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very nice...good job! i put this cutes images in my blog with your link.
i hope is ok.thanks...
bye bye


DAYYYAMM, that is some hilarious sardonic humor! I'm glad you finally nailed this topic which has been irritating me since its outset.
But people, who are the real victims here? THE POOR KIDS! Seriously, who'd want a mom as f'd up as Jolie or Madonna? Who'd want a mom who's name you could google and find a picture of her vagina?? Good Gawd.


I'm sorry I wasn't adopted into a rich setting. It's why I'm still working class. Maybe then I'd be able to fly around the world and adopt who I wanted when I wanted. I wonder how the millions of other starving babies feel. I'm so confused about this issue, I mean, seriously, at least they adopted one or two or maybe they shouldn't have? Racism? Artists are all about controversy. Keep it up, 14!


Oh, puhleez. While I don't know 14 personally, I can bet that she's far from being racist. Did I laugh when I saw these pictures? Yes. And I laughed with a bit of shock, but I still found it funny, and very true. Celebrities get what they ask for. Adoption is a noble thing, but I believe the celebs depicted here, are a joke.

And if we really want to get nasty, Keisha, I'd be willing to take you on any day. I'm Native American, and I've heard stupid comments my whole life. Do they bother me? Nope. I consider the source. And that includes you too. If you don't like 14 and her work, don't come back.

Good job, 14.


Madonna is pathetic along with AJolie. If they really cared for adopting then they wouldnt travel with their camera men


Madonna is pathetic along with AJolie. If they really cared for adopting then they wouldnt travel with their camera men


It's politically incorrect but it's honestly correct. Is it impolite to draw a child who is a member of an ethnic minority in America as a handbag? Eh, probably. But 14 is doing it to make a very important point about people like Madonna, and I applaud him/her for it. He or she isn't really offending black/brown/African-American people, the offense is aimed at those who treat them like accessories.

And even politically correct isn't politically correct anymore.... I once knew someone who referred to a dark-skinned person she'd just met as African-American and that person got very offended because she was Jamaican, not African and therefore only accepted the term "black". Sometimes, you just can't win.

14, every illustration on your website is amazing. I've never commented before, but I'm a huge fan. Rock on.


Hi, I just wanted to let you know this post is hysterical, as are all of your postings! I don't know if you ever see, but sometimes I link your site in a media blog I write for - here's the link for the post I did today that features it: If you searched "Gallery of the Absurd" in our search bar, you'll find the other times I've linked to it since I've always given you full credit. You're a genius!


Um, yeah it's a little offensive. Sorry, but it is. but what are you gonna do? It's a free country and we have bigger fish to fry.


Paint a "DUBYA" on both ass-cheeks so when I bend over it says, "WOW"!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!!
You are so funny, brave, (to touch race at all-Brava!) and .....let's HOPE not clairvoyant. If Paris gets a baby, the celeb-baby-adopting trend will have to die. Like when Ed MacMahon started doing high-fives. I wonder what Christina Crawford makes of all this. She has the real scoop on what it's like to be adopted for publicity's sake. Love your work, thank you for the fun.

Jenn F.

14 it's absolutely incredible how any art that you produce that has anything even remotely related to African-Americans draws up all this crap about racism. Jesus, isn't this 2007? Are people really that slow-witted?

Keisha, what a horribly racist comment you left. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Demon Kitty, that picture you mentioned made me want to heave! He's about as sexy as a big festering zit, of which I'm sure there are many all over his big flabby ass.

Nice work, 14, as always.


Hey Keisha, I am mocha (from being Indian and Japanese mixed with German), so what can I draw? Can I only draw mocha frappuccinos, which happen to be the same color I am? Mmm yummy. I suddenly have the urge to spend $4 on a specialty drink.

Okay, I'm done mocking. I really hope Paris Hilton doesn't adopt any children. I was adopted, and so I understand how helpful people that do it are, but I would not recommend Paris Hilton as a good adoptive parent! Yeesh! Love the smirk on Madonna's face. Honestly, the issue makes me a little sad, but I'll let people enjoy your work. The PC people can ruin it.

