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You shall rule the world, 14!

...who will be Pinky, though--I know! The Olsen Twins! Muhahahahahaha!


Well, Europe is known for having more sophisticated taste, particularly in regard to art that mocks the establishment. Other than the celebrity culture that you skewer (some software and weapons), you, 14, are one of the only examples of a successful contemporary American export.


Great, 14! Congratulations! You deserve more!

Good for you!

Saludos !


You deserve more than 15 minutes, lady. Does any other artist have such a fiercely loyal fanbase? Prolly not. Yay 14!!! :)

Knox Bronson

Congratulations, 14. I am a great fan of your work.

It is good to see a real artist recognized! I do sense echoes of Warhol's grasp of celebrity in your work, but where he mapped the surfaces, you plumb the dubious depths of your subects. Does that make sense?


Congrats! I hope they're paying you well. : )

Jenn F.

That's fantastic, 14 ~ congratulations on getting some of the international recognition that you deserve.

Keep the absurdity coming, we love it!

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