's every eruption, tantrum, and divorce. Imagine what they could do with his current wife, who seems to be named after a type of cancer.

As for Rosie, I've always thought she has dead, dead eyes. I'm just glad I finally got to share that observation with the world. Thank you 14!

Viper Tetsu

'Short Fingered Vulgarian' is still the best description of Trumpus Pompus Maximus yet to be uttered. And Mr. Bagley's hilarious illustration perfectly captures the workaday routine in each of these publicity ho's eyes.

Hey, is the eye-patched woman on the right a SWITCHBLADE SISTERS reference?




Dear 14-
While I enjoy the guest artist's work, I miss you and enjoy your work! Pardon me while I sing your praises. You've gotten me through relationship troubles, anti-Semitic harassment, long rainy days, blah grey days, recovery from major surgery, and loneliness. You're like a friend whom I watch in admiration, and I occasionally give feedback to. We talked briefly, when I showed you my drawing to you. I vow as a New Year's resolution (I already made resolutions on Rosh Hashanah but I've forgotten a lot of them) to comment on all your entries and to defend you from the naysayers! Hope you don't mind me commenting a couple times on the same entry! Now that I think about it, it's rather odd for a 22 y/o man to enjoy celebrity gossip like this, but I really don't follow it (unless it's Mad Mel!) except for on your site. Oh, and I have a grudge against Paris Hilton. Your drawings and fans are so delightful I keep coming back. Well, best of wishes and a delightful New Year.


P.S. My comment on the entry- If Rosie and Donald were ever filmed mud wrestling in skimpy outfits I think the appropriate warning would not be "viewer discretion advised" but "viewer avoidance advised"!


Great pic :-) I wish everyone a happy New Year, and plenty of gossip fuelled art to love and laugh at the celebs.

Washington Cube

She is dead-eyed, isn't she? She also has very wary eyes, always assessing how's she's going over.


I found this hilarious on that talk show on FOX. What the hell are they fighting about? It's ridiculous. Whatever. Great Job- I love the picture too.


i wish U an happy new year..
kisses from Italy


I guess in Donald's case this time and in conjunction with that killer cartoon, the phrase "You're Mired!" would be more apropos, though probably no less appropriate than either of their mud slinging remarks. The fact that he looks like he is wearing something akin to a diaper ought to tell us much. Though I think Rosie has been no less childish. You'd think with all that money and publicity, one of them would have better looking hair. BLECH! Great work guys.


I saw on the news he has an 80 ft. flagpole at his Mar-a-Lago estate, and the regulation height is 40 ft. He is actually suing the city of West Palm for tens of millions. Because they are trying to control "The Donald".(wretch, heave)
Rosie is by far the more human of the two.
And you know she could kick his ass up higher than an 80 foot flagpole!!


Money sure can't buy you style, eh. Very cool art! Happy holidays, 14!


Funny stuff. I think those two need to just give it a break. I like Rosie, but not in large doses. And she's giving it out in LARGE doses. LOL! As for Trump, wasn't he in financial trouble a few years ago? And he's slinging mud at her about going broke? Hello?

Aw, who cares? They both need to just shut up and collect their paychecks.


haha this is awesome. I bet Trump paid those people to cheer for him. Either that, or those are the hick relatives of Miss "I'm country" USA


Having had a been more time to sober up and think about this, I AM going to take sides. "The Queen of Nice" I am told, isn't so nice but at least she's shown some wit. The Donald is an excellent example of how all the money in the world can't buy you class. His coments are as childish as his hair is bad. Ever see his cribs? It's all that "Everybody gots to know I'm rich! Just look at all the gold!!" Looks like Liberace's interior decorator had an epileptic fit.


Rosie scares me.


Sexy people!


Well said!

Demon Kitty

I love the dykes on her side. Are the rednecks supposed to be on Donald's?

Demon Kitty


...hurry up and come back miss 14!

Mr. Happy

Ha,Ha,Ha,... They'd BOTH LOSE,..And so would we! They both just need to shuddap and do the popcorn!

(Great work as always!)




Amen 14!
Kudos to the brilliant minds that fill in for you. You are all great! I've been out with my Japanese sister in law and have had way too much sake. I must resist the urge to slobber all over you all with my praises.
Love you love you! And yes, Rosie's eyes are nearly as dead as Gabe Kaplan's. Trump's nasty face has been sucking on the same lemon for years. Two completely unapealing people feuding. We can only hope that they both kill each other in the process.

Massiel Emmy Caceres

any celebs in the background?

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