(Your non-white and adopted commenter who loves your work- take that PC types!)


So true…

Hollywood's latest trend, adopting exotic babies, also serves as celebrity's damage control. Your reputation got tarnished? Got caught with your pants down? No Problem! First, declare yourself humanitarian (thus distinguish yourself from the rest of the common herd). Second, adopt a couple of babies (exotic toddlers are the new black - no pun intended). Third, join the UN and get a priceless coverage for your career, oops, I mean, charity, work. Moreover, be sure to use any photo opportunity to pose in front of a refugee camp. Those pesky refugees might not fit to your coco chanel dress but, as your pr whore will tell you, this picture will make you a living saint.

Laughs aside, I find it disturbing and frankly quite sickening of the never-ending, shameless display of celebrities personal life in public. No wonder this behavior makes the viewer questioned their motives. Charity is done in secrecy. Helping people in life is done out of the good of your heart and not from an ulterior publicity stunts. Millions of people (most of them are working class with an average/low income) are happy to lend a hand and help out but, they do it quietly and incognito. Even world famous celebrities such as: Steven Spielberg. Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackson have adopted children but they don’t make a fuss about it or ask for media recognition.
There is a reason why charity is done in anonymity and it's because of respect and dignity to the receiving side. No one, no matter how poor his condition, wants to be needy and dependent on other peoples mercy, let alone having published his/hers condition. When a celebrity plays holier than though, and publish the cause's names, they are in fact disgracing them.

Another aspect of charity is that it begins at home. You don’t have to travel the globe when you’ve got poor abused and orphaned children (of all ages) right under your nose. Before you go and save the world you should first save your homeland. Let other countries sort out their mess. Your priorities and loyalty should be invested in the people of your country.

Finally, people should remember that not all the children waiting to be adopted are toddlers and there are teenagers at risk who also needs a safe home. While a 15 year old kid from a broken home might not fit inside your Louie vuitton bag, he/she will still need the same love and affection as a baby.
Rants off.

Great work as ever - 14. You have one of the most beautiful stimulating and interesting sites out there. Keep it going.


that is sooooo funny : )
celebraties are so fucking pretentious when in reality they dont give a shit about foreign starving kids...this really captured what this adoption craze really means--a fashion accessory...a couple of years it was a small dog in your arm, now its a foreign baby..very very cool :-)


Aww. David is sooo cute.

Sad but true. Celebs have cast aside dogs as acessories and taken up babies.

LOVE Madonna's age spots and knobby, arthritic finger joints.


Madonna, who has an adopted accessory named Dave, has never looked that good in her life. Other than that, spot on. The kid is adorable; that's probably why these white celebs adopt the little dark ones, because they ARE cuter than the pale blotchy eyebrowless horrors white people produce "the natural way".

Mocha Mama

Sharon Osborne just about hit the nail on the head. I love to pick up shiny objects on vacation too. Love the Banda-handbag.

I have three adorable chocolate babies who could use a rich white sugar mama or two.

And, come on Keisha, lighten up or at least grow up. Seriously, the crap I see on BET, which we are creating ourselves, is much more offensive than any drawings done by white folks.

Air Kisses,
Mocha Mama


you're my absolute favorite.


funny...Celebrities are clueless to the "real" world.



Holy crap, that's funny. I'm black, I should know.



You're kidding, right? Please tell me you're kidding.



Anytime a white person draws a black person they are racist. White people shouldn't be alowed to draw African Americans because its hateful and demeaning. Black people can draw white people though because we've earned the right.

Demon Kitty

OOOOOO 14!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! People are gonna scream "RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear God that is so funny! That is sooooo funny!!!

I fucking love Sharon Osbourne! I fucking love that woman!

I love you!!!!!!!! You are a genius! I am sick and tired of these celebrities and their .... oh never mind.

I can't wait to read the comments from all the sanctimonious and politically correct fucks!!!!!!! Do you see that picture of brandon Davis pretending to try and suck his own tit in the spirit of Hustler and Penthouse?

So Much love,
Demon Kitty

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