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monica corona

i would totally buy one of those "worship me" tees....


That's quite a fist.


I truly dig on the platform shoes that u have Tom wearing in the picture...poor wee little man!


I agree! The Last Supper..You have nailed it!


Where can I buy that shirt???

I swear I pissed myself...


Holy Sh*t I think I just pissed myself!

Oh lord... that was good.


Finally, someone uncovers what we suspected all along. Will is only there to supervise the aliens.


What a timely post! I actually just recently watched The Da Vinci Code on DVD, and seeing this mockery really made me laugh. You've created another masterpiece here, 14!


I propose a toast. *snicker*

Rather, I propose that we make an iron brand for burning the Holy Image of Xenu's Only Begotten Son onto toast and tortillas.

Demon Kitty

These bitches make me sick. They live in a fantasy world. Hollywood is so nauseating. I am sick of seeing his crinkled up nose. He is a fucking bully, a rat-like bully, and this bitch needs to come out of the closet. I am so sick of these motherfuckers. Do they really think we can't see through their bullshit???????!!!!!!! Kirsty Alley and John Travolta are so fucking cheesy! What the fuck is up with Will Smith? Is he gay too or what? Where am I getting this "everyone is gay shit" from? Ted Casablanca at! I am getting so sick of gays who play straight so they can cash in on the Cinderella shit that doesn't exist in the first place, except in fucking Hollywood.

So Much Love,
Demon Kitty

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