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just wondering

Where's her snatch?

camila spears

me encanta britney animada, quiero ver urgente esta version, pero se pasan un pcoo con la exageracion del dibujo, che basta de ver un britney gorda, quiero ver una britney glam.


culeros pero ya veran cuando regrese britney alos ecenarios ya querran fotos y entrevistas de ellas vayanse ala xingada con sus pinxes dibujitos de mierda.


Its awesome this history, I just wonder....who´s Britney


jajajaja pinche ajlada es lo mejor que se les pudo haber ocurrido imbeciles


jaja..k buen dibujin!!!...


Her exact portrait!fabulous but u forgot her pimples

stupid people

You aren't doing anything original. You are just influenced by the media. Try something different. You are just bashing people who is down right now on the public eyes. Why don't you laugh of Justin, Beyonce or other celebs, I guess I know the answer, You don't have the balls to do it


AH! Just great, ya know, Le Avventure di Britocchio sounds perfect in italian, even if you'd even consider Brittocchio. Appreciated.

Viper Tetsu

Dear Jesus skateboarding down Mulholland Drive naked, does Rummy the Cricket need his own cartoon show. And thanks for throwing longtime fans a bone with the surreal/Freudian plants and buildings in the background (as is customary, the genius is in the details).

What exactly did Brit originally do to become famous again? I've utterly forgotten, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Mandy Morgue

very smart. if you ever have time, it would be awesome if you checked out my art blog- you may find stuff you like !

Britney is vile

LMFAO Whoever did that, is a genius, look at thoe ugly down syndrome eyes and fat neck
it looks just like the real Britney Spears.


14, Britney's big fat neck has always fascinated me (why is it always so fat and lined even when she's at her skinniest?) and you've captured it here. Damn, she is such an ignorant mess - who would've thunk KFed would end up looking like the more "responsible" parental unit??


Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


I love it!!! The bleary look is just perfect.


At least the wooden Brit's vagina looks WAY better........hahahahhahahaa

Fanny Pack

Gotta love that Rummy the Cricket. He appeared to me last night in a vision, held my hand and mixed me a cocktail at the same time. The guy has four arms! You are a genius.


Gotta love Rummy! Just when I think you have hit the peak of come up with a new one.


i peed on her hair


Oh come on, Titney Lears is a good girl, we just can't see it!

Worker B...itch

I love your Britney pix; with the eyes 63 yards apart. K.


does britocchio's look like a large penis or what? I mean the shaftish neck with the glans-esque shaped head and small scrotal shaped breast. I suppose her head and that of the male genitalia both are easily stimulated, but i believe that is about all these two heads have in common aside from the fact perhaps one is slightly smarter than the other. I think spermity the cricket was a masterful touch. Too bad those two little ity bity pink things, with the erected yellow baby things growing from the center, are stuck in the corner of such a dreary, dreadful picture next to a dreadful and dreary thing.


:) 14, what did you do?! :: vomiting ::

..Ok, I'm fine now. Ew. I don't think you will ever run out of BritBrit material. This pic is priceless. I love how you showcase her stompy manly feet and "hairless" region she likes to flash in public. A LOT.
The string cheese hair also looks a lot like her .99c wigs she has been sporting. Love it.
You painted her eyebrows much more groomed than they really are-bushy and grown.. But we'll forgive you :)

Eva - keep it up! I'm still laughing..


Helping real people from going insane is 14, illustrating BritBrit and capturing perfectly
the image of her tragic self. I love the party hat and Rummy the cricket, (her personal elixir mixer). I bet she
actually DOES have someone on staff to do this important job! Brit, nothing more than a pole dance who karaoke's well, was
listed in the Forbes “most wealthy women in entertainment in O6'”. I was certain her millions had been squandered on Kfed, penthouse suites in Vegas, thousands of
dollars in ruined couture clothing, fast food, and her carefully selected army of handlers/posse she keeps handy to mop up her latest PR mess. The fact this nitwit lives
in Malibu and not the trailer park from which she hails speaks volumes about about the soccer Moms who plunked down cold hard cash for her CD's and concerts for their 9 year olds to enjoy! Tsk Tsk. You people
created a monster and ruined it for the rest of us. Go 14!


That's hot.

Demon Kitty

I love this 14. It is ethereal and mysterious. I love the flowers in the corner and the curly stems.

Britney Spears has to be the most disgusting human being on the face of the earth. She has surpassed Paris Hilton. She always looks like she needs a bath with bleach, her clothes are tacky, her ass is hanging out, and she is always eating disgusting food. The paparazzi (sp??) pictures of her with mustard in her tonsils while she was eating a hamburger made me want to wretch. In addition, she took the hamburger patty out of the bun and was eating it in the fucking car. I cannot believe this woman has made a fucking fortune. Who the fuck buys her records? May she be damned. Damned her and her disgusting ass to hell. Damn her!!!

So Much Love,
Demon Kitty

Long Island Irish

That is great 14. I'm praying she's not pregnant again. If she is there is no way in hell the 3rd tater tot has any chance of being born without FAS. :(


haahh very cute..for a moment i think that blog is becoming italian..^___^
better "le avventure di Pinocchio" ('un_burattino) that those of Brit...
Pop Princess is a liar more than our Pinocchio?
kiss from Italy


Don't forget the whole throwing up on her boyfriend thing that Brit's camp claimed was the result of him sticking his hand in a jar of Peanut Butter (uh.. sure..)

Great work, as usual!


Thanks for the link to Fresh Spam...excellent idea! My favorite so far is the eyebrow grocery store. She will never run out of material! Nor will you, of course. Enjoyed your latest take on Britney, and love little Rummy Cricket!


There's another spammy comic out there that's been running for a while at It's funny, though the artwork is much more primitive. It's not updated very often, either.


AHHHHHHH! (intelligent response coming later)
I scream at most every picture you do. It's a visceral reaction thing. Let me have a cup of tea to calm down, and I'll get back to you, okay? Thanks.


Cyclops Kitten Natividad

Her little wooden Brit bits...or lack thereof...scare the heck out of me. This one is really beautiful and moody. Love the smokey blues and greens; oil really is your muse.

And hey, thanks for the spam plug!

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