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Jesus, you could put an IV in her arm!


She certainally looks like shes been working out, I wouldnt like to meet her up a dark alley


Shopping for a size 0? 0=nada. So, doesn't that mean people wearing a size 0 don't exist?


Yeah, let's see some Beckham action!

Ok, do you have one lined up for the Lindsey Lowhand see-through top incident?



Thanks for the big laugh!!


Jenn F.

It never fails to amaze me, Barbawa, that people like yourself can only come to the conclusion of "hatred" and "jealousy" when 14 posts a picture like that of Angelina. Ever thought that the picture was funny/gross/unusual enough for 14 to want to share it with others?

In fact, if you can assume such an extreme underlying reason for 14's post, then we can do the same for yours ~ just because you're constantly rubbing one out over Brangelina, doesn't mean the rest of us do as well.

If you don't have anything nice to say about the art or the artist's posts, then kindly shut the fuck up.


Man, that's a hot babe up top! Too bad I'm not inclined to be lesbian! *sigh*

Oh, who's that fat chick below? Man, Angelina Jolina needs to lose a few pounds! Somebody get her an agent/manager that'll do his job properly!

Demon Kitty

Jealous, Barbawa? Jealous, you fucking say?!!! Look at those motherfucking arms sister! Who the fuck could be jealous of that nasty shit? Angelina looks like a fucking alien these days. She has become scary.

People should let them be because they have a fucking family together? Just because you breed doesn't mean we can't make fun of you! Shove it Barbawa!!!

Demon Kitty


oh barbawa,
i guess since botticelli made a habit of painting fleshy women means he was really an undercover hater of what we would call the fat girl in today's terms. yeah, when i look at that crap he painted called ahh the Birth of Venus i too, am pissed like you, some individual within his or her respected time peiod, has gone amuck and painted/expressed/ represented in some stupid art form what was of social interest/disgust at that moment in life. too bad there weren't blogs back then to accuse him of only painting fat red heads cuz you know-> you and i, me and you, or maybe just you(i'm guessing), would've be first in line. and that other picture by boticelli uhmm yes Madonna of the Pomegranate, with the lady holding that fat a** kid...botticelli wasn't nuttin but a damn fat kid hater. it just seems that things don't change huh? add a curse on top of that spell that witch put on you 14!! hell and brimstone!! and i'm with you barbawa, i can't wait for the 'beckwhoagains?' too!!


Oh, lets be honest here. You hate Brad and Angie. She is one of the better ones in Hollyweed so you should really pick someone more worthy of the skeletal attack. So she has some veins showing, its your hate and jealousy that is showing more. Give it up. These two have a family together and everyone should let them be. I so can't wait for your take on the Beckhams, new hate and material is a good thing.


ooohhh 14, please do not foresake us in the coming weeks as beckham, bony spice, and the dreadful bony spice nose job will be moving to your neck of the woods soon.


just when you get around to adopting one crumb-snatcher lo and behold you find the trend has now shifted to large blue veins and a minimum of two adopted crumb-crunchers. for the love botox, these trendy trends are shifting quicker than piss can hit the ground. seriously, the mouth piece makes the point.


Love it Model actor, yeah what ever. God the more i look at Angie the more she starts looking like her dad, yikes!!!


You are insanely talented.

Demon Kitty

That photo of Angelina has to be photoshopped. I read that she hates to exercise and I have never see her veins looking so godamn motherfucking scary. Angelina was so fucking hot before her nose job and weight loss. Cut your hair Angie and gain some weight pu-leeez! How can you fuck Brad and be that thin? How were you able to carry a healthy baby in that body? Ugh!

So Much Love,
Demon Kitty


14 and Co. Thank you for keeping me au courant on modern Hollywood through a safe filter of satire and intelligent observation.
I generally avoid gossip rags (Enquirer, People, Time) after being raised by a celebrity obsessed grandmother who I would describe as a cross between "Alexis Carrington", Leona Helmsly(sp?)
and the Sea Witch from the Little Mermaid.
She only read tabloids and forced me to go to lunch with people like Bill Shatner and Zsa Zsa Gabor (I'm serious). I now have an interesting life raising exotic fruit and a family (breeder)...I absolutely love checking out this site when I come indoors.
The art and commentary are fascinating and generally inspire giggles, grins and smirks.
Stimulating and fat-free...I love it!
My favorite touch on Hollywood Beauty Queen is the horrible whiter-than-the-skull veneered teeth. I am so grossed out by that trout-pout denture-looking combo on realtors and 40+ year old MAWs...and you captured it perfectly.

DJ McManus

Maybe those aren't Angelina's lips ... mouth veins?

Washington Cube

Everyone is commenting on that recent series of photos with Angelina and Brad; particularly the heavy-handed makeup on her and the boyfriend.

Jenn F.

What I love about the skeleton beauty queen is that she's posing in Hollywood's current favourite pose... the chin-on-the-shoulder-trying-to-look-demure pose. Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and countless others all pull this same pose for the cameras.

And the way the peroxide-tinted hair is attached to the tiara reminds you of the fact that it's as fake as the collogen-filled lips.

As for Angelina ~ wow, I think that's the first time I've seen anything about her physical appearance seem less than perfect. It's a bit of a relief, actually. The veins remind me that there IS blood pumping through her veins, which suggests that she most likely is human like the rest of us. She was beginning to take on too much of a goddess level of status to most of the world.


What skeleton, isn't that Kate Bosworth?


yep. she shoots up.


This why they call her Mangelina? Ewwwww. . . :(


I want to poke that sexy vein. Haha.
Crap thats really sick!


Wow, I think Ms. Jolie needs a cheeseburger and some water, and maybe a day off from the weight training. That is YUCKY! I love the skeleton beauty queen - perhaps a cliche, but the picture is (as usual) so well-done... there's something about her lips that I love.


*shudder* at Angelina. Usually 14's creations can bring forth a giggle and shudder, but this time Angelina does it on her own. I'm feeling the urge to barf. Ick!

Spam Gardenia



Oh man, that skinny actress is so hot, I wanna jump her bones! Hahahaha.

I don't think the woman in the photo attributed as Angelina Jolie is her.


Not as brilliant as your last post but you're right on as usual. Her veins are scary... I think she's always kind of had them though.

